Experiences with the Fae & Energetic Support Servitors

Ok so i know there’s a thread for the book of cards but that is more general kinda like before ppl get it.
But i want to open this thread to share what we have been experimenting so far since we created them.

I start:
When i created the Fae one i felt a dense by nice weave of heat moving around up and down my body, then my ears particularly got super hot in and out and it felt like if someone inside my head was blowing the dust outwards :sweat_smile: literally.
The initial sensation lasted like 2 hours then it subsided but it felt more like it had just settled in my energy field and i had a feeling of tranquility and being secure.
Then i created the energetic support one and the hair in my whole body went up and stayed like that for like 15 minutes not kidding and weaves of cold/hot air were swirling around me, it felt super powerful a more serious little dude lol like one thats like your body guard and only that not like your best friend just the one that is there to protect you and do what its supposed to do.
The Fae one feels lighter, more friendly, more child like but with lots of determination just like children that believe everything is possible and they just go and do it or at least try but with the difference that they (Fae) can actually manifest and bring stuff you want of course all within possibilities for them.

Like an hour after id created the energetic one my upper right side of the back started hurting, like if I’ve had an uncomfortable night sleep and muscles were tense and sore on that area.

I went to bed feeling great, i did not listen to any audio at all from the moment i created them and all night i wanted them to finish settling lol

I had a lot of dreams but none made sense or were jumpy from scene to other unrelated scenes, except a dream with my late Dad and the whole family it was a weird dream but i picked up the main message… which its weird but anyway. I heard names i heard discussions but nothing was really clear.

At some point in the night i felt 2 sharp pains in my back like a tap first then the sharp pain as if something was being pulled out of my back i mean half asleep i said to myself daaaaaamn those were some big knives or swords i had around there. It hurt. (From all the back stabbing ive received in my life 2 particularly ones were really fkd up like they changed the course of my life and fked it up for a long time)

I woke up feeling ANNOYED. Like fully annoyed but like when you dont know what has you annoyed you just know you are. Big time like it was a burden getting out of bed. (That was 2 hours ago)

Mood has changed i snapped out of it and just thought maybe its part of the cleaning and unblocking process.

My back HURTS like crazy. The whole back like a truck drove over me.
I do feel more energetic but i feel pains around like bruises lol
I take them. Im excited!!

Eager to read other ppls experiences :blush:


Fantastic friend.

I work and rest Saturday and Sunday, so thanks to your help, I see that the best moment for me is to create them on my days off to have time to overcome the initial physical and mental effects and give them time to settle.

Today I want to buy a 2 rings for my Servitors.

Today I want to buy the ebook to make them.

What items did you use to make your Servitors?

The phrase is “CREATE SERVITOR” but I have a question and a problem.

My English is very bad. My language is Spanish. It is a good idea to practice the phrase in English, right? To REALLY create them.

Did you name your Servitors?
Did you welcome them?

In the creation process, were you there for 2 hours?

To activate passive abilities, do you have to do it in English or can I do it in Spanish?




the language is not barrier you can talk to them with native language

yes you can name your servitors
you can welcome them

for passive abilities it can be any language spanish or english, it is the intent who drives the action not words.

this general of any servitor from sapien med


Your intention counts. Pronunciation is less important. You don’t need to practice the phrase


A big stainless steel pendant heart shaped but i put it on a bracelet and a band ring made of hematite.

I believe as others have said that intention is what counts however my stubborn a** mind makes me rather say it in english but thats me. Up to you. If its gonna be in the back of your head wondering if its working properly then practise the pronunciation im sure you can get there. Google the sounds and practise.

I did welcome them, usually when i create a servitor or dragon the second i grab them after being created a name comes to my mind sometimes weird names but i know its the name theyve choosen. With these 2 my mind was blank, no name whatsoever came in lol and i was like gosh dude lol i dont know what to name you but welcome and then i felt it saying ‘itll come to you’ and it was right maybe an hour later it came to me same as the gender :blush: same happened with the other one.

I was yes but it was a coincidence to be honest because i usually put the things away when i am creating something as to not be like watching it and being anxious lol but this time i was just so excited i stayed right there in bed next to the night stand where id put it but i wasnt looking every minute or anything. I dont think its necessary, always do what feels right for you.

Same as above. I personally say it in english but then again intention. Maybe id suggest if you are nervous about the outcome saying it in spanish, play the subconscious blockage removal a couple of times before activating the passive skills *wink wink :blush:

Good luck x


But the phrase must be done in English right?

Dudeeee :joy:
We all said its the intention what matters in other words you can say it in spanish BUT if this is something that is gonna make you feel that maybe is not gonna work or keeping you in doubt THEN practice the pronunciation in english so you settle your mind wondering. Or i suggest play subconscious blockage remover before activating a passive ability that way your subconscious doesnt play tricks on you and you believe it is ok to say it in spanish :joy:

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I am happy because I just bought the eBook. :smile::smile::+1:

Is it a good idea to create the Servitors with the cell phone?

Or is it better to print the images on photographic paper and create them there?

