Confidence, Dominance and Authority Sigil

I thought it was time to create a topic for this one :)
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There are a few fields included in this new sigil, all designed to help you be the person you want to be.
Below is a short description of each field included.

Self Confidence
One thing a lot of people always feel they need or always regret not having is the confidence to do something. Self confidence can sometimes be very important and just the extra thing you need to
make the first move, voice your opinion, or take charge of your life.
The field here tries to increase grow and strengthen your confidence in a positive way. As time goes by you will find you have more and more confidence and begin to take control of your life and direct it the way you want.

Social Enjoyment
Sometimes social situations can be challenging, this field tries remove that fear and make socializing seem more enjoyable in fact the enjoyment you get from socializing will make others want to be around

This field will work on restructuring your energy and beliefs to become more assertive and dominant, people usually will begin being more respectful towards you, value your opinions and be mindful of your ideas. Lots of people like to be around dominant people and admire them.

Command Authority
Ever wonder why most people listen to Generals etc? Because of their uniform.? If you look closely most of these guys (and ladies of course) act differently, they walk and talk with authority, like own and control the place. This type of thinking and body language is learnt over time.
The field here works to replicate this in you. This can be very useful for leaders and those aspiring to be. They always say ladies love a guy in uniform, but is it really his uniform or the authority and control he represents? This can help you acquire a bit of that authority.

All the fields here work together and are designed to complement each
other and work for getting complements to you.


Thanks for highlighting this sigil as it slipped under my radar.


can we put several Sigil fields on the same object?

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I really like this field.

I have it on a ring, I created it when I was put on a difficult project at work - well, the project is okay, but the people are difficult. :sweat_smile:
I thought it would help me handle people.
Mind you… I am pretty confident anyway, but I felt like I needed it because my patience was running low. I have a low tolerance for BS, I don’t like two-faced/overly “corporate” or political people and when i perceive someone in a position of power to be weak, i basically lose respect for them in their position and, well, i’m not very good at hiding it so I have to be quite careful not to openly disrespect people… because by now i have learnt that that was not the good way to get where I want to be :sweat_smile:
(to be fair that was rather me 3 years ago, I have smoothened out most of the edges by now )

Also, I work in an environment where competition is encouraged and people call each other “fucking idiot” and “muppet” and use other kind of colourful language on a daily basis (well, maybe weekly these days)… so compared to the surrounding, i was always pretty gentle.


When you HAVE authority, you don’t need fight for it - you already have it.
The best way to show that you have authority is to keep calm and focused, do not lose your cool, remain objective and lower your voice, not raise it.
And by acting that way, people actually respond to you with respect. Have you ever been in a situation when you see a grown man at work is shouting and swearing at someone and the other person respons calmly? I saw it on the trading floor once, it was really impressive. We were all talking about it for weeks after, remaining calm in that situation demonstrates true control and dominance.

Before the sigil, my ego would eventually get “triggered” and after several rounds of grinding my teeth and holding myself back, eventually i would bite and jump in trying to prove a point, that I was right, they were wrong, that I knew best, that they should listen to me. ME.
With the sigil I’m not really tempted… I remain effortlessly calm and people respond very well to it, I can de-escalate situations quickly.

:100: :100:
This was the first thing i noticed, I didnt realize for some time it was the sigil.
I walk with purpose and with intent and confidence.
I am pretty sure I even walk faster.

  • How people react

I wrote this in another thread:
(Word of caution to the ladies about the sigil though, my other name for it is the “guy repellant” field based on personal experience, confirmed several times over. Don’t wear it while going out if you’re looking to meet guys :laughing: ).

What I notice is that guys looking around at bars and pubs, trying to spot the girl for the night literally ignore me with this sigil. Like I am completely invisible to them. I don’t mind that, it’s not my thing anyway, but I can imagine it might be intimidating for a guy that is a bit shy.

Otherwise at work I have had really nice interactions and I do not notice any kind of adverse effect, i think it’s specific to the “looking around trying to get laid” situation.

