How did you discover Sapienmed? (Redux) -- Share the Journey!

Hey there, people - Welcome to Discovery 2.0!

Share the journey that brought you here - your tears, your joys, your experiments with Life - all that has come to be in the here and now!

And OGs, please tell us what you have learned from your time (years, even) in Dreamland.

If you already have a Journey thread on the forum, give us a synopsis of the story. What epiphanies have you witnessed in your life from your use of tools - meditation, fields, NFTs, practices. Who are your energy heroes/heroines?

How did you discover Sapienmed?

How did you discover Sapienmed 1.0

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Well, long story short, I was mostly a healthy child, then around the age of 13 I started to have amnesia, followed by other health problems, including meningitis (around 16), then my health improved (for a few years), but then, after 20,idk, I 5hink I was 21, Allergies and breathing problems and other stuff Suddenly appeared and those were probably the worst years of my life.

At the age 25,i got into Bioenergy healing, Chakras work, etc., and my health started to improve, it all went good or better for a few years, until September 2021, when my health was ruined due to a virus (I assume it was The famous one, but Idk for sure) And my Breathing was at a newfound lowest…

I struggled, but I survived, and in May, last year, I started to research alternative healing (again) and got into Subliminals (knew about them, but didn’t really used them before, not much anyway).

Reading comments on YouTube (or Reddit, I’m not 100% Sure where I first heard it), I heard the name Sapien Medicine.

I Researched a little bit, found both positive and negative reviews, but those negative ones were mostly haters, nothing substantial.
On the other hand, I was Amazed by how much this Creator was praised, for anything Health related (thats what interested me, first of all).

Then, in June (late June or early July, I’m not sure) I tried a few audios, including Sun Tanning And I started to see that Sapienmed is a TRUE Channel, Delivering Great Results; after that i Joined The Forum, and from there, You Know My Story.

I might edit this later, or maybe not.


It is really nice the way it is. I can feel the energy of your growth and your faith.
KY Pink thanks for sharing


Thank You. :pray:


Some guy on a subreddit i don’t remember which posted a link to Subconscious Limit Removal, the music was cool, I’ve read about morphogenetic fields and it made sense, so here I am.

Tho the real deal was og probability alteration and luck, with whom I’ve experienced abnormal results so I’ve thought well this seems to be the real deal.


7 years ago i was living alone and desperated, so i’ve found sapien med and quadible simultaneously while searching for subliminals on youtube.


Some guy into occultism suggested I listen to the addiction one a while back and I listened for a bit then forgot about it and for some reason I randomly came back in 2020 like 2 years later and been listening ever since


Glad you did! Was the addiction field helpful? “Randomly came back” is kinda cute, huh? Like for sure the cosmic cowboy had lassoed you back into the fold. :cowboy_hat_face:


I mean when I first used it I felt absolutely nothing cuz I wasn’t sensitive to energy at all, it kinda helped but I did come back into the habits, I should’ve kept going but I didn’t know back then, and yea pretty much the universe just brought me back lol💫


I discovered Sapienmed while looking for subliminals and trying them out. I don’t remember which field was first, but I wish I did

I learned that there’s a whole other world, basically. I now know things that I never would have guessed I would know. Been helped in ways more effective than some of the most effective ways I previously considered I could be helped. I’ll never be the same, and I’m very grateful for that fact.


I discovered Sapien Med on YouTube while trying out subliminals a few years back. Though I wasn’t as consistent with listening, I think it was using the abundance field then I tried the old skin regeneration.

I bought a few other fields like Journey if the chosen one then towards the end of last year I signed up to the forum because I was worried for my sons health.
Son’s health has been well but not completely reversed but early days still.
Some amazing benefits I’ve found are from synchronicities in my daily and work life. Energy clearing, seeing the magic in life and lately I’ve been focused on generating some extra wealth.


I’m so glad you are here with us. Let’s spread the quantum love around and bring in lots more to join the Dreamfest! :slight_smile:


It sounds like you have many ways to use fields. Isn’t it great that we all ended up here? Best of luck on finding exactly what works for your alchemy.


Hi there. I’m glad you found this place. I hope your heart is now filled with hope and healing.
Thanks for being here


I do feel lucky to be here :four_leaf_clover::sparkles:



Unconditional Love field. Slept like a baby…doesn’t sound like much but it wasn’t just sleep. It may have been feeling something good after a looooooooong time.

Dopamine field. Helped me to eat when it was difficult.

Wealth field. I felt the “urgency” it spoke about.

Sadly I listened once…then life went on…for the most part I didn’t have internet access but like…I wouldn’t have used it back then like I do now.

