At a point in life, where I am not understanding what to do

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well, I trust you all alot and I think this is the only place, I can share my stuff without being judged and get proper responses as well, so basically, I am 24-year-old guy and have always been neglected, never good in studies, I look pretty ugly and never had anyone give me any type of attention, had struggled alot through initial period of life as I was abandoned by my family, I have always craved for love in my life but never got it, tried self love listened to audios numerous times but could not do anything, the lack of all the things in my life have kind of made me obsessed for having a partner, I suffer through alot of anxiety, so, I listen to the anxiety removal and other similar audios to get some help, yesterday I was at the lowest in my life, I was craving for some attention and someone to talk to so much but could not do anything, I have been talking to this girl and she suddenly stopped replying to me, because of which I could not at all fall asleep and I am having a really bad headache and I am not able to function at all, I have so many obsessive thoughts and its destroying me slowly every single day, idek what to do anymore, any audio I listen to does not help…


Hi, this article could be helpful

I also recommend this stack made by a very expert user, which also includes audios from the article I linked above

JAAJ's Daily Self Love Stack 🤍 - #223 by JAAJ?


These fields can also help anxiety as they can calm down adrenals.

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I’ll check it out now!
but honestly i dont really think its about self love anymore, my brain is damaged and I am doing everything do undo it, I listen to brain regen, ocd audio, anxiety audio, depression begone…

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thanks for your response, I am generally a very patient human being but these past few days, I am just going insane, maybe its because of valentines, I really wanna get the blueprint of love nft and audio but unfortunately its too expensive for me, wish I had a channel to pay in instalments.


I also recommend you to start meditating, which is one of the most important thing you can do for yourself. The benefits of a constant meditation practice are basically endless, but you have to commit to find 10-20 minutes every day to sit. There is a new audio released today that I recommend

and also a very good video to understand what is meditation and why you should do it everyday


Understood, thank you for the suggestion, will try it.

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How long have you been listening to these audios? You have to understand that change takes time, you cannot undo years of negative thinking in a few days. You have to have a method.

almost everything is about self love. Commit to the jaaj self love stack for the 10 months it requires to, and see the changes for yourself. Try to find the root causes for your insecurities and sadness. Go to the gym, improve yourself in every possible way you can by doing exercise, reading, studying, finding a purpose. Start to write a journal, analyze your life and try to optimize every single aspect of it. Be patient and be aware there will be good days and bad days, but in the end, you WILL succeed. Don’t give up.

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I used to workout 6 times a week and now I dont even feel like going once a week!

for almost a year now!

Also, do you watch porn? If you do, I recommend you to stop. Try reading this book

Feel free to PM me.

I provide energy healing and would like to work with you.


no, I dont watch porn anymore.

thank you, I will drop you a message, means alot to me!

Have you included this field as your very first field in the stack?
This will make sure that other fields work better for you.

…and then also these:

It absolutely is!
Your first post massively reflects a lack of self love.
You will subconsciously not allow to heal yourself from all of these unless you also start deeply loving yourself on a subconscious level.

For obsessive thoughts you can also try “Intrusive Thoughts Dissolver” from Psychic Universities’ patreon.


thank you JAAJ

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you mean the negativity dissolver track?

No, I mean the Intrusive Thoughts Dissolver.
It was released just a few days ago.

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oh, idk, why, I cannot find it.

Have you subscribed to the highest patreon Tier?
This field is at the “Multidimensional Logos” Tier.