Can you use Quadible integrities "Game Changer" track with Moprhic fields?

I came across QI’s game changer track which claims you can listen to multiple fields, binaurals, subliminals, etc, all at the same time without cancelling out each other, but i’m wondering if this also applies for Sapiene Medicines tracks as well? I am looking for an effective way of listening to multiple tracks at the same time without losing the benefits. With so many tracks and so little time each day, it’s nearly impossible to listen to each one daily. Just wondering if anyone had experience with this track. Thanks!



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We have a post to dscuss and ask about other channels even if with the intention of mixing with Sapien Medicine’s fields, so we keep the rest of the forum focused only on its creations.

Here is the post

Discussion for other similar Channels on YouTube

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Also i recommend you reading this post

Kinetic Quasi Crystal: New Release

The KQ audio is a game changer to be able to listen to more audios, less loops.


Im sorry i dont understand your question

Whats engery?

Using or the crystal?

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Hi there. Is there a link to test the video or is being sold? I couldn’t seem to find any additional links on that thread. Thanks for the response!

my bad sorry.

I meant does the crystal that ur talking about Improve your energy system

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The link to the audio is there at the beginning of the thread.

Is a field on gumroad

If by improves you mean that it expands it and makes them “thicker” then yes.

You kinda have to read through the post to understand better how it works

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Thanks for clarifying. I was referring to being able to listen to multiple tracks on the same device at the same time without each video clashing. There seems to be mixed beliefs on this topic. I plan on listening to 6 or 7 tracks at same time. Hopefully this track can help. Thanks.

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did it?