A friend had a concussion and is now experiencing dizziness about a week later. He’s been to the doctor, but I was wondering if anyone here had experience with with post-concussion symptoms and had a field (or non-field) recommendations


Brain regeneration
Hydrogen Accumulation and Fission
Advanced Healing
Cosmo Volt
The Orgone Accumulator/ Plasmatron/ Plasma Light
Fat to Stem Cells
Brain and Spine Antioxidant Complex
Plasma Protocol 1+2

Maybe even Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence since it enhances the brain/heart connection and improves healing throughout the body as well.

Rest and proper nutrition can’t be overlooked either.

Concussions aren’t fun. Hope he feels better soon.


Thanks, I’ll pass that along.

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Hi @Replay, the following fields will directly address issues which contribute to post-concussion symptoms and issues, and longer term healing in concussive injuries:

The Glutathione field can be of help as well.

It is important to maintain proper waste drainage in the brain following the concussion as much as possible; this will prevent further damage and issues.

Waste drainage will be impaired following the concussion.

The buildup of waste in the brain contributes to further damage and symptoms.

Glutathione can help with this very effectively for some, as the increased production will address a number of issues upstream of impaired waste drainage, as well as Brain Massage.

Apart from that, I would recommend Stem Cells and Scar Tissue Removal or Smart Stem Cells, rather than Fat to Stem Cells, which is an older field and already contained within the Stem Cells and Scar Tissue Removal field as a subfield.

Both Stem Cells and Scar Tissue Removal and Smart Stem Cells contain the scar tissue removal subfields, which are important in addressing scar tissue formed after the concussion, which contributes to the post-concussion issues and poor waste drainage.

One can try Anti Aging on Patreon if not using Plasma Protocol, which can help normalise a wide variety of functions quickly and can help some with post-concussive issues.


Thanks for clarifying this. When I listed “Fat to Stem Cells” I was referring to the one with scar tissue removal. I didn’t even realize there was an older, plain “Fat to Stem Cells” field. I’ve only ever used the scar tissue version. Go figure. :smirk:


An update:

The thinking is that the dizziness was not post-concussion. Apparently, he caught Covid. He had a couple of rough days of symptoms (dizziness is a Covid symptom) but seems to be getting through it OK. Thank for your replies and suggestions. I recommended the usual Covid fields.


Similar disruption of the blood-brain barrier and similar damage in the nervous system can occur from this as well.

When combined together, both may contribute.

These fields should help with the repair and symptoms similarly.


I especially like the lymphatic effusion suggestion. That would not have occurred to me.

Thank you very much.