Booster/Enhancer/Prep/Pre/Post Stacks

Many of us get the best results from our stacks by including a “mini” stack of audio before our stack (and sometimes in the end as well).

What are such pre/post stacks that you use before and after your stacks to enhance your overall results with the actual stack?

I saw two stacks mentioned on different threads that look awesome…

@Gnosticmedic27's stack

• Blueprint of Life
• Point of No Return
• Kinetic Quasi Crystal
• Auric and Energy Body Repair
• A Minor/or Major Blueprint of Power (or both)

@@mtoner26's stack

• The Kinetic Quasi Crystal x1
• The Torsion Field x1
• Detoxed Plasmatron x1

@Maoshan_Wanderer's stack
  • Blueprint of Life
  • Kinetic Quasi Crystal
  • Auric and Energy Body Repair
  • Minor Blueprint of Power
  • Major Blueprint of Power
  • Mana Circuits
  • Plasma Flaunt


  • Acu-Automation
  • Schumann Resonance

i would say i had phases of everything… also the above audios.

everybody here comes from a different enviroment.

mine is extreme unfriendly for one, who seeks enlightement…, most here already now i do everything in my power to change that, but alas, it is not easy.

i have come to realise that it is not a stack that i look for to ignite me, but a single audio that could start it all.

most of it being my experience, that i go to sleep with my tags and i awake without a trace of activity from them…

this had me allways in a spiral of perpetual repetition…and frustration.

the audios, esp. the physical ones, however, tend to work nonetheless.

and i tend to have chosen this audio that helps me with the morning stunned state…one or two that is…

and it is not PONR.

it is from the paid ones the New perspectives, and from the free ones: the Inner self support. before it came to be, i would say the remove unconcious clutter or astral viber.

i am still not 100 Percent sure of the above but i made progress and am still looking.

one other paid alternative as a starter would be the Facia shake audio.

the plasmatron, kinetic quasi and all the lot are good ones, but they are complex and have other functions.

to be able to absorb fields one should have his brain and his bones ready for them. there is a good way to prime oneself. direct after the above to use the pranayama audio with the microcosmic and chi.

hope it helps. it is my subjective look on the situation.


Intresting comment, Hmmmmm

So u used these two audios

the Inner self support and New perspectives. I will add them to my stack

For me its VOC and loop EGO.

I dont notice much from BOL these days. Their was one point in time when BOL was really working but that lasted less then a month.

I guess New perspectives makes sense. Because it helps avoid those dips and bad days


That’s how you could do it with a bigger nft in your case the 13th skull →

Tell him to create a full spectrum “reality shifter bubble” that includes all dimensions he knows.

Now program in it what you want for example:

  • Integrate all sapiens (and other creators in case there is another one) to the deepest level possible while removing every clutter that prevents for the best result to integrate the field

  • Adjust the right amount of strenght of the field that is played (one can add the higher self here)

  • Whenever a field is played add any extra beneficial vibration to me in the best way possible to reach perfection on all levels

Now this is just an integration bubble stack for the nft/skull. Of course there are endless possibilty for everything you want.

The bubble doesn’t have to be on you. You also can create one for food/objects or your room and programm it how long it should last.

Certain nft’s/fields are better on specific things than others.

But to answer your question, plasma flaunt for the physical body and quasi crystal (the nft is much better).


Am I wrong or Auric and Energy Body Repair by cleaning the aura, also cancels what has been previously listened to?

Mao u forgot to include ur own mini stack :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aura repair doesnt cancel past audios, It says that on the aura thread

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Haha…my stack is pretty similar to Barry’s stack … I just additionally include Mana Circuits. And end the listening session with Acu Automation + Schumann Resonance.


Lol, I dont know why i dont include grounding in my stacks, But i just recently created a stack that am some what staying consistence with.

But looping ego, seems to make all the audios work.

Also Quadible SLR, Is really good, To bad i always have an excuse for not listening to it. Brings some really deep stuff out

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I think I long ago tried QI’s version (i think thats what she calls Root Cause or something?) - the only Quadible audio I play occasionally is the Hydration one because I find the water sound in that one calming.


VOC might be a good thing too add, It always hurts me and people talking about noticing a boost in results from listening to it


I have a playlist called the “Elite Squad” which I try to listen on Saturdays and Sundays when at home. Time is a big problem so I stick to smaller stacks on work days (one morning stack, and an overnight sleeping stack).

  • The Vibration Trio
  • The Soul Restoration Trio
  • The Alchemical Crucible Trio
  • The Negentropic Treasures Trio
  • Self-Realization Series

This, in a way, overall “boosts” everything else for the rest of the week. I do two 4-hour Neigong sessions during weekends and play this stack during practice.


Thank you for sharing
Dont have all the audios u mentioned but i will give it a go.

What about ojas?

I recently started to listen to ojas and them golden fields

Ojas Marrowed, Jindan and Black Martian Jing - I use in my every night stack. Newer audios are short in duration, and pack a punch and help time-wise!

I also usually listen to every audio only once, so my stacks can be slightly large without spending all day.


Found this

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Does anyone use negative transcendence by PU, I use it time to time. The music is amazing

its on patreon*

I haven’t done this in a long while!

I’m still placing the fields in a transitionary manner, but recently I have been going for the more direct approach: just play the fields you want already! is what my mind has been doing

But, I always use Alchemical Holy Light fields in all their forms, usually paired with Alchemical Zicron and Danburite, and specially the latter makes for a field experience that “sinks” deep within. I notice I’m much more receptive to the changes whenever I add this to my pre stack also!


Such a beautiful field. Thanks for reminding us Desiree!!!

I will add it back to my stack. The minute I read your post, my brain went, “Tada, I love this!”


Haha I love this one too! I take it out of my stacks a lot more these days but the moment I add it back in… wheew! It’s like a fresh breath going through the body!

And I love how I feel the holy light going right through and coming out of me :D


Phew, I heard it now and felt GREAT!