Horus - The God of the Sky NFT (Egypt group +)

In later myths Horus is portrayed as a light-bearing god who avenged his father by engaging in a battle with Seth (who represents the forces of darkness and evil). The whole story of this god is a great foundation of leadership qualities, bringing harmony in relationships, a strong will to succeed, and overcoming one’s own obstacles and traumas. All of this happens in the divine/royal path, nourished by the additional energies of the sun, moon and sky. But heaven (the air element) and fire (the sun) go well together anyway, you just have to be careful not to burn out.

His leadership qualities are off the charts and his military abilities are astounding. God of war, the hunt, order, total justice. God of wealth, power, strength and prosperity (Horus channel). Patron of the pharaohs in the form of a falcon, whose right eye was the sun or the morning star, representing strength, and whose left eye was the moon or the evening star, representing healing. It also symbolizes the Way, which is available and can be completed by the chosen ones who decide to resolve all their incarnations within one lifetime.

The legends about the confrontation of good and evil forces are known in almost every mythology. The ancient Egyptians saw the embodiment of light and victorious radiance in Horus, as evidenced by Egyptian mythology.

According to legend, the father of Horus - Osiris was killed by his own brother Seth, who took the throne of Egypt.The grown-up Horus challenged Seth to a fight and defeated him, thus avenging his father and accepting the throne. In the duel Horus’ left eye (i.e., the moon) was damaged, but was healed by Thoth, god of wisdom and knowledge. Horus took the rightful throne of Egypt, giving people happiness, light and freedom. He becomes a symbol of complete protection, victory and the triumph of goodness and justice. A symbol of truth, harmony and order.

The Eye of Horus is still used in the magical arts, amulets, and symbolism of the Egyptians. It is a powerful shield of protection from curses, negativity, dark forces, it is a symbol of healing the physical body and resurrection after death. The left falcon eye of Horus, which was damaged in the battle with Seth, symbolizes the Moon, the right eye of Horus - the Sun. The spiral under the eye symbolizes energy and perpetual motion. Udjat is also a symbol of power. Psychologists associate this symbol with the unconscious, and the ability to access the deeper layers to heal and repair psychological trauma.

The Eye of Horus improves psychic abilities, vision at a distance, and maximizes intuition. It becomes easier for a person to make the right decisions in life, avoid mistakes, see and understand the reality/truth, and manage finances wisely. It activates vigilance in relation to people, partners, competitors, protects from trouble and tells how to proceed in difficult situations. It also activates higher justice for wrongdoers. The Eye of Horus energizes the body, heals from diseases, and strengthens the immune system (healing function).

According to the official version, the Eye of Horus was identified with the left eye of Horus - the Moon, which “rises” in the sky every month, and with his right eye - the Sun, which, having “died” in the evening in the west, in the morning invariably “is born” in the east. According to other opinions, the Eye corresponded only to the left eye of Horus - the Moon, while the right Eye of Ra represented the Sun. In this case, their images were the same (in the form of an eye). There is also an opinion that the Eye of Horus is the Eye of Ra given to his son by Isis.

SPOILER 1: The Eye of Horus: The Connection Between Art, Medicine, and Mythology

The eye of Horus has been used over the years for many metaphors, such as "the eye of reason, the third eye, the eye of truth or insight, the eye of God within the human mind, the all-seeing eye. One must recognize and appreciate the genius and foresight of ancient civilization in deciphering the complex functions of the human central nervous system.


As a symbol, the eye contains six parts which were given a series of numerical values with a numerator of 1 and dominators to the power of 2.

They are linked to our five senses except for one part which is associated with thought and wisdom.

The right side of the eye is 1/2 (smell)

The pupil is 1/4 (sight)

The eyebrow is 1/8 (thought and wisdom)

The left side of the eye is 1/16 (hearing)

The curved tail is 1/32 (taste)

The teardrop is 1/64 (touch)

The fraction adds up to 63/64, the missing part is said to represent the magical power of Thoth.


The limbic system is associated with emotions and memories. It controls and coordinates everything from finger movements to heart rhythm. The Eye of Horus represents the secret areas of the brain that contain the potential for each person to achieve enlightenment/healing/activate paranormal abilities.

The pineal gland, located in the center of the brain remains dormant until a person reaches a certain level.

