Healing Attunement

This thread is dedicated to the Healing Attunement section of the course. We can discuss the contents here, ask questions and elaborate things further.


Can this energy be used for healing pets/other animals?


@SammyG, Is the “Healing and Crystal attunement” audios necessary to re-listen If we plan to restack all Body Primer, sensitivity and Healer Primer or Its just once for lifetime.
Would re-listening the “attunement audios” fortify the connection to these fields, please confirm. Thanks.


I’d like to share some results. After getting attuned yesterday, I tried some healing on myself and my dog. I’m the kind of person that needs to feel / see the results for myself.

I tried the healing energy on my right and left rotator cuff which has been hurting for the last couple of weeks. I couldn’t raise my right arm without twinging. After placing my palms on my shoulders, I asked for healing to start and continued for 10 or so mins. My shoulder felt much better and I could raise it a little. My mind couldn’t grasp what had happened and I started making excuses. I wanted to see if the pain would return. I did the healing again last night and this morning for the same amount of time on my shoulders. The pain is 90% gone and I can raise my right and left arm without issues. :astonished:

I also tried this healing on my dog. He was pretty agitated by it and kept wanting to move away. I thought this healing energy has unconditional love so he would have liked it… ? Why do you think he kept moving away?

Anyways, this is so incredible!!! I’m blown away. I will continue to test more. I’m truly grateful for this healing energy flowing thru me. Thank you @Dreamweaver and @SammyG !!! :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


Glad to see you are getting nice results Starlight :slight_smile:
Well for the dog… its unexpected. Its like walking around with a live wire, and then you pet your dog, and he doesn’t expect to be petted by a live electrical current lol. He’s used to you touching him and him feeling your natural energy, not this other energy flowing through you. With time, he’ll come around to it.


Thanks, Sammy. I’m happy and grateful about the results as well. :slight_smile:

I’ll take it slow with my dog and get him used to it first. I don’t want him to become scared of me touching him. lol!


I guess so
@SammyG Can you confirm this?


Yeah they would. But personally, I haven’t re- listened to them and still have a strong connection to it. Don’t think that’s going to dissipate… that’s for life.

As for re-listening to the audios from the course… I think the first three are the most important in terms of energy cleansing and expansion. Body Primer, Energy Sensitivity and Healer Primer. Relistens of those will keep expanding your energy system. You can have a bit more liberty with how you listen to them and at what frequency as well. Just… be careful and don’t overdo it. You saw how people were getting overly exhausted their first run through. That could still happen as it would happen to me when I’d relisten sometimes.


I listened for the three days and didn’t notice anything when I tried healing using the activation words “start healing now” and the palm technique. Should I re-listen for another day? I’m on my second day of the break now. My spacing wasn’t exactly 24hrs apart each day.


Great, thanks for the explanation|

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Hi @SammyG,
Any idea for how much time the healing field is active once we say the key word ‘start healing’ when we are using on us.
Can I use this field any number of times in a day ( 5x or 10x) ?
I see there is no limitations mentioned as it is healthy mix of stem cells + Mitochondria superchage + Unconditional Love, but still would like to get confirmation from you. Thanks.


Tried a couple of distance healings

I visualize the person and when I say “start healing now” my heart chakra almost immediatly respond with a lot of energy, love an compassion toward that person

For this reason it seems easier in my case to enhance the healing by visualizing (I’m not doing much actually) the energy to flow out of my heart and into the person instead of visualize palms emitting energy.

Would this make any difference? Making the healing less effective?


Do whatever feels intuitively right at that moment.


@SammyG Would it be a good pratice to use Etheric Cord Cutter and Automated Grounding after healing another person? I’m asking because you mentioned before that this energy is drawn from an energy realm that Dream created so I’m assuming this is not required.


@SammyG, e Do the activation words of the different energies always have to be said in English, or the activation words can also be said in other foreign languages? (equivalent of the same meaning) and still obtain the same results (displacement of energies as expected)?


It should. In the end its the mental intention that drives it.


Hi @akkar -

I’m curious to find out how your distance healing sessions go? Did the other person feel your energy? Were they healed or improved at least?

Are you comfortable sharing the results?


Unfortunately it’s quite difficult to say because she is in intensive care so I can’t have much direct contact with her (also because of the covid procedures inside the hospital)…

I am keep doing daily sessions using the “healing energy” in the course and also Be the healer (because it includes anti-cancer field).

Probably I’ll start with crystalization too now that I have finshed attunement.

I’m not new to meditation and energy work, so I’m quite comfortable at letting the mind go into stillness.
However I’ve only used visualizations sporadically in the past.
So I think I still need practice in finding and maintaing that sweet spot between too much effort and too little effort that let you maintain the same image in mind for long periods of time without creating tension.


I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I hope she gets the healing from you.

Are you playing the audio as you are perform the distant healing?

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Yes when I use that I simply loop the audio and imagine the person

When I use the healing energy from the course I use the meditation audio instead