From No Results to Great Results

Hi Sapien Family,

There are many success stories of people here who were not getting results from Morphic Fields and then started getting results. This might have been due to various reasons:

  • PoNR stack/field
  • @JAAJ’s now legendary Self-Love stack
  • Star Exercise
  • Vibration audios
  • Other aspects such as meditation, yoga, qigong, etc.
  • Nutritional and Sleep hacks
  • Grounding
  • Etc.

Were you someone who did not get results initially and then started getting results? What did you do to make the fields work for you?

We can all pontificate on possible solutions, but nothing beats actual experience. So, do share your journey from no results to great results - this could change many lives for the better…


Shielding 3.0 def helps a lot with my results,
Cuts all the B.S. out
Also PONR field has been helping alot but I do not use it anymore.
Just be consistent and grateful

I think the first NFT to be bought is some sort of shielding/armor.


I am excited for the new shielding community project!


At first I didn’t really feel anything but I liked the fields anyway so I kept listening, and the more I listened the more I started to notice results

That was my way of getting attuned and then the attunement card helped too.


Even though I am not fairly new to energy sensitivity, think investing on energy awareness course really jumpstarted everything as I like to go back to foundations. From getting little to big results, always including gratitude in it and consistency to listening and taking action. :pray:t5:


My go to for everyone is Point of No Return, I think that was my first paid field I bought that have allowed me to break through the chains that have been holding me back and leading me to various improvements. Without out, I think my mindset would have been “the world is against me”. Very important for anyone who are new to fields and need everything working in their favor.


Well, i dont fit the category of no results then great results

Ive always had results.

But for what is worth i can share what made me go from having good results to having great results but specially integrating deeper/more permanently

  • Having at least 2 hours in between stacks

  • leaving the night sleep time for fields that would: relax my body, my nervous system, clean my aura etc like: Aura Cleanser, Auric Repair, Accu-Automaton, Body Healing, uterrelax, Myofascia, Body Primer, Chakras, 3 tresures. Not all at the same time but i combine like 2 of the mentioned and loop them the whole night, and the next day 2 different ones etc.

  • resting one day a week not playing anything except for one or 2 that work on changing something physical like facial symmetry, or auto mewing or Maxilla etc to not lose momentum.
    If for whatever reason at sleeping time i was looping something different than what i mentioned above then on the resting day for sure i play them A LOT during that day.

  • Adding KQ was a crucial turning point. Like 100% a total game changer. Then QKA.

  • using more frequently these cards: Attunement, Energy Expansion and Chakra Stimulation.

  • even if fields are absorbed through the whole aura, even if some fields are like to heal the kidneys or the knees etc, if i feel my brain tired. I DO NOT play fields. I focus on my brain, rest. Eat more of goodies for the brain, put my cell away and ground.

Then i play the fields and they work right away.

With complex fields when i just get them i take my mandalas off when i am playing that said new field, for the first week.

I think thats it.

I used to ask my servitors/Deities/Fae to help me integrate or get rid of excess of energy alll the time. And it worked. Every time.

Until i decided to take charge of it myself, because the more independent we become… the more we grow and expand. At least its what i think and have experienced.

Nothing fancy, nothing wow, no meditation with them really, not focusing, not even i have to be in a good mood and what not nope.

Except: for when i just got a field/nft/servitor etc.

Unchangeable what i do. I let them fully completely immersed and focused on them the first 3 or 4 days. After that. I know they are connected so all good. They know what to do.


I honestly speak of this from my own experience, I had better results with some fields such as plasma, angelic vibrations, pierces and so on, unfortunately I think that at some point I create more mental blocks and possibly traumas (the self-love stack is essential) and that is why the effects waned a bit, time to go for that PONR stack


PoNR field skyrocketted my results.

Also self love/mana circuits/childhood revision/parental love I think they are fundamental.


I never went from zero to hero, but I can identify some of the key changes I made to get better results.

  1. Outsourcing. Alien intercession, Angelic intercession, Justice for all, and a servitor or two. When I read the description for Justice for All, I was happy to learn that certain beings exist to sort things out and set things right if I just ask, so that’s what I do. Whether it’s some personal or global injustice, I play the audio and unload. Done. For other things, I might, if I remember, ask Angels or aliens for help. I’m polite about it, but I get zero feedback (except one thing caught on video) so I just ask for the thing and let it go. Servitors I accept as a fact even though I can’t feel them. All this saves me a lot of time and energy, especially not worrying about the interaction. Assume your message arrived without proof of delivery.
  1. Sleep. I sleep as soon as I’m tired. No Tv or anything else. I used to push myself to work In the evening. Now, I only do that for emergencies, and I have way more energy to listen to fields. At night, I’ll often just play one field— virus disruption, acu-automation, fa jing gong healing and emotional release are favorites, though sometimes I play a chakra stack. I’ll usually wake up about 4 am or so. Then I’ll put on Imaginarium Divine, a portal or something fun and go back to sleep.
  1. Assume it’s going to work. I mean, why wouldn’t it. Some fields are easy to feel and are mind blowing—listen to any of the heart fields (though the free heart inflammation field and the paid magnetic heart coherence are standouts.) Once you have a couple of fields that you can feel, quit worrying about having the receipts on the others. I don’t feel DNA repair but I still play it because I assume it’s going to work. I don’t even bother to check for results on something like that. How would I know. Overall though, I started getting better results when I spent less time worrying about them.