By the way, this system consists of:

The hypothalamus (controls emotions)

The hippocampus is associated with memories and helps understand the environment

The amygdala helps coordinate reactions to things in your environment that trigger an emotional response.

Damage to any component of the limbic system (past trauma, abuse, emotional pain, childhood fears, stress) can lead to depression, anger, PTSD, and anxiety.

The ancient Egyptians concluded that relaxing the limbic system would heal and rebuild our brains. The first step to change is to look within ourselves.

Udjat depicts the secret part of the brain associated with our emotions. It may be the complete key to healing, to liberation, the path to neutrality, to attaining inner peace and living a meaningful full life.

The additional concept of Udjat (mental and physical benefits) that we provided was 11 pages of text (special thanks to Violet). The adaptation and compression of the information down to 3 pages was done by LunaMoon2 (thank you very much).

Under this spoiler, I provide general information that has been reduced to about ~1 page for presentation purposes. Let’s call it the “introductory” version.

SPOILER 2: Udjat: Proposed Benefits at the Psychic and Physical Levels (abridged version)

Two solfeggio frequencies are used:

852 Hz (awakening intuition, a return to spiritual order related to your ability to see through the illusions of your life, such as the hidden intentions of people, places and things)

963 Hz, Awakening of perfection, activation of the third eye. Decalcification and purification of the pineal gland (+ opportunity for direct experience, return to Oneness; connection to the energies of the spiritual world)

The concept integrates the optimization of physiological functions of the pineal gland:

  • regulation of a wide range of autonomic functions of the body;

  • Correction of functional insufficiency of epiphysis (occurs with age);

  • restores daily rhythm of the hormone melatonin to optimal levels. Regulation of biorhythms, support of circadian rhythm - “biological clock” in the human body that regulates various physiological processes, sleep and wakefulness cycles, daily, monthly, seasonal and annual rhythm of phenomena associated also with the rotation of the Earth; adaptation when changing the time zone;

  • Control of menstrual cycle in women of reproductive age; Prevention of menstrual cycle disorders in women;

  • Participates in the body’s immune defense (immune system activation);

  • Blocks the development of neoplasms;

  • Participates in the regulation of mineral metabolism;

  • Antioxidant effect, neutralizing free radicals and weakening certain diseases (central retinal lesions, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, arterial hypertension, diabetes); Inhibition of the production of adrenal hormones (insulin and others), prostaglandins, growth hormone;

  • calming effect, reducing stress reactions, reducing anxiety, support stress resistance of the central nervous system;

  • elimination of lethargy, sleepiness;

  • regulation of sexual excitability;

  • elimination of intracranial pressure, headaches;

  • removal of calcification of the pineal gland.

Successful integration of mental processes: ability to control and regulate own cognitive processes and consciously regulate behavior, including affective behavior (people’s awareness of their own mental processes (cognitive and affective) and their subsequent ability to control, regulate and direct their thinking to achieve their desired goal);

Negentropy of executive function: This function refers to cognitive and neural processing, which includes the overall regulation of thought and behavior and the higher-order processes that enable people to plan, order, initiate, and maintain their behavior to achieve a goal, including feedback and adjustment.

The concept also included:

  • Eliminating vestibular problems;

  • Stimulates memory performance;

  • Improves memory within the information processing model of cognitive theory;

  • Optimal information processing model;

  • Integration of Ego Dissolution & Conceptual Realizations together throughout the brain, in crystallized synergy;

  • the ability to see the truth directly, to comprehend it without reasoning or evidence. The right answer, the solution to a problem with the connection of consciousness and subconsciousness. “The sixth sense” works on the principle of generalization of all data received from the external environment, inner and subtle world;

  • Improvement of brain function, rejuvenation of major parts of the brain pineal gland, corpus callosum, brainstem, ventricles, etc;

  • elimination of past traumas, renewal and integration of negative experiences;

  • The five elements of the universe correspond to the five sense organs. Direct connection between them: "The five elements are connected to man through our senses: Ether, Air, Fire and Water are connected to hearing, touching, seeing, tasting and smelling. By mastering the five senses, you can conceptually master the five elements (theoretically);

  • Optimize the inner alchemy, the energy system through the center of the Upper Dantian (where the pineal gland is located).

