How and when to use Jing, Chi, Shen and Transmutation & Microcosmic audios

Hey guys, I know that there has been some discussion of jing, chi and shen, especially by @Maoshan_Wanderer and @Samurai, who have both offered their insights into what these things are, namely that they are 3 states of the same substance, much like ice, water and steam over here:

However, I don’t think there has been a comprehensive discussion about how to use them, or what the logic is behind using each of them. So far, I know that Jing is related to semen (among other physical fluids in the body). Chi is the intermediary phase and Shen is the subtlest phase (being synonymous with Ojas Shakti).

Some of the possible questions that need answering are:

  1. Does listening to Jing for a couple of times and then listening to Transmutation & Microcosmic, transmute the Jing into Shen or Chi?

  2. Is it beneficial to listen to Jing after having had a wet dream (especially on no fap) or after sex to replenish the jing/shen that is lost (do you lose Shen or Jing after releasing semen)?

  3. Where does Chi come into the picture? I’ve heard someone say that you can play Chi to replenish your energy after exercise/study.

  4. How do you know when there is an excess of either state in your body? Does Transmutation & Microcosmic deal with this?

  5. How and what does the 6th Tibetan Rite transmute? What about other transmutative practices such as Mula Bandha (what do they transmute)?

  6. Can an excess of Jing induce wet dreams?

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In case anyone is confused, I’m referring to the audios on the ancient arts playlist on the energetic alchemy channel:


The ancient arts album is useless use the one from Patreon they are much stronger.

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Haven’t got a patreon subscription :cry:

Also Sabrina, don’t just stare at it, eat it!

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You should get the subscription. They have so many fields on patreon you can download.


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Not correct.


The ancient arts album on youtube and spotify is powerful it changed a lot for me


useless? this is not true.
I think the question is, why are older analogues of modern fields more suitable for some?
coincidence? but I thought about it yesterday, and corrected my playlist, replacing the new fields with older ones.
for example - Love, Gratitude and Appreciation, Trauma Release and Healing and a few others. I will experiment.
The Internal Alchemy Series playlist is longer. and I listen to it on the weekend. But I don’t notice a very big difference :slight_smile:


I think I’ve heard people say the same about the old androstenol being stronger than the new unconditional androstenol. Though I’ve never used these audios so I can’t comment on them.

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I have seen the same comments about old love fields. some feel more effect. for example at work, I am looping the old field Positive energies


@Dewbob The old analogue of The ancient arts can be bought for a symbolic amount

Internal Alchemy Series


Sounds good. Although I’m not sure how much more effective it would be. I don’t even understand what exactly it does in the first place.

Man to be honest those are some really good questions I ponder myself! I would love to see others chime in though!


This I do know, yeah it’s beneficial lol


Waiting for the enlightened to chime in haha

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Me too lol

It would be very resourceful for the community :slight_smile:

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Transmutation transmutes primal energy into spiritual energy.

Microcosmic deals with chi in the lower dantian.

You lose Jing every second of your life, sex and other things just increase the amount of loss. Its beneficial to play Jing daily, even if youre not losing it trough sexual means. (Stress depletes Jing faster than sex btw)

Chi is literally your life force, not jing, whatever you focus on, chi is sent there. So once again, unless you meditate 18 hours a day and sleep for 6 hours lol, youre gonna lose Chi. Just like Jing, its beneficial to play it daily.

You’ll know. Transmutation wont help much, microcosmic might because it expands your energy body. Plenty of ways to deal with excess energy, go figure.



Why no?

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Because wet dreams arent what you think.

Jing is feminine energy, an excess of feminine energy in a man should do the opposite of making him horny.

You never really “dream” alone, but if I say more you’ll get paranoid lol.


Utter trash advice.

ffs. will you please, PLEASE , stop posting about “sex” and/or “jing, ch’i, shen”.
It’s absolute trash advice… Absolute trash. Gar-bage!

One day when I’m either grumpy and/or peaceful enough, I’m gonna go thru the multitude of posts by you that are absolutely made up nonsense in this forum and clean it up.

Until, then…please, just stop. For your sake and everyone else’s.

It’s ok to NOT know and to NOT speak about subjects you do not KNOW…


For anyone looking for very good, not at all bad or made up advice on “sex”

Go here