  2. Why not you? You’re here in this forum, you’ve got these free fields, and are surrounded by people with odd fake names with their testimonials, but they seem mostly like normies with ordinary lives, so if it can for them, why not me/you? That’s a liberating thought. You’re good enough—good enough to ask for help and good enough to receive it. That’s all I really needed to believe, but it helped me to spell it out.

Apart from the sleep suggestion, everything else is just a slightly different expression of the same thought-the “what if the legends were true” line in the movies. They are and you are the hero. These fields are tools to help with that. You don’t need to believe in the tools; you need to believe that you’re the hero.


For me, the game changer would be acu-automation. Before I just feel like energies inside my body was not properly “organized” or not optimized. After just looping it several times the moment I got it I just feel the energies from different stacks all organized and flow to the places they are supposed to and I feel a lot lighter. Better manifestation came almostly immediately like several hours later and whatever field I use suddenly feels a lot stronger to me. So I think whatever you do, grounding or proper distribution of energies are important as we are easy to go 10+ 20+ fields in a day. Automatic grounding is free, barefoot on the ground is also free, so there is no excuse not to ground. (For me I do not really understand the concept of grounding but I am very familiar with acupuncture/meridian so perhaps that is why it worked so well for me)

Speaking of which, I also think it is important to understand the very concept of a field before using it, do a lot of research and reading to understand the very thing you are accepting into your system, so consciously/subconsciously you will accept it much easier and once you see results it forms a positive feedback loop. After the acupuncture experience I concluded that fields I understand the most of give me the best results, so really, maximize understanding of a field before putting it to use.

A Life of Magical Abundance - Use it whatever your goal is, it creates joyful/happy instances in your life that would help you to manifest much better. I got this as a lesson when me and my wife were angry with each other and I was like how am I going to manifest sh*t when I am getting negative energies from her and from myself. Suddenly a voice told me that all wealth and luckiness you got from fields is meaningless if you are not happy. Put it back into my stack and now there are a lot of small joyful moments between us and negative moment got minimized, those also helped to let me concentrate on my development (not to mention having a better relationship and happiness)

I read somewhere that Sammy said that vibration and clearing of negatives in energy system make a person more receptive to energy from fields so this is what I am working on now.


understanding fields*

In a way it is very similar to absorbing the entirety of the field as an alive intelligence, an active construct that has the ability to shape in many shapes and patterns, but what you absorb is the collection of the outside and all the inside of it, without focusing only on what you are receiving at the moment. Perception and focus become inclusive of what the field simply is.

Understanding the fields in their entirety and not in what I am receiving at the moment has been the best contributor to my journey with the fields, and this goes for all the forms they come in - even the straightforward ones from the early times.

It’s always the first listen of the field that one is able to ‘feel’ or notice most… That is because we are more likely to interact with the full version of the field before we start to distribute our focus into the smaller bits and pieces “we” can observe at the moment

The keyword here is what we observe and what we perceive and ultimately this is what we generate more of - in our attention and our unconscious interaction with the field

But if we choose to see and observe all of the field at once while being mindful of what is doing at the moment there is hardly any chance the benefits we perceive will only be tied to what we see, ‘feel’, or notice at the moment

The field will still be working as complete as it can be in all other aspects but if we keep interacting only with a fraction, a lot more depth to the field becomes easily missed

That is not to say this is an easy process either, it requires the mind to seamlessly interact with 2 dimensions as one and continue to do that

But I also think perception-wise, it is incredibly easy to do. And specially the new fields they have a lot more potential to appear in their ‘full glam’ to the person.

Imagine as a Voice of Gumayun but targeted to your very own perception of fields.

But imo it’s important to understand yourself just as much as you would understand the field, and if there are days where you simply need to forget the fields are playing, then do just that.

There are days where you could barely feel like pressing that play button - take a rest and transmute your energetic vessel, let it express the energy release in all the ways it wants to

The biggest mistake however one could do on these days is to get comfortable with that rest, where the weekend becomes a few days and the days become a full week - really don’t

Keep some of the critically important mandalas for you & your personal development even if you feel like not keeping up with it

Assemble the fields to work for you - it is always better to “recover” with rest and Smart use of fields

(to be clear, I’m not talking about energy overload- I’m talking more about the days where you’re simply not at your best)

Make some “pillars” with the fields :) - adjust as needed and be very mindful of the energetic context

Like; don’t take attract love off because you suddenly feel down and think that love is not in your path - instead, talk to the field and convey your emotions through and who knows maybe it would attract just the right person to bring comfort to you

Take your rest and breaks as needed and listen to the energetic state of your body before anything,

not the mind

But also remember to use the fields and use the fields to keep going.

