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COVID-19 and the brain: What do we know so far? (

From the article above, here are some points that stood out for me.

In their paper, the scientists refer to existing evidence that makes them particularly wary of SARS-CoV-2’s impact on the brain. For example, researchers have found that:

  • “Intranasal administration of SARS‐CoV‐2 in mice results in rapid invasion of the brain.”
  • “SARS‐CoV‐1 viral particles can be detected post mortem in the cerebrum […] in humans.”
  • In post mortem brain tissue, angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors are expressed in the vasculature of the brain’s frontal cortex. Through these receptors, SARS-CoV-2 enters healthy cells.
  • In vitro studies have shown that viral spike proteins can damage the blood‐brain barrier.
  • A headache, reduced taste, and loss of smell occur before the onset of respiratory symptoms in most COVID-19 patients.
  • Delirium, a neuropsychiatric symptom of reduced cognition and memory, “can be the only presenting symptom of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection, even in younger patients. The incidence of delirium in severely ill COVID‐19 patients [in intensive care units (ICUs)] is reported to be as high as 84%,” note the authors.
  • Finally, “Abnormal brain imaging has emerged as a major feature of COVID‐19 from all parts of the world,” the team writes.


he study, which appears in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, showed that the new coronavirus was able to infect neurons in these lab-grown organoids and replicate itself by boosting the metabolism of infected cells. Simultaneously, healthy, uninfected neurons in the vicinity died as their oxygen supply was cut off.

The researchers also determined that blocking the ACE2 receptors prevented the virus from infecting the human brain organoids.

The scientists also analyzed the effects of SARS-CoV-2 on the brains of mice genetically modified to produce human ACE2 receptors. Here, the virus altered the brain’s vasculature, or blood vessels. This could, in turn, cut off the brain’s oxygen supply.

and also
“Our thinking that [COVID-19 is] more of a respiratory disease is not necessarily true,” Kumar says. “Once it infects the brain, it can affect anything because the brain is controlling your lungs, the heart, everything. The brain is a very sensitive organ. It’s the central processor for everything.”

So in a sense…
If we follow the rule that neurons that fire together, wire together
then repeated infections will only increase the mental effects and the brain damage.
Leading to a more mentally supressed state of being.
Not to mention the psychosis a lot of people have with it.

which keeps growing and the other parts of the brain are being killed off, (Oxygen deprivation)


I used to feel anxious and paranoid during the evenings till into late nights till sometime back. Brain stack goes to the top of the list from today!


Well, I know for sure I’ve been using
Virus disruption + oxygen + antioxidant + brain regen
(Non complete list)

I’ve had covid several times now, and the brain fog is noticeable after the last one.


You don’t think you can make it to where our cells would not read the signature from the virus pack you already got out? So the virus would comes into your cells Have your polymerase enzymes not read the DNA, or RNA, or whatever form it’s in. Have the the consciousness of your cells realize, “don’t read this DNA”.

Sort of how Mind control, Entity consciousness connected to everybody in a form of a mass possession is the same thing. If you don’t read it, If you don’t acknowledge it it can’t hurt you.

an experimental kinda audio if you will.


I hope it won’t last, MonkeyOwl. Feel better soon. :white_heart:


can you going to recommend a stack for us to use?


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Yikes…Hope you recover quickly! Thankfully, Captain has created the fields for us to get better.


@MonkeyOwl - several of my students and friends who had similar brain-fog issues post Mr. C, I’ve recommended Shilajit (you just take it mixed with warm water first thing in the morning) and it seems to be doing wonders. Do note that a good quality resin makes a significant difference. I was using some cheap powder for many years and saw no benefit whatsoever, but a good quality resin makes a world of difference.


Mao, I have been looking for the post u made about probrotics i cant seem to find it. I was going to order some today and start listening to iron gullet again.


Do you have a brand you would recommend?


Plasma flaunt will suffice in all these because of oxygen and and healing and all?


Thank you, I’ve never heard of it actually.
I bought some ashwagandha recently,.but I haven’t started taking it yet.
I’ll definitely look into it! Hopefully I can find a good brand here too. :sweat_smile:


isn’t that the oil of mars?

Edit: nevermind one is Russian one himalayan

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This is a really good one :+1:


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I think this is only for blood clot


i allways saw the eyes of my patients as very different esp. with the first COVID wave where we had also ARDS in many of them.

the second wave “the british” was alittle more on the ARDS side

after delta we had very few people with ARDS.

now also.

i t has been months perhaps seven where i didnot treat patients with virus pneumonia.

in this time March 2022 perhaps …i had one patient where the virus mutated in her in front of my eyes and she was dead within three days with the image of severe interstinal damage of the lung. she was carrying it for almost two weeks and our tests couldnot catch it before she worsened. then we caught it and saw with every day the lung tissue disappeared…like a big spider eating everything there…so slow to kill her instantly…but without stop.
she didnot show anything bad neurologicaly. and being isolated and in my hospital…this mutation didnot go anywhere.
because she didnot show any symptoms that shw is getting worse before she died.

about the neurological symptoms…

well what i now is that it really affects the frontal lobe… pretty sure the vaccine does the same…

when i was ill with the brit…well i felt it mostly in my heart. and did all that i could not to let my brain get very hit.

with the vaccine (mRNA) in the moment the thing got in my blood stream i felt a crushing energy from the shoulder where the needle was to my neck then heart (chakra alas…) and solar plexus…
it seemed to crush them and nullify them.

of course i was prepaired with your fields and other stuff and was more or less okay afterwards.

and my shoulder has the memory of it no matter what i use.

i speak my truth here @Dreamweaver provoced by the subject.

the people of the world in majority are not feeling it and have already had the virus 2 times and all four times the vacine…

i am born extremely sensitive and i feel this world is getting poorer…

but also something else…

the humans are evolving above this.

i had allways hope for and with them and it is not diminished…

brain now to heal it self no matter what.

and yes i had a young female patient with severe delirium without any respiratoriy symptoms.

she had very low kalium and potassium also.

i have experience with COVID hitting the kidney also. wheter with kidney injury or those kalim pottasium problems.

i think the severity of the neurological symptms can be connected to the severity of kidney injury and thos pottasium kalium issues.

i for what cannot seem to redeem my kidneys fully after my illness.

hope it is useful. what i wrote

take care @Dreamweaver !


May be this one?


I’ve tried various brands - Dragon Herbs, Nootropics Depot, various Himlayan brands on Amazon, etc., and did not notice anything really. The brand where I saw significant results was this one. Cymbiotika rebrands this same product and offers a better deal and discount. I have not found any other brands I like that are equally effective but more affordable.