Aura effecting clothes

Hi, I have a problem that my aura keeps on effecting the clothes I wear daily and I have to replace them in one or two months. (Clothes feel heavy, weigh me down, sort of prickly too) Can anyone please tell me how to purify clothes, if such a thing is possible? Using physical materials not audios preferably?

Also I have bought the smart reiki field, auric and energy body repair, and the smart cord cutter. I’m planning to get booted bhoots and curse/spell removal next. If there are more aura related audios that might help me, please suggest them too.

Thank you



You can try soaking them in water with some sea salt (there is an audio for it if you change your mind) or put some pink quartz in the water too, smudge with sage (also has audio), sprinkler them with holy water (also has audio)

But keep helping the aura first


As a child (and even now sometimes) this happens to me.

U need to use a detergent that is gentle with no additives and use no fabric softener.
The one they have is called Dreft, they use it on babies clothing. They also have other detergents now with no extra additives.

ALso make sure to wash your new clothes first before wearing them. They put a lot of chemicals and dyes in the clothes to make them look so good when they are new.


You may want to change the fabrics of your clothing to ones which are of a higher vibration, such as wool, linen, hemp, organic cotton. If you are having problems then avoid polyester, rayon, etc.

You can look up online where they have done tests on the vibration/frequency of certain fabrics to determine which is best for you.


Thank you everyone
I will try the methods you suggested

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Also try to avoid wearing black clothes and wear more white and softer colors


You can machine wash your clothes with a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil, Frankincense, or Tea Tree oil.

If possible get rid of those clothes or burn them. It may be the clothes that have picked up the low vibrational energy and that is what’s actually negatively affecting your aura.

Just my opinion is all.


Yes my pandit suggested the same so I don’t wear black now

I wear new clothes only now, and try to test the vibe of the clothes that I’ve worn for a long time. My aura is still affected so I guess I need to do more work

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Take this with a grain of salt:

With quick insight into what’s going on it doesn’t seem to be your aura doing this.

You are around a lot of low vibrational energy which is contributing to your problem. It seems to all be in your house or wherever you spend a lot of time.

You can find a number of environmental fields here that should help remove the negative energy or replace it with more positive energy.


Hey i have a question. Is something outside Your place affectcing You?
At work? Are You feeling safe at home?

I asked cause im going thought some heavy stuff at work. I created coming home stack. I clean my enerrgy just when i coming back. And before i enter my place i try to Play salt cleanse Field and imagine that im coming though scanner that is taking baddies away :wink:

Scanner is a thought form . Kind of servitor You can create on your own .Just use imagination.

I wonder if exposing clothes to sunlight for a short period of time could work a bit?

Like with crystals.:thinking:

I agree that fiirst You need to take care of yourself .

So when it comes to bath. You can use all kinds of saltas Also Epson Salt or Salt infused with essential oils for example. Not only for clothes but for your self.

Some time ago Luna reminded me about Basic self care. Nice baths and air revitalises to raise my frequency . And i fell better sińce :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think its possiblle to clean them in more gentle way than burn them to the ground :wink::thinking:
But some smoke incense of all kinds would be a good idea :fire:

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Of course :v:. I suggested that first.

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Although sometimes burning objects to the ground is a good idea :fire:


Examples of environmental fields?

Environmental Fields

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Ley line and the sacred sanctuary isn’t available anymore I guess? Links are from teespring

Yeah but there are plenty others that work just as good, focus on those :)

Ah but you know which one is awesome?

And i think its the upgrade of the Sanctuary

Sanctum NFT

Remember there is a sale going on now so take advantage of that.

Sanctum is on the soundweave website and that’s also not accessible. :(

Oh you are right! I thought that one was on the Sapien Shop.

Maybe create a post offering to buy it?

In this thread

Official NFT Buying/Selling Thread