Atmospheric Vibration Riser

This is designed for your environment, to help remove the stuck lower vibrational energies from around the place you are (where ever you play it).
It excites the ambient vibration around you then propagates it, so there is an continuous added effect (in the area it affects)
I think it is important, that your environment also remains ‘clean’.
We all do not have the luxury if we are on a spiritual path to find a cave to live in or remote mountains, where we can keep away from the conflicting energetic states around us.
So this provides a mean by which you can easily keep your surroundings clean, or maybe there was an argument or even criminal activities and you want to get rid of that ominous energies and emotions.
Use as much as you need.


I really hope there are Dream Seeds fans from Nova Scotia who can put this on throughout the province.


I know this question gets asked a thousand times, but does playing this reduce results for everything else?

No, this audio is specifically for the environment, you can even play it while you’re not there physically.


Atmospheric Vibration Riser on Patreon which is 14 mins long is the same as ** Atmospheric Vibration Riser** on Dreamseeds?

What’s happened with video?

Yes it works well.

You’ve probably figured it out since, but here’s the link of v2 though (which was released 2 days after Maoshan Wanderer has opened this thread):

They are both great but I have a slight preference for v1 which is incredibly powerful and peaceful. For me, it even replaces the love audios most of the time.


Which one is v1?


Atmospheric Vibration Riser v1 - Patreon


v1 version is available on Patreon?

Yes it is, as posted above.

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Did you also notice differences between the people around you in v1?

So we dont have Atmospheric Vibration Riser v2 on patreon? Only version 1 which is longer

Yes I did, but it was only one person. I had told him beforehand what the “sounds” were about. Afterwards, he said that he felt more relaxed and less worried. This wipes off low energies and stuff present in the environment, so most beings placed in it feel the effect.

@Yuichi yes, v2 is not on Patreon yet.


This also work outdoors?

And I always thought that was using the version 2 :rofl: will use Dreamseeds youtube version for the moment, hopefully our Captain uploads it to patreon


Summing up what’s is the best, the v1 or v2?

V2 is the best :slight_smile:


Several days ago, another member here was going through my Patreon Uploads List and noticed a few missing audios. I then messaged our Captain with a list and he said he’d upload them when he can.