How did you discover Sapienmed?

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I discovered Sapienmed around 2013 when I was browsing the xtrememind forums and read them raving about about Dream’s energy work. They linked to his testosterone audios on sapienmed and the effect had me amped up for hours. The rest is history. How did you discover sapienmed?


I discovered through a work colleague who recommended the channel on YouTube and haven’t looked back since! :exploding_head:


I randomly stumbled across Sapien’s YT channel when was called Vampire 666 (I think) …I have no idea how long ago that was maybe 7-8 years ago…I can’t even remember what I was searching for but I started to use one or two of the videos and realized they were working . I’m so grateful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I got to know sapien medicine through subliminals. It wasn’t long when i realized that these were not subliminals but psychically charged audios. I’m so happy and grateful :kissing_heart: and have used sapien med even since


I was browsing the community of Subliminal Club and Sapien was mentioned in the comments. I got curious and went straight to You Tube. So very happy that I did!


Found out after looking for subliminals on YouTube. At first you might be skeptical but once you study how the fields work your faith increases and also increase the effectiveness in a shorter amount of time. I recommend to work on internal and mental changes first like subliminal dissolver as a base field before any other and also self acceptance/love will possibly save you time from Changing your physical self like “Growing taller” or “growing hair” so that you love yourself unconditionally regardless but if it’s a burning desire, go for it. Good luck and stay patient.


Lol it was called projectvampire back in those days. Dream called it that because the ‘Twilight’ movies were popular during that time and he wanted to get better search results by using the vampire name. That didn’t work so he changed the name again lol.
But wow, if you knew it from that time then you’ve been listening to these since it first started. Glad to still have you with us :slight_smile:


Thank you for correcting me, I couldn’t remember what it was called…I just knew it was Vampire-something because tbh, I was a little scared by the name… :rofl:

I discovered SapienMedicine through my friends Bill and Ann (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), who work with divine technologies and frequencies to help people move forward in their lives. Been playing with some of the frequencies over the last month, playing through my Quantum Icube technologies. Interesting indeed!


I discovered Sapien Medicine late last year on You Tube when I was searching healing frequencies. I have always been interested in healing and helping the body naturally, and found the healing frequencies very interesting.


I’ve stumbled upon Sapien Med when I was listening to channels like Meditative Mind. His videos were in the suggested videos, and I was extremely sceptical of them, because I was quite close minded, and they seemed too good to be true…

These audios changed my life. I’m still in shock almost a year later…


Hi there,

I discovered Sapien Med when I was on the nofap reddit looking to find ways to heal myself from the damages of porn use. Some guy on there recommended Sapien Med’s overcome addiction video and at first I didn’t believe it. But over time, after spending much time reading comments and the enlightened states website, I decided to give it a shot and it all changed from there.

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I found Sapien Med when I was looking for Binaural Beats on YouTube. The list of videos by Sapien that came up with the binaural list and the shorter duration of each Sapien video drew me to have a closer look. It’s only been 3 weeks for me but I seldom go to a binaural now.


I got to know of Dale Powers and Sapienmed aka DreamWeaver in the Xtrememind forums way back in 2010 or so. It was an excellent forum, l learned several useful techniques and applied them.


I found Sapien Med while surfing for a frequency (my friend had mentioned them and I wanted to see what they were about). I have been listening for a few years now. I had never heard of frequencies before. Sapiens videos are different than regular frequencies with the morphic etc. I thought I would listen to the Sun tanning video and see if anything happened. I listened a few times and sure enough my skin tone had darkened a little. I then tried a different video and the rest is history.

Bill and Ann are awesome :slight_smile:

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Completely by accident ! I’m so glad I did. The best things in my life have happened because I searched “sapien” on Facebook trying to learn more about the videos
A special thanks also goes out to Noah who took time out of his day to help.

That I would agree with…

I’ve come across SapienMed in 2018 when I was doing my own research on understanding of many different things - starting with chinese medicine, Ayurveda, energy tapping, meridians, Morphic resonance, frequencies etc… I feel like ( deja vu ) journey all things leading to Sapien med . But this truly helped me to easily understand things what Dream/ Samuel says in their articles and less conscious blockers, I always feel so grateful that i met great men here :)


I got to know about Sapien on youtube, while searching for serotonin audios