Naturally, the cycle will break off and there will be even greater results

The crème is always keeping an energetic hygeine and taking care not only of your aura but your energetic status, not the “positive wohooo” status, but ultimately your interconnection that allows you to asses and become; and therefore grow to be more interactively receptive and at some point a center point over time.

There is a reason fields like Ponr and ponr stack always work :)

Needless to say, my personal experience of course but has proven over years to be very timeless in experience and in results :)


This 10000%. Assumption of full capabilities is always gonna get you the best mirror into the fields and ultimately have you become so much more receptive of them!


truly :+1:

The captain has substantial help in various fields, listening to the adjustment of the body and its own energy is even more important


Yes!! Always coming up with the best sneaky ways! I salute a good game! Top award for excuses haha :trophy:

Absolutely! Growth at an immaculate speed and I’m glad we are carried along the way! And ultimately growing very able to :)



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I would say the frame of mind is the most important.

For instance, I recall not being entirely sure to purchase the crucible of the past. Then my group would nudge me a little bit to actually go for it (thx saint biceps, @GoddessesAndGod , I recall ).

So I purchased it, sat on the sofa, took some headphones, primed my mind not to expect results but just have an open mind as much as possible. Oftentimes that’s the most difficult when there’s a lot happening in your mind about daily life things.

I sat there on the sofa, expecting nothing, headphones on and press play. Within 10 seconds the tears started free flowing lol

(Found it here)

I recall the same “ritual” for plasma glass skin. The audio being 8 minutes sth, so in my mind I let myself completely free for the next 30 minutes, always rounding up to have more than enough time to bask in the after effects.

Again it was instantly felt, like little nanobots with little hammers working on my skin. I realised midway through the second play that two listens were more than enough.

Same for blueprint of life, one of my first ever purchases. Where I saw a timeline of life events, and order being brought to disorder. This was my review .

So the questions would remain: how can we incorporate this particular frame of mind into our daily listening habit of sometimes 10-20 audios? There’s simply no time to engage in such a relaxed way with each and every one of them.

Btw, same for one of the disco/techno events by Sammy. Just being in a relaxed state let me notice where the different energies were flowing to, and also how they tried to sync up with the music and transitions of phases in the track itself.


The best results I experienced were in a completely relaxed, very open and curious mindset, focusing on this one particular audio only, kind of letting myself have this experience only.

Forgot to mention: the body in a fasted state produces better results in my experience


Energy Awakening course: fields and practises

Mana circuits

Energy blockage removal, Chrakas or other Energy body fields

NFT servitors


as up late playing higher self connection with anything else simultaneously. one phone this on loop other phone other audios.

after all my experiences ponr audio and higher self connection played as above said really unlocks the most complicated new fields from our Captain.

example… not ever since i have blueprint of love have i senced much of the smart Keggels.

until one day i played both audios toghether while carying the mandala.

then i felt how smart Bolove really is. first time eva.

and i use ponr, crystals, ego diss, subc limits…until now nothing has opened the new complicated fields for me as the higher self connection audio. it make is effordless. like duh…really. was a surpirse for me.

when i become alittle cloged from energy work i make the remove unconcious clutter audio at the end of the stack one loop. works wonders and esp it really sticks the field listened before to you somehow. very neat thing.

a oh… one tip when you use two smartphones in your pocket.
the speakers if the phones have one speaker each should be oposite to each other, in my case meaning the smart phones are back to back. but it may vary from model to model. and of course if they are somehow wth dual speakers it would not matter.


In my experience, audios work best when I am in a receptive state (which is not constant). Let me describe this state.

In my journey, receptivity is marked by a heightened sense of awareness, openness and curiosity about the world. It is a state in which I welcome new ideas, experiences and connections while remaining grounded in my core beliefs and values.

Increased receptivity allows me to better discern the subtle nuances of information, make informed decisions and approach challenges with clarity and wisdom. Receptivity also fosters a deeper connection with my inner self and others, as I tune into the underlying emotions, thoughts and energies that shape our interactions.

As an example, in times of adversity, such as difficult relationships, we may close ourselves off to new experiences and connections. This defense mechanism protects us from perceived harm, but can also limit our growth. (Like an audio that doesn’t work).

To improve our receptivity, we need to recognize and remove barriers to our growth, such as ingrained beliefs and thought patterns, or unclear goals. Introspection and self-examination help to address these obstacles.

I believe that the transformative power of certain audios, which have catalyzed the personal development of many people, is intrinsically linked to receptivity. By fostering self-awareness and cultivating a deeper understanding of our inner self, we can develop a more open and receptive approach to the world. This shift in perspective unlocks our potential and allows us to realize our aspirations.

While the audios can serve as valuable guides, directing our awareness toward a desired trajectory, it is ultimately up to us to cultivate the receptivity necessary to actualize our goals and overcome the challenges ahead.