  • Other things I have noticed
    I would say the most notable thing for me is I get shit done.
    Especially tasks that are a bit messy, so I don’t feel like doing them and anyway it’s not really my job - I just do them or get them sorted in another way.
    I take action - I escalate issues when necessary, I talk to people, I sort things out. I don’t waste time, I make my moves, I take charge.
    There is an overall feeling of purpose, or having a purpose.

I should say though, I have never been a “pushover”, I was not one of the people who have to learn to say no or how to take initiative :laughing: of course everyone has their issues, i don’T like giving presentations and public speaking etc.
I probably like this field a lot because it fits my personality and gives it a nice little push so everything works a bit better.


it’s better to not do that.


I put nottis, fame and lepidus together on a ring.

Why is it not recommended to do this?

Why not print more documents on the same piece of paper :man_shrugging:
You tell me

Nah, it might conflicts with the fields already there. I’m not an expert but the fields gets embedded in the objects’s field, the same fields that makes it a combination of atoms in the first place. You can’t erase the fields, it’s the object now.

So I putting a new field on top of that object… will affect the object and first fields.

It can work, but it’s not recommended and it might just make it less effective :man_shrugging:


ok… how can I erase an energy field on my ring? I will start over and put only one field.

lepidus is very interesting, I will put this one.

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Yeah, gotta plan ahead or get lot of cheap objects if you want to experiment.


its feared :neutral_face:

there may be a chance to remove the fields. it is with a mandala in our creator. I’ll check with my pendulum right after.

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I placed this sigil on a pair of earrings last night after seeing your recommendation about it in the other thread. Wore it this morning after listening to VoT and I was surprised when I looked in the mirror. I felt more mature rather than the young immature kid that I embody every day, hmm. I wonder if it’s due to the Self Confidence/Dominance aspect.

Interesting how this “guy repellant” field doesn’t affect interactions at your work too much, only towards guys who probably just want to play around with girls lol.


Guys out looking to get laid are looking for easy prey. A confident, dominant, authoritative women is NOT prey. That’s why they avoid you - you’d be a fight.


Plus you might have been “I’m here to take care of bidness. I got stuff to do and I don’t have time if you just be playin, lil boi. Only real Men need apply for this Queen” vibe :wink:


This field works in great synergy with the authority sigil.
I don’t see the field/sigil discussed a lot here, I wear it and really like it. It pushes you to take control and take action in different areas of life, while unbreakable focuses on mindset and opportunities.

(Word of caution to the ladies about the sigil though, my other name for it is the “guy repellant” field based on personal experience, confirmed several times over. Don’t wear it while going out if you’re looking to meet guys :laughing: ).


The guy repellant lmao


Perfect! That’s not a bug though, it’s a feature. :sunglasses:

(Coincidentally I have that confidence field imbued on a little firefly pendant I wear daily, so it’s literally a bug.:joy:)

Glad to hear it works well with the Unbreakable field! It’s still one of my daily essentials.


But it’s sexy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
A strong women who doesn’t take sht from anyone, that’s rare. Lot of guys want a warrior lady, or the sophisticated women, the alpha lady or the “bad B” rappers talk about :man_shrugging:

Being tough and being smart are two of the most sexiest thing about a women. She’s calling your sht, she’s fair, but from sleazy salesman, cops to lovers she’s not afraid to slap your feelings, that’s an aphrodisiac, definitely would turn me on big time. I’d trust her to speak for me and my couple, because I’d know she wouldn’t take the first offer or be pressured. More respect too and I’d know where I stand no need to guess.

I’d be like “I’m the boss, my chick is the boss, we’re the bosses. I’m the landlord, she’s the landlady, the rent is due she’s gonna make you pay up. I’m the king I go to battle, she rules the kingdom, soldier or peasant she slaps you and claim her status. My girl is not a sucker”

You know how they say “Power turns women on” ?
If I see a girl dominating someone else by her presence and talking facts, I’d be horny on the spot. That girl is based.

Ok, I think you got it by now lol


Another way of seeing it is that it may be a douchebag repellant, at least the ones approaching know what they are going for mouhaha.


just created a topic for the sigil, would you please move the related replies?
I’ll copy that () part into my post there so it’s a continuation too.


Ye :D

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