The benefits of the 6 senses on a physical and mental level (very abbreviated version):

  • Vision:

Preservation or restoration of visual acuity 20/20 “perfect vision”, eye lubrication, protection from blue light. “Night vision” / ability to see better at night; aura detection, ability to “see” the meaning of everything you look, see, read; ability to see the truth

  • Smell:

Clear the sinuses, get rid of congestion, allergies, etc., have the sense of smell at an optimal level. Smell danger. Recreate smells through conceptual thought (e.g., you can recreate the smell of essential oil)

  • Sound:

Treatment: hearing loss, tinnitus, tinnitus pain, vestibular problems, Restore acute hearing. Ability to block negative information. The ability to hear others (we learn from what we hear, not what we say). The ability to understand the points of view of the interlocutor on a deep conceptual level. Hearing and understanding Servitors, deities, guides, personal angels/protectors, and so on

  • Taste:

Eating right, eliminating overeating, comfort eating, breaking the habit of mindless eating, awakening “conscious” eating, striving for natural foods. Ability to take hard truths/perspectives more easily. Benevolence in communication

  • Touch:

Regeneration of nerve damage. Ability to endure more pain, to endure more pain, but in a way that is not burdensome: Ability to transmute pain

  • Thought:

Acquiring wisdom. The ability to gain that wisdom, but bypassing the necessary setbacks to advance (in knowledge) = conceptual realization

SPOILER 3: The Eye of Horus and pineal gland/third eye. Additional Opinion

The Telemites (an occult group) call the early 20th century the Age of Horus. In theosophy and other esoteric studies, the Eye of Horus is associated with the pineal gland/third eye. The Eye of Horus blesses us with the gift of seeing what is normally hidden.

Perhaps the medicine of the future will unlock the mystery of the epiphysis… It is enough to learn how to read information from its holograms. But if human science gets its hands on it, the world will turn upside down… [A. Novy’s “Birds and a Stone”]

Knowledge of the epiphysis and other ancient brain structures was available in ancient Egypt. And their artifacts do not cease to amaze with their informative value in transferring spiritual knowledge about man and about the world. A good example is the most commonly used image of the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra. The Eye of Horus consists of six components, which corresponds to the six human senses, the incoming signals from which are decoded by the thalamus (from the Greek “thalamos” - “bedchamber, room”) - the pupil of the Eye. In the thalamus, the conversion of subtle energies into coarser ones takes place. On the other hand, based on the knowledge base available about the pineal gland, during the night hours (from 24.00 to 3.30) the most intensive production of the hormone melatonin occurs, which takes part in the restoration of vital, energetic forces of the body.

People activate the pineal gland by certain practices with the aim of self-improvement, cognition of their soul, disclosure of inner potential. In the process of working on themselves, a person may reveal paranormal abilities. However, this is not the main goal of a person, because superpowers are just one of the possible stages of personal development in the limited three-dimensional world. Only due to change of a person’s inner frequency towards creation and goodness, i.e. his inner transformation, true activation of the epiphysis and manifestation of its functions take place.

One of the details of the Eye of Ra / Eye of Horus corresponds to the location of the medulla oblongata, where the center of the vagus nerve (nervus vagus) - the main nerve of the parasympathetic system (its branches are involved in the formation of the solar plexus (where the human soul according to legends is) is located.

It is worth noting that for centuries the most effective ways of stimulation and work with the epiphysis were spiritual practices. There are two ancient centers in the hypothalamus - agathodemon and cacodemon, which together with the epiphysis form a triangle. In the process of self-improvement there is an active stimulation of the center of positive thoughts, which in the Greco-Egyptian tradition is called agatodemon (in translation from Greek agato - “good”, demon - “spirit”, “deity”). Constant stimulation of this center silences the work of the center of negative thoughts - kakodemon, i.e. there is a change of frequency of human perception, internal positive changes. It promotes awakening of certain internal energies, which actively stimulate work of the epiphysis. Thus a person naturally opens spiritual vision or “Third Eye”, enormous inner powers are awakened and additional abilities are revealed.

