Hello there i have few questions

hy im kyle ,

im new here , what is the best sub for manifesting relationship? I used sapiens androstenol in the past but i can no longer find it. Do you all know any other subs to attract women?


Hm, Do you wanna attract women or do you wanna attract a relationship

Start of with throat chakra and Heart Chakra

You can use Unconditional androstenol if you wanna play with your field a bit
You can use Ojas defined and Innward Beauty Reflected Outward to be honest are probably your best combo to attract a strong relationship not just with a women but also your friends. People will treat you really well.

Nullify astrological Effects, Find a way to add that to your stack please, It will help you alot throughout your day.

All Purpose Anxiety Removal- Previously this one stops any overwhelming or social anxiety, you will feel good tbh.


Throat chAkra will make you talk better with people, no stuttering,etc. it will show off the charisma you never had

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What? :roll_eyes:

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Paying attention, dreaming of monsters and the like means getting rid of blocks or negativity. In this specific case, I am not aware that that producer creates problematic audio, indeed there are people who use them regularly with positive results.


QI is legit, don’t worry


I love you allready


Hi Kyle,

I think first of all, you have to work on yourself - if you have some limiting beliefs, it will be difficult to manifest.
Read this article, it is a good place to start for newcomers, it has links to videos etc

Make a playlist using the fields from the article.

On top of this, on energetic alchemy YouTube channel there is an album called ‘Alchemy of love’. Use this as much as you want.

There are some newer fields that are very powerful.
You can add:

  • Plasma light and bioactive beach field as the first one in the playlist - any playlist (listen to it on its own and see how it feels, for some ppl it’s overwhelming, so it’s advised to.listen a bit and then listen to automated grounding)
  • And automated grounding as the last one.

And you can listen to Ojas as well of course, there are many good fields :blush:


also The Archetype of Parental Love

Let’s try to build a good playlist

1. Energy clearing audio (from Dream Seeds)
2. The Plasma Light and Infrasound Bioactive Beach (from Sapien Medicine)
3. Exorcism (from Dream Seeds)
4. Subconscious limits clearing (from Sapien Medicine)
5. Love, Gratitude and Appreciation (from Sapien Medicine)
6. The Archetype of Parental Love (from Dream Seeds)
7. Automated Grounding (from Dream Seeds)

and Alchemy Of Love? https://www.patreon.com/posts/alchemy-of-love-35482539

please @MonkeyOwl or others, check or enhance this stack, thanks


SLR and Ego Dissolution would be added at the start of the playlist

possible playlist

Auric Cleanser/Energy Cleaner (Every Sunday is fine) after using Auric Cleanser, wait 1-2 hours
Exorcism (Optimal, but would add it at the beginning of every playlist every day until you feel relief or don’t see any results, which is good, cuz no bugu gaga thingy in your energy system)
normal everyday possible playlist
Ego Dissoulution x1
SLR x2
Plasma Beach x2-x3
Parental Love x2-x3
Automated Grounding x2
Love,Gratitude and Appreciation x2-x3

tho all this will not amount to drastic changes in yourself until you put work in yourself and release blockages
therefore highly advised

and if you ever want to get a better idea of the world you live in or maybe a little bit of truth, if possible read

(recommended book by _OM)

You should never be worried about it. Your fear itself what manifesting the opposite of what you want to manifest. I been using his frequency for a long time and no I never experienced anything weird. But in my opinion his frequency isn’t as fast as sapien when it come to producing results.


Good point, the only thing that shouldnt be after Plasma is Energy Clearing because it clears the fields played before as well.

I think 2 stacks, the first one is the general “i want my life to be better”:

  1. Energy clearing from Dreamseeds (daily for the recommended time, after that you can just play once a week or so)
  2. The Plasma Light and Infrasound Bioactive Beach (from Sapien Medicine)
  3. Exorcism from Dream Seeds. I think recommendation is 2x for 2 weeks or so, you can play it 2x or play again at some other time of the day. After 2 weeks you can drop it and add when needed.
  4. Ego Dissolution from Dream Seeds
  5. Subconscious limits clearing (from Sapien Medicine)
  6. Love, Gratitude and Appreciation (from Sapien Medicine)
  7. Etheric Cords Cutter from Dream Seeds
  8. Choose an optional one - Emotional Release, Trauma healing, Forgiveness and release, Amygdala healing and Fear release, Anxiety removal etc. whatever you think is needed the most. Or skip this in the beginning.
  9. The Archetype of Parental Love (from Dream Seeds)
  10. Automated Grounding (from Dream Seeds) or Schumann resonance, doesn’t matter.

Play the above daily 1x for 1 month.

Then another time during the day go to Energetic Alchemy Youtube channel and play Alchemy of Love. You can play Plasma before, Grounding after.

I think this is good enough for beginner and not too heavy either.

Optionally you can choose one field (best in the beginning is Subconscious Limit Removal IMO) and loop it at the lowest volume overnight.


All tracks included in that album?

Also for not beginner?

Along with this can you loop overnight with Abundance Mindset or instead Million Dollar Empire Mindset.mp3?

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Attract love, heart, sacral and root chakra audios


Yes, also for not beginner :slight_smile:
I thought probably “not beginners” have their focus somewhere or their own ideas based on experience, maybe bought tags/fields that replace some of these etc. That’s why I phrased it this way.
but in general this is good for everyone.
You can include more of course, like all I listed as optional or newer fields like 5 elements balanced etc., I tried to keep it minimum.

Yes, you can loop overnight either of the mindset fields or both as well.

As for alchemy of love, I think all are great and it’s very low effort to just start the album and let it play :blush:
It’s also a good trick to put it on before going out to socialize or try to meet potential partners, I find that it gives you good “vibes”.
Ojas field is also great for this, as others wrote in other topics.

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It is only used to socialize with potential partners or is very useful
also for work and related issues?

Where on the list above, would you put Ojas?

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You can put okay anywhere you want I think, I don’t know if there is a best place. You can also just play it in itself.
I play it in The morning 3x and whenever I feel like it during the day.
My ‘good morning’ playlist is
Plasma 1x
C-mots 2x
Ojas 3x
Schumann resonance 1x
Planetary pos/neg 1x

I don’t know if it’s optimal but it’s a good morning haha

I think for alchemy of love, you should experiment :)
My personal experience is that it helps have very pleasant interaction with people, like it attracts people who give off a good vibe.
It’s hard to imagine having negative/bad interactions when I’m filled with that energy, but who knows, everything is possible. :smiley:
I find that for me personally looping divine love from that album has this effect, but the whole album is really nice :slight_smile:


So this works well also for new job or job interviews?

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Yes but I think there are better, let me think about this for you.

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