I was younger…guess you gotta be wiser to learn some lessons.

If I could tell that younger self boi…how different life could have been. Unless “the things” were inevitable, which many are (after all, here I am, I returned to the fields after one taste many years ago). But I’ll never know.

About SapienMed 2.0…My whole life has been a low point xD…so I was trying to remember which things, if any, ever worked for me. I remembered that one chicken I ate, and night I slept well…oh right nothing to lose…it’s unconditional love ^^

“In unconditional love all things are possible”

And on this second occasion, there are a few hallmarks.

I went heavy on Dream Seeds channel. And maybe energetic alchemy. But SapienMed still helps me with some things (like the lymphatic field).

So…the OP fields for me:

Deep aura clear. This stopped my suicidal thoughts. I’m not dependent on it either. Life-saver.

Intercessions. Ain’t no way you survive life without this xD

Negentropic Fool. This changed the direction of my life and brought more harmony with my environment.

Cord cutter+automated workout was another pivotal moment. First it corrected my arrogance that “I don’t have cords” because I don’t allow others to connect with me. Not how it works. Then it actually did the healing.

Force of Life was another of those deeply restorative, nourishing, revivifying fields. Like giving back stuff you lost, almost like lost pre-natal chi. I honestly thought I wasn’t whole without this. Every field deserves at least a listen…if only for getting back those things we lost.

A Taste of Vaikuntha Loka.

Bushmen Medicine.

Bone Shaker.


Many health fields really…but those above healed an insidious low back pain, injuries and mysterious pains. It may be those astrological things but sometimes it looks like a joke. I get an injury…it heals within a couple days (can last months if I don’t use fields…even if I’m using prescribed medicines :tipping_hand_man:). Get another injury. Heal it with trusty old fields. Universe gives up sending me all the bs xD

Bushmen Medicine and Cosmo-volt are nothing short of miracle fields for me. For real. They can heal stuff including when these cycles happen that it seems the universe is insistent on you having some problem.

I’d say…other fields help with the peace like Grace of Angels and Saints (I’ve used it heavily too). Essence of Faith and Prayer will come in handy when you need it.

Acupressure and unconditional love infusion are the best to unwind before sleep.

I have my sleep stack too.

I listen to Repel Negative Energy and the astro fields every day. They are actually my only “musts” if I don’t listen to anything else. And this keeps the noise away. I don’t know if it is good for sales, but for keeping annoying people away…surely works xD

Quasi-crystal gave me an energetic upgrade.

Same as Mindsets album and mstate elements.

I used the SARMS, etc fields and damn…they were impressive (I don’t workout for hell, but for chronic pain and illnesses they work like a charm). I’ve only used them a couple of times…don’t want the side-effects and to get addicted to them but yeah…for the chronic illness sufferer…they pose a risk of addiction for sure.

The Star always works for me.

The energy cultivation fields are a must too, imo. I’ve been running on chi, ojas, plasma, etc more than on physical nutrients for a while xD And once you upgrade, all fields will work better. Same as mindset, revision, mental health, self-love, vibration-raising, etc. I’d say focus on something for a while, and you’d notice an upgrade in the rest of fields later on.

And another field I use every day is Smart Hulda Zapper.

Anyway…you could say all fields are underrated…they are all great so…whatever you use, you will be leveling up.

If I had like a crisis faith or smth, I’d probably use ego dissolution and A Taste of Vaikuntha Loka on loop (miracle field for real too…I kinda want to say it’s the only field one needs but I can’t say for sure).

Honestly, the miraculous becomes common place, so I can’t really mention everything.

But for beginners…yeah, consider those fields I mentioned recommendations. But also my recommendation of “listen to everything”. Get exposed to it and you will then intuitively find what you need. Or not…but it is like a massive update and reconfiguration for your life.

I’m tearing up now. Pure Lands Blessings playing which doesn’t help xD

Dragon Golem is probably saving my ass every day in the background so shout out to him.

I always felt bad I didn’t use the mandalas more, specially something like attract friends…but then the most amazing people are on this forum, with whom you will have out-of-this-world experiences, and share things you can’t share with anyone else…so it wasn’t needed after all.

I’m dumb and I don’t learn…but master’s presence is enough.

Really…my gratitude for Dream and all the beings the fields call.

But I’m on the forum…updates are always on the way ^^


Sorry the 2.0 is misleading. Here was the first iteration of this thread: How did you discover Sapienmed?

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Ah no…it is fine. I should be sleeping…notice the rambling in my post xD

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I thought it was brilliant! Thank you for going so into depth. It’s truly what I was hoping for. It was a very nice share. :slight_smile:

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It was just meant to be.