Clarification with anti aging audio

I was planning on adding the anti aging audio from patreon to my listening list but had a few questions about what it really does.

I feel like I peaked in my early 20’s. The short description is saying it will bring things back to when we were 16-18. Could this actually have a negative impact if I feel like my body didn’t really peak until my early 20’s and 16-18 is where things were still kind of a mess?

Also what exactly does anti aging work on? The description is short and doesn’t really go into detail about what it does unlike a lot of sapiens recent audios. I might be totally misunderstanding what it does and my first concern about where I think my body peaked doesn’t matter in terms of what the audio does.


Hi @judgeofwings,

I think you don’t have to worry about that because things have stabilized or peaked after 18 years old for me as well. I use this audio almost daily for several months now and no, haven’t noticed any disturbance that I had when I was 16 coming back.

The “16-18” span indicated on the description is generic, rather than individualized, if you see what I mean.

I’m using it along with the Longevity series and a few other ones (so my previous reviews of Anti Aging are influenced by those as well + lifestyle, genetic advantage, etc.) but here are some posts directly from Sapien Medicine:


I don’t think I ever peaked (lol), but I have seen some amazing Anti Aging benefits (including reversal of premature graying) - which I attribute to a combination of Anti Aging + Eternity Redux.

Also, I used to listen to a bunch of hormone tracks like Testosterone etc., which I have now completely removed from my stack because the above said combination seems to be taking care of all that for me automatically!


@Maoshan_Wanderer I always love your gifs :))

But you’re still using stem cells, right? If I remember correctly? What about Longevity Series and Telomere, do you still use them even while having Eternity?


Hi @Bronyraur :slight_smile:

  • Yes! I still use them thrice every night (although Eternity Redux does do some of that)
  • I have not been using other Longevity Series audios mainly because my stack is already so long!
  • I do listen to the Telomere track once a week (thrice)

Thanks for the reply and tips, ô wise one!

Sounds sooo familiar… but I’m currently reducing :sweat_smile:


Anti - Aging does give extra energy and that’s because the formation of certain things goes back to when things were optimum. Also -definately hair improvement *grey hair reversal shows up… Also it’s good for a person whom is working out alot. Try drinking a lot of water with it and you shall see good results. Good luck and hope you get good results!


Thanks for clearing all that up. Sounds exactly like what I was hoping it did and will be adding it to my stack asap. Glad to hear it has been working great for you all as well.


Bothering you here also, but please what were the amazing benefits you noticed. I don’t have the eternity tag but this I do. Also can I listen to it overnight and will it then give the results of 6-8 hour listening.

Many thanks.

  • Increased Energy and Enthusiasm is certainly one thing I notice with Anti Aging tag.
  • I also get lean muscle gains easily without much effort, as I used to when I was say 18?
  • Skin is “almost” flawless ( :innocent:) but I also do have a 4-step skincare routine which also helps (if I ruin my skin, I will be banished from home lol, I live with a skincare fanatic).

The effects are subtle but cumulative. Add Plasma with this audio and I have a feeling I will age way better in the coming years.


Awesome. Thanks. Any comment on the overnight listening and it’s effectiveness part?
Thanks and although I’m still <25, screwed my body with 2 years of smoking and passive drinking. Now all quit. Hoping to get back to the strong man adult I was at 18.


Hmm… I basically use it around 3 times as suggested by Dream, but not sure if using more than that will be
(a) Counterproductive
(b) Or just does not matter in the sense more than a certain amount just does nothing - good or bad.

I would really start at 3-4 times a day as you are pretty young!


/looks at watch/
/checks calendar/

ahem… Really?? @Maoshan_Wanderer

Not even 7 days?? :rofl:


Would this also reverse epigenetic changes ?
Every little stressor, that needs more energy than is currently available leaves a little scar on the organism, this the price you have to pay to keep the organism alive if you will . But to my knowledge this epigenetic changes are not reversible.

So basically this would boost all hormones

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Still a bit confused, like if this field reverts back to 16-18, and let’s say someone wants to have there testosterone levels balanced or increased; wouldn’t that interfere, because at 16-18 there wouldn’t have been that much testosterone

Like I wouldn’t want it negatively effecting beard growth or anything of that sort

Test is used just as an example

Hopefully someone can clarify :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:
@_OM @SammyG

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lol glad you clarified this as Test in most males is highest at 16-18 :slight_smile:

It won’t.
All good things. No bad things.
It resets the cell’s age to that optimal level of age, without any negative or “bad” things that one may or may not have had at that age.


So if anything it would actually boost beard growth/hair growth/etc.? Gonna take that as a yes haha :muscle:t4:

Thanks for the reply btw dawg, really appreciate it :100:


Wow, most def gonna add this to my stack, thicken hair, beard, etc… super underrated field

This along with Plasma beard will be my go to for the next 2 weeks :100::pray:t4:, thanks again @_OM

Matter of fact it could also sensitize androgen receptors in the face I’m assuming


I’m 18 right now, is there even a point for me to use this?