There is an opinion - Epiphysis is a peculiar organ of control, a master of the organism, which manifests its real possibilities under domination of exclusively good thoughts and feelings, generated by the power of Positive. Perhaps, epiphysis is a kind of Guardian that records every second choice of a personality, stores these data in so-called holograms (including those about previous reincarnations) and amplifies that which dominates in a person. At the same time, negative emotions and doubts block the work of the epiphysis. In Ancient Egypt, complete or partial inhibition of negative thoughts (cacodemon center) was compared to the passage of the first Guardian (Gate, Serpent, in other words - hypothalamus) on the spiritual path of a person and further development was performed exclusively under the supervision of a mentor. The sign associated with the subsequent stage of epiphysis opening was called the Eye of God Horus.

Work on Horus channel. Tips of practitioners

Horus - the energy that gives us the inspiration to move forward, increases confidence, develops self-esteem, self-respect, contributes to the growth of money income, capital. Gives us success in life, advances our careers, business and finances. It is the energy of heavenly heights, grandiose plans, wealth, high position in society, status without arrogance, when we understand that we have the right to choose the life we want, to be successful and respected.

If you are a businessman or an employee, Horus will reveal in you the best qualities necessary for your realization, self-determination, partnership with other people and organizations. It is also the energy of leadership, the ability to lead others, to take responsibility and serious projects.

The energy of Horus - success in work, life and business. Helps in attracting money and material success in honest ways. Promotes career advancement, obtaining high-ranking positions. Strengthens leadership ability.

Develops ability to sense a person, clairvoyance, telepathy (mind reading). Man, tuning into the channel of Horus, receives from him the ability to clairvoyance, opening of the eye of Horus (Udjat), as one of his main psycho-energetic technology. Removes enemies, protects from dark forces.

Insights from participants

I would like to attempt to somehow focus on what the Magic of The God Horus might mean to the average individual in everyday life. What His Presence/Assistance might feel like to the average High Witch, or Ceremonial Magician, in fact? To perhaps even experience Him as a Mentor and as a Dear Friend. What would this incredible Mentorship mean in our lives? How would this support and friendship feel? To me personally, it might feel like the Loving Support of a Divine Father, and the guidance and care of such a Loving Individual. If I reach out with my pure loving heart to The God Horus, and ask him to guide me in this most important project for him, to guide all of us here, do I believe that he will listen and answer me? Deeply within my heart, yes I do. I really do. This is how I experienced the Goddess Sekhmet. She was no stranger to me. I reached out to her with my heart. She always answered in like kind. She is my blessed Mother Goddess and I am her beloved cub. I believe that Horus will also accept me in a loving way, as well, if my heart and intention is pure enough to house Him.


Horus is Exceptional as the Divine Masculine Balancer within our Egyptian Empire!


Horus is the Ultimate Masculine Energy! His is Divine Masculine Strength, tempered and refined with gentleness, because of his traumatic past. It is said that the “Wounded Healer” becomes the most Powerful at Healing, as they have had to overcome their own wounds, and heal themselves. These Wounded Healers blossom through time, and are Great Healers showing others the path to Heal, with their experience and compassion. The very thing/events that humbled that Wounded Healer, transformed and strengthened the Healer into pure Gold

This Powerful Combination is Unstoppable! Horus is Here to assist in The Great Healing of our Planet, perhaps one soul at a time, or perhaps one country at a time.


*When reading the rough version of the project, at (" according to the official version (…)") it gave me a vision. It was Horus looking at me directly, giving me glimpse of his power. I immediately got a strong buzzing in my third eye that’s still going on and extending across my forehead. I’m feeling quite shaken now, and nauseous too, almost a bit dizzy. I think it was too much power. Just wow […]

For fans of feature films, recommendations


Sekhmet, Horus, and Thoth


I love the amount of creativity you guys put in here and really made something amazing. Congrats!


i remember when i was sharing my experience on Thoth’s post :

i held back sharing about what also happen that involved Horus in those 3 months because i didnt even had in mind being able to get Horus too so what was the point i thought… i just said “among other things”

in those days of Kundalini awakening, i was working at a place that was in the next city, so i literally had to leave home still in the dark, and my home didnt have a covered parking lot so i had to walk like one block from my home to the parking lot, quiet neighborhood but still a woman alone walking still in the darkness was a bit eerie.

i was already trying to understand why Thoth (and other things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) were everywhere every day like almost harassing me haha when one of those “dawn” before morning the sky was clear and the Moon was full and i swear on my Dads grave there were only a few small clouds like almost vanishing around the Moon creating the eye of Horus!! perfectly shaped. and you know… as you walk, you see the Moon following you :laughing: imagine that moon converted into a huge eye watching you!!! haha and with the shape of the Eye of Horus!! i kid you not for a couple of days i thought i was going crazy. i remember being nervous every morning going to the car and id see the Moon in the sky and the eye and going… oh there it is again! lol

i was like okok what you want from Me, you Egyptian Gods ?! what mi did? :sob::sweat_smile:

i gotta be honest tho, i didnt feel protected lol just watched. intensely watched, but im sure it was because i could not make a story out of what was going on… all i said was… ill research… ill understand one day ok…

there were too many things happening in those 3 to 6 months i left that for one day… and every time they showed up in my life id be … one day i promise… one day.

well i guess the day has come, i also got Thoth a couple weeks ago and Sekhmet… and let me tell U, its been a ride!!

i cant wait to discover things and grow etc working with this and all the 3 and see where it leads Me! i guess I am ready now.

thank You Ugnis so much for giving Me the opportunity to have this and for the rest of the Members in the group and of course Captain!!!



Is this offered for trades or sellings? I have not seen


Im just here to report that my sightseeing has gotten incredibly better.

Just last week i played the eye fields for 2 days but then i forgot because ive been busy with other things, I was like… ok i need to pay attention to my eyes for sure, although ive had sight issues growing up i never wanted surgery, i dont care what people says that its terrifying to me and it was almost impossible for the doctors to find the right lents for me due to an issue with the muscle surrounding my left eye or something they just couldnt really figure, so i would be like “yes that one is good then 2 minutes later oh no i cant see again with it then oh its ok i think”

I then just grew up focusing on a better diet to keep them healthy.

And this might sound silly, but every time i feel like my third eye is expanding or strengthening my sight gets a lot blurry, i dont remember who told me or where i read that, is actually pretty common, so apparently i had to balance that or at least try.

Anyway. I normally spend almost all day on my laptop or phone, which i know does not help the eyes either, and i would get headaches when id been reading too much, and i knew the cause were the eyes.

It was time to really pay attention to healing them.

But then along came Horus :heart_eyes:

And one of his gift to us is… perfect vision!!!

Besides i also feel that drinking the water charged by him (yes we can charge water to clear, clean and strengthen the pineal gland etc, its something not mentioned in the description) is keeping my head feeling soo light and strong. Tho i also think Blue Print Of Learning has its touch… (ill post a little review over there about it)

But the sight? Def is thanks to Horus!!!

:eyes: :brain: :eye:


Ill still be writing reviews even if there are no copies to exchange because you never know, maybe someone might be willing to trade their copy one day (theyd be crazy for sure) if not then at least we could be charging items for others as well.

And even if nothing to trade or make, our reviews are really our most humble way to be grateful and thankful to the creator of these tools while I dont even think we have fully realized what is given to Us here in this time and place. We are incredibly Lucky. And not because there aren’t copies to trade we shouldnt let it be known the masterpieces we get to change our lives with.

So here its a crazy experiment i made today with the help of another member of the forum who does not have a copy of Horus.

i still cant wrap my mind around the results.

I already mentioned the element of charging water to clean, clear and expand the Pineal Gland.

Incredibly powerful, still after days of drinking it, i feel a subtle current running inside my body and then my brain turns into a festive Lab of goodness. Literally.

Since, i tried 2 days ago charging in the distance water asking Sekhmet (she has 2 ways of charging water too)
And realized it perfectly works…

I decide to try the same with Horus. It worked. I was actually expecting my sisters (my testers lol) to tell me they didnt feel that subtle current. But they did, not the head like i do but they still feel a sharper mind and like not thinking much bs throughout the day.

So next experiment was to charge items using the “create item” for Protection (another element of this NFT)

We did 3 tests:
For that we used the Bovis Units test which measures the life force or vitality and subtle energy and intensity of items, food, humans, sacred places, crystals etc.

  1. he measured a stone before. Then sent me a picture. I made a small collage (picture) just so i would connect to Horus and literally asked him to please charge/ create the protection item in the stone next to him in the picture. We waited 1 hour then he measured it. It worked (ill tell at the end the measuring results)

  2. he took a crystal, measured it before, didnt send me a picture, i didnt even know what stone was it, but he did tell me he was holding it while i ask Horus to charge it. And i did look at the mandala while asking. We waited 1 hour then he measured it again. It worked.

  3. he took another crystal, measured it before then place it somewhere and didnt tell me where, i didnt look at the Horus mandala, didnt even talk to him lol i simply mentally, conceptually asked him. The crystal was measured after 1 hour. It worked.

Measurements before:

The 3 crystals/ stones reached roughly 4k BU (Bovis Units) thats low.

To give you an idea

Places, food etc under radioactivity are around 1k BU
A healthy person is between 6k and 8k BU
A clean charged crystal or Himalayan Salt for instance 9k BU
Spring water, Living Water 11k
Religious buildings, sacred places 12k
Cheops Pyramid (King’s Chamber) about 28k

The crystals after being charged by Horus =

Reached the maximum on the scale 1 Million BU

But wait, we added new lines with higher measurements and it always reached the maximum

Last addition was 1Billion BU !!! And that was the maximum we added.

So we dont even know what could be the highest measurement it could reach! There was no more space to add higher BU.


So now we can:

Charge water in the distance
Charge items for protection in the distance

Through Horus, Sekhmet.

100% sure Viracocha could also create chumpi stones in the distance.

100% sure Skull13 pfff whatever really it could

And so on.

Needless to say… I will be doing all kinds of experiments in the following days and weeks. And i hope this can help and reach others in a big scale.

And i hope others follow…



This is great! I love experiments like this.

If space is irrelevant to these guys, perhaps it´s the same with time?
If we instruct the servitor to go back in time 1 hour, and then do the charging, then the item should be ready instantly.

On another note, what´s the difference between Horus item of protection and Captains other protection fields?


There is one copy on Venly available. :sparkles:


Lovely testimonial. How exciting that must’ve been :eye: :zap:



More like go forward in time?


Yeah, it would be back one hour. btw, Luna, your experiments with Horus are awesome! Can hardly wait to do some of my own. :slight_smile: I have been sleeping with his mandala at my crown for the past two nights, so there is def some alchemy brewing.


Hmm from my experience or what i can understand of them:

From strongest to mild so far:

Armor of Light (the name says it lol) but this not only protects atrongly yourself by building an energetic armor of light but also protects against accidents and physical harm attempts

Shield of Caliburn it does feel like an armor, but around you not like attached to you like Armor of Light, strongly feels protective for envy and jealousy thrown at you by others, but also by description of the abilities from the original one… protection in physical attacks.

Chompi stones feels like a subtle energy going up and down and your aura energy, i am sure itll grow over time, it makes you feel grounded from the start, so i guess in a way it protects (how ive felt it the most so far) from being overwhelmed by excess of energy from audios or other items. I guess the super gorunding effect.

Others like

Spare of Destiny
Tower of Holy Light
Alchemical Light

Protects you by infusing you with a strong energy that empowers you, like the protective force comes from inside of you and then other help from extra outside energies to hook u up to them.

I dont know what else im missing?

The intercession tag, the Deities NFTs, Skull, protect automatically from any harm or danger of you ask them, (i strongly strongly notice tho, they can do anything, they fully respect your decision to call upon their help) the Angelic Intercession AND the Angelic Vibration are just them around you and bathing you with their energy :heart_eyes:

And Horus here… well by the feel of it so far. Its automated, feels so strong i dont know how to describe it, i guess ill have to wait some days to find the words through experiencing its benefits.


Haha perfect selection of words.

“Mine were a festive lab of goodness” hahaha


I really like those experiments.

You could go further and see how long it takes for the energy levels to dissipate again by checking every 30-60 minutes. Or perhaps they remain forever.

Other items as well can be charged, I’m thinking different fabrics.

Maybe even different intentions.

Anyway really really interesting to read


He’s a rare one aint he

Ya but eye is on wrong side


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This is eye of ra! !!! Not eye of horus!!!

Look at @UgniS pic hehe. U c? Dat’s horus :D

I like ur name. My name soul
also 4 letters :D