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I created on the cellphone 💁 just make sure the screen stays on if you have android i dont think you can leave it on for more than 10 mins but iphone have the never turn off option

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Here are the steps to keep your phones screen on in Android :+1:


For the S8 it’s a bit different. Had that phone at one point-

Locate and select the Advanced Features menu.

And then activate the Smart Stay toggle, and it’s done!

But i don’t remember if it would work if it wasn’t in front of me. Never used it to activate sigil.

But there is also a way If you’ve enabled Developer options (a hidden menu), you can turn on the Stay awake option. This feature keeps the screen on as long as you’re charging your phone. So it would need to be plugged in.

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I have an Android cell phone.

Application in Play Store: CAFFEINE KEEP SCREEN ON.

Super recommended.


Sounds like you found the easy button. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lmao and then have to deal with a hyperactive phone on caffeine? :laughing:

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That’s not true; look at this block of text you managed to write. In my opinion, your English is good! Btw I’m also a native Spanish speaker.

One thing is grammar and a different one is pronunciation and accent and you should know that besides he could be translating for all we know lol

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Definitely if I am using Google Translate LOL.:smile::smile:

I just created my FAE SERVITOR, I welcomed it.

My first experiences: I was in the room when creating it, I slept the 2 hours and I did not feel anything.

I have approximately 40 minutes with my FAE SERVITOR and I have not felt anything. I’m talking about active abilities.

I’ll see what happens throughout the day. I will create the other Servitor tomorrow.

What happened to you? Tell more about your experience, please.

Thank you.


I have so far only created the fae servitor.
First I was very pissed at the fae for absolutely no reason, I felt agitated restless when lover it was close to me . Maybe that’s why I was mad . But sammy said those weren’t my emotions. I also felt like the little fella was mad at me for not introducing myself ,but I could be wrong ,it was too much going on to tell .
The next day I started feeling really bad , got diarrhea ,dont know if it was related though , but also emotionally Istill felt bad .
What I learnt that day is :The best thing is to surrender to the process . Give up . I was fighting it first but that didn’t do any us both any good .
I had to cancel a family dinner that day and was just laying around ,getting worked on .
Next day I felt a little better ,met a friend and spend much time in the sun, which helped a lot .
I was able to go to work the day after ,which I didn’t expect initially. Now I feel fine.
That pretty much it , can’t say if it does much else ,because I already started to introduce some other things …


Well, i felt at times through the day the warm weaves swirling around me , the back pain went away but then my stomach was hurting, went out to do some stuff and felt ppl super nice to me and like staring at me.

I noticed a couple of things that She didnt let me do :sweat_smile:
Also i had only eaten lunch but was big so around 9pm i was like ‘i should eat something’ but i wasnt that much hungry i just thought i should eat, sometimes i push myself to eat because otherwise i just eat 1 time a day lol, i debated for like 20 minutes if i should eat or not because i wasnt hungry and part of me was like nooo u gotta eat, u just have to so i pushed myself and had just 3 crackers with some vegan cheese + peanut butter + blueberry jam, just 3 crackers and not much of the other things on top and OMG my stomach got inflamed i felt awful super nasty full, nauseous and with cramps and all i can feel was her asking me if ive learnt lmao i was like yes yes omg i know ok "i should not force myself to eat if i am not hungry even if i am supposed to eat just because everybody eats 3 times a day ok?! "
Then i lay down on my bed i was in a lot of pain, i know per instructions none of the 2 heal pains but i still asked the Fae to please stop the pain and the super uncomfortable feeling… IMMEDIATELY i felt my stomach warm and like energy moving inside it. The pain and all was gone like 10 mins later. :sunglasses: so there. I guess we can ask them that too lol

The sleep night was again weird. With lots of images coming in and i knew they weren’t dreams, they were more like memories of people or places, what all this process is showing me like rubbing on my face is the amount of ppl and times ive been screwed, it gives me a sad feeling but i know all the meaning behind SEEING all that ppl and times/places. One particular person stole money from me and badmouthed me all she could for a while (or a while i was told lol God knows if still) the weird thing is that when she came to my mind i felt the same as when you get sleep paralysis it was rough, her image was there super strong like she was looking at me with anger all while i was feeling a demon on top of me uhg it felts like if this was showing me she had done some kind of hex or curse work on me or something, thats what i interpreted.
Fortunately it eventually went away.
The rest of the night i kept seeing faces and a voice telling me "im showing you all the people that has put spells on you or have had envy with anger towards you, all the ppl sucking your light and energy throughout the years’ boy… this is gonna be a long ride. I am just in disbelief.
But so excited because yes majority of my life ive been drained and just focused on protecting myself and isolating more and more because of this, all this the servitors are showing me is the reason why i came across Sapien because i was just so tired of fighting and trying it was like if they were winning and i was already losing hope and will to keep going.

The rest of the night i slept deep and 8 hours in total, same my 2 cats lol they usually wake up at 4am to give :poop::joy: then at 6 then at 7 until i wake up but not this time. They slept all night too.

This is gonna change my life finally for the better i can already tell. :heart: