Hello forum

I know I’ve said on many occasions that I’m not perfect and well, yesterday was a good demonstration of that. I’m sorry for my behavior yesterday. I put my opinions over my best friend’s feelings and that was wrong. If I was actually sorry, I wouldn’t have continually justified myself after apologizing. It’s the wrong thing to do.

I know I try to be this good example of good behavior and I’m embarassed with how I behaved yesterday. I let my ego get the best of me. And I acknowledge that. But this is a reminder that I am human. The last thing I wanted any of you to do is put me on a pedestal because I am naturally prone to error. I have always said I can only try to do the right thing always but there is no way I’d succeed everytime. And yesterday was proof of that.

I would very much prefer to say these things out loud. I’m not a fan of texting as a lot of context tends to get lost in translation. So that’s why I won’t be talking in the forum too much anymore. I prefer direct communication and will still do webinars where we can deeply discuss things (if people are even interested).

Me and dream spoke and I apologized directly to him. We’re good and I’m not going to be leaving. I’ll be moderating from the sidelines still and will still be answering your pms or tags. That being said, I will be taking a break for a few days to recalibrate.


The best news I wake up to. Much love to both of you and to a better forum. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Hello Sammy,

I also wrote in another thread that it would make it easier for all of us if we would know the rules and if possible what you both are doing so we can empathize better. This way everything is clear to everyone.

Thank you! :white_heart:


Where are the webinars at?


I didn’t read much of what was going on yesterday so l’m only able to give a general opinion. But Sammy, please don’t worry about how everyone reacted. It happens to everyone, even the most enlightened have episodes where they overreact and say/type things in the moment without thinking it out.

Rather than feel bad, take that experience as a way to grow and better yourself.I’ve had many experiences of overreacting in the moment, but rather than feeling bad, I take it as an experience of life and use that to work on my issues so that maybe in the future l’ll take a step back before reacting.

You’re a great guy Sammy, I know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt others and make big changes without really thinking it through


Very happy about this unfolding.

Much love to the two of you


Good to know man. Best of luck.


There is NOTHING more I have prayed for since yesterday. Love you both …

There are always external, negative influences by disgruntled entities who try to cause problems through energetics and other means. Sometimes, we must live through the nasty energy to get it out of the system.

I am a nobody compared to you guys energetically. Still, I have put a few things in place for the energy of the forum - especially because Dream is sometimes too kind to some of these agencies who take pleasure in destroying the hard work of Dream and Sammy - hopefully, such folks will now get a strong message and realize that hatred and anger burn the source first.

Stagnant energy has a way to work itself out, and it did, for the good of all of us …


Happy to hear all this! We have all been there, burn out, lots of issues, time-off, rejuvenate and come back. :+1:

Before you go, please give me access to that file. :pray: :grinning:


Great to hear that you’re staying with us, despite what you have gone through and what you had to face, you’re a great man!

Might depend on how much “enlightened”, ig I suggest we all listen to Sadhguru every day. :smiley:




Believe or not yesterday’s frustration was needed.

Glad it’s been worked out.


On a lighter note, if the forum was not there, I was planning to post an ad on Mercury News to message Starlight (she is my sorta neighbor haha)…

And would need to get on a horse, throw on a cowboy hat to meet @This_Boy_Here, start bodybuilding to meet @GoddessAndGodOfAll in a competition…haha


It’s on both our bucket lists of things to do! :mechanical_arm:


enlightened means knowing

it doesnt mean much else, experiencing the universe and being the universe is a part of you.
but you play your role also.
until you do not. this is the path.
Then it is all ‘play’ after or divine play, and you no longer have to drive.
just be.

The ones who do not know are the ones to judge because they assume and think… but do not know.

The universe is entropy and order. To be the full you must be all
lots of people go along the polarized pathways to the far ends.

anyways… i dont care to speak much more on the matter.
The judgement offered, is due to the unknowing of their ego and just speaks more of ignorance of how things operate.

They have the idealized idea of what it should be.
But not really how it is.

I know what i am
and what my roles are at different points.


It happens, but many people here have known you for years and have seen your patience.

Like I’ve told you many times in private (although not recently), I still take some inspiration from your attitude. I still remember how patient you were all these years ago when I knew nothing about fields and you explained things slowly through emails.

Even sending me emails out of the blue to ask me how I was doing and offering field tips and personal advices in some situations. It meant a lot to me.

You’ve given people here many second, third and fourth chances. We can all move from this.

You also have a lot going on in your private life. The news of the wedding seems like yesterday, I didn’t know about your baby.

Congratulations :confetti_ball:


@Maoshan_Wanderer You are an important part of this forum as well, Mao. I have learned and grown so much from reading your insightful posts. I would be honored to stay in touch and meet IRL. :sparkling_heart: Please DM me


This would be awesome to have in an audio like the way of integrity to wake up to and go to bed to every day :ok_hand:


At the same time we as members have a responsibility to uphold integrity and respect and we will do our best as well, so yours and dreams load gets easier, glad yesterday’s situation is all figured out now


All good friends sometimes have disputes,
And sometimes it stems from small things that were stagnant energy from before.

As I said you two built an empire together for over many years, one dispute is nothing compared to that !

What’s interesting was you were both right in your own right interestingly, can you believe it ?

You don’t understand how happy we as a family are to see this was worked out and everything is all good now, so freaking happy brothers !

That’s why the most important thing was taking a breather and a break to get our minds right and that worked out well.

God bless you both brothers @SammyG @Dreamweaver

Nothing can destroy the sapien medicine crew !



I love you guys