Effortless Meditation: Mindfulness Bell of Peace

This meditation’s goal is to increase the silence between thoughts and lead to the mastery of meditation. It is a simple practice that if done on a daily basis will naturally enhance your ability to meditate on command. Combined with fields that tie your consciousness to alpha brainwaves that meld into your conscious awareness as it drops you into theta/delta brainwaves. This way you remain conscious and focused as you descend deeper.

The essence of the practice is as all meditation. To restfully observe the present moment without judgement. Focusing on that silence between thoughts for as long as possible. And if you drift off in thought, return focus to the present. The returning focus after losing it, is essential to the practice. There is a mindfulness bell in the audio that consistently reminds you to return focus to the present and after a few listens, the bell will start to conditionally set you back into the present instantly.

It doesn’t matter if you only retain focus for 2-3 seconds because so as long as you remember to return focus to the present, you are making great progress. Consistently remembering to be present expands your awareness and increases the length of silence between thoughts.

Remembering to focus again through the bell also counts as progress, so this isn’t hard work truly. This is called effortless meditation because there is no need to try hard here. The act of just listening to this and attempting to meditate is a check mark towards you gaining that peaceful silence and unwavering focus that can be attained with meditation.

So this is not really a guided meditation other than the quick instructions in the beginning. This is meant to be done daily. Over time, the mindfulness bell will automatically tune you into the present moment.

I have included a link to the bell sound alone so that in the future or even now if you’d like, you can make the bell a constant alarm that sounds just once, to set you back into the present moment. Below is also a link to an audio only version of this meditation.



The practice of continually remembering to be conscious expands your awareness of self and now. As our minds drift off, we tend to ‘think’ we are ‘thinking’ the thoughts. It isn’t until we regain awareness of the present that we realize we were pulled away from the present by the thoughts. So, constantly remembering to be present even if we are just present for 3-5 seconds, compounds over time to increase that presence to 10 seconds, 30, 60 and so on.

What I came to learn with meditation is that I would beat myself up so much when I would lose focus like after just 20 seconds. I would feel like I was doing it wrong and that I just didn’t have it in my to meditate for long periods of time. So I began just trying to see how long I can focus today and when I lose focus, return back to focusing as soon as I realize I drift off. What I realized is that everytime I returned focus back to the present, the ego’s patterns would slow down more and more. And the thoughts just got less dense in being able to pull me… and then…

I would begin to notice the thought before it tries to drag me into thinking it! And in being in a state of awareness before thoughts take place… I’m just now chilling in peaceful silence. Not having to return focus or get drifted off of focus. In fact, it’s not even focus anymore. It’s just… beingness.
And that’s something else I want to share with you guys. When I speak of focus, I don’t mean the hard strain of trying to only think of one thing and nothing else. I mean restful and non judgemental observation. Just relaxed, no expectation or wants from the meditation, just letting the mind and world flow.

Whatever thoughts appear, don’t judge them or fight them. Just observe them. Feel whatever emotions come up. If you reject them, they will distract you. If you accept them, they will pass. This sounds hard but once you ‘get it,’ through consistent practice, you will see experience how effortless it truly can be.
It’s a kind of like slowly freeing yourself from the continual effort your ego projects into processing thoughts and feelings and judging everything. The self behind the ego’s programming is unconditional and at peace.


Nice so this helps us adjust with being able to meditate easily over the course of time. This is great for my higher self NFT as it takes me a bit of time to get into the groove.


The perfect complement to Silent Mind NFT?


Now there’s no excuse for not meditating🤧


Is there a field in this audio?

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just listened to the audio first time, and i had less than 10 unwanted thoughts.
i started repeating around half of audio “i am here” while breathing in and then “in the now” while exhaling
will do a round of pranayama after


Wow, I would praise myself if I could reach 20 seconds. This is going to be amazing for me. Thank you so much.


Thank You. :pray: Beautiful/Relaxing!

I feel really relaxed and with no stupid thoughts while listening and breathing.

I have no worries, no negativity, Just calmness with this.


Amazing invaluable gift, thank you.


Just finished a 30 minutes meditation session with this, and it was one of the easiest of my life. If you struggle with building a constant meditation habit because your mind keeps drifting away and you get frustrated, this is for you; if you are an experienced meditator looking for an effortless session or to further deepen your practice, this is for you too.
In order to reach the level of concentration and depth this audio helps you to achieve, you would have to meditate for months or YEARS. But now, we have this.
Faster meditation gains= serious growth in every single aspect of our life.
Thanks Sammy and Dream, this is literally a personal and spiritual development cheat code. :person_in_lotus_position:t4:


Just to confirm, the bell audio is fielded like the video?


Wow, that’s what I need right now. I’ve been learning/attempting to meditate for a while now. And I have not been able to achieve inner stillness for a long time. And those intrusive thoughts keep buzzing in my head. But with this new meditation from Sammy and Dream, I think I will succeed and become a great meditation master :wink:
Thank you guys. You are top notch as always.
I’m getting better with you guys.
You make this world a better place.
Peace and love to you all. :heartpulse:


is it better to listen morning or night?

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I think time of the day doesn’t matter as much as being disciplined with the practice and doing it consistently. Be mindful of the possibility of falling asleep, as this field induces deep brainwave patterns, which can make you fall asleep. If you find it difficult to sleep at night when you take a nap, maybe meditating in the morning is what would suit you best. Another possibility: maybe you lack a bit of focus in the morning and find the practice to be more fruitful if done in the evening. I believe personal experience will tell you the answer with time.


@SammyG Hi! is the meditation video fielded?


I think its strong enough to notice that it may not just be the bell


while doing this meditation i fell asleep.

Does that mean am not getting enough sleep or proper sleep.

also at one point i felt strange like my whole body had somthing running through then it went saddly.


it means you went to delta that’s why I am asking about day or night


Great! Thanks for confirming, @Captain_Nemo :sparkles: