How Sapien Medicine Healed/is Healing My Family & Friends (Stacks)

Hello friends :wave:

I wasnt sure where to share this, in a way that wouldn’t get buried easily or fast, because i would love it if it could help others find a pathway within the results ill talk about, for them to apply to their own journey to recover or a family member.

First of all my upmost infinite gratitude to Dreamweaver for all he does for humanity, we seriously are incredibly lucky to have crossed his path and be blessed every day. :pray:

There are 4 particular cases id like to talk about but id be filling up by parts with the stacks within the process of them getting healed.

Ill start updating soon.

worth mention in all cases none lives close to me, they have listened to audios but not often, no constantly, it has been mostly me putting playlists together, then on one device playing those lists (one at a time) while at the same time playing on loop Be The Healer audio on youtube on a different device.
Asking a few different intercessions Deities/Angels/Servitors to potentiate/strengthen the “transmission” of those audios while also helping “the patient” to integrate faster, deeply and easier all those energies + fill them with love and hope


An Aunty = Colon Cancer Level 1

Age = 60+
Mental state = very negative, fearful, blocked
But she was open to receive and believed in Sapien M, however always doubting she could make it.

The diagnosis while not too bad being colon cancer one of the less promising to heal for good if at an advanced stage (III / IV) and hers was I, everything around the colon was at the verge to get all messed up:

The small intestine had 95% necrosis of its mucus, almost none existing blood circulation, the 1st layer of the stomach was 90% compromised, the lymphatic nodes around were almost all compromised as well.

The biggest challenge was that she had already lost a lot of weight, she was before the colostomy at around 47kg and whatever she ate wouldnt settle or be absorbed or give her straight diarrhea.

Before knowing all of this, she simply told me she had IBS and burpeed a lot. (I was very busy at the time to meditate to do healing for her, so i simply made her a list with the colon audios on youtube and the spleen one for the burping. But she didnt make it sound like it was a big thing, mostly she didnt tell us all (since she is so pessimistic all the time and dont want people to know her business)

A couple of months passed and i found out they had found a tumor on her colon that had to be removed by a surgery… its all she told me. At that moment i was like oh no… its not that simple, she was sure it wasnt bad, that the drs say she would just get the surgery and all good after (but i knew better than that) so i asked her for the colonoscopy results and all other tests and its when i realized that she had actually cancer and half of her body was compromised.


Anyway…by the surgery moment, we didnt have enough time to attack the tumor with Anti Cancer audio to avoid the colostomy. So it happened.

Surgery was successful but for like 3 weeks after she was suffering with the food intake etc. I knew we had to hurry up time was ticking even after the surgery the whole digestive system was screwed and i really wanted to stop having to get chemos…

So basically the issues after surgery were:

Still a lot of gases
Or/and stomach pain after eating
Or/ and abdomen bloated
Pain in the legs

The Dr’s aim was to have her with the colostomy for like 2 or 3 months until she could gain weight then they would just do some radiotherapy around the colostomy and then close it.

But it was impossible for her to gain weight. If she wouldnt, she might had to be for life carrying that bag…

The playlist on those days:

Was primarly focused on helping her gain weight, have a bittle more control on the digestion and reverse the damage in the small intestine and stomach. (You could literally die faster if your small intestine has no circulation than the colon cancer itself)

I dont remember the exact numbers of loops but we tried to make it strong but not overwhelming because of how weak she was. So ill just mention the fields:

  • Minor BluePrint of Power
  • Spleen Regeneration
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation (this one was the only one for sure that was looped hours at times every day)
  • A few loops of vitamin C
  • A few loops of vitamin D (super important to help absorb nutrients)
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • abdominal wall restoration
  • stomach healing and regeneration
  • Anti Cancer on loop for a couple of hours daily
  • Amniotic Membrane
  • breathe of the belly

And she helped herself by taking a lot of probiotics, playing the Enhanced Food Charger and Enhanced Cellular Nutrients absorption with all her meals.

And also drank a lot of a natural beverage veggies/fruit/enzymes etc (ill get the name and link it here because that one was top notch to assist her as well)


So all was lets say stable and she started to gain weight, unfortunately like in any other country a lot of Insurance Drs just want to make money and dont care about the pts, the Dr that did the surgery was a private one in a different city, but she travelled and so my aunty had to go to the Insurance Dr for the follow up, the guy straight up told her he would order 6 months of Chemotherapy before closing the colostomy, just like that, even tho the Drs and nurses at the other place told her the surgery took the whole tumor away and she would only need some radiotherapy around it to close it.

:rage::triumph::pleading_face: she could not avoid it the guy wouldnt even take tests on her to see the progress to give her less months of chemo at least, nothing so she was just afraid and after delaying it a couple of times she gave in and started the chemos.


If it wasnt one thing having issues was another, you can imagine, im sure you all know or have heard about how detrimental for the whole body chemos are.

It was really a hard quest to keep her afloat stable.

But man!!! These audios!! I dont even have words tbh. Before listing all audios by phases let me just tell you SHE WOULD NOT HAVE SURVIVED THOSE CHEMOS. period! Nope.

CHEMO STARTED (while my aunty was really weak and skinny)

I know there are a lot of great new audios that could have worked on her faster and easier but one, i either dont own them yet or i didnt want to since she is not my direct family, therefore i used all free audios + just like 3 that i own. I find the old youtube audios incredibly powerful, plus they have grown in strength over time, it just took longer and more loops to get the effect wanted in comparison of the paid ones. But they did the job!
I didnt even want to use Blue Print on Life or Plasma Flaunt tho they are powerful i didnt want a strong detox for her in the state she was.

The first and half of the 2nd round of chemos (3 weeks and half) we focused on lowering the harsh impact of the chemicals in the organs and in general a weak body.

So lets say the loops x each were around 4 to 6:

  • Dna (this is the only 1 that was played just x 2 per day) and even some days just x 1
  • Astaxanthin
  • Near infrared
  • Alchemical jing blood
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation (this one more)
  • Negative ion charged plasma blood
  • The intestinal cleanser
  • Lymphatic effussion +
  • Brain and spine antioxidants
  • Advanced detox + healing of biliary system
  • Adrenal healing and detoxification
  • Fa jing gong
  • Lung antioxidant
  • Plasma charged Mitochondria
  • Senescent cells removal
  • Intestine healing and regeneration
  • Stomach and intestine ulcers

And for strenght: (2nd playlist in the pm)

  • The force of life
  • Jindan
  • Minor BluePrint of Power
  • Induced alpha lipoid

By the 5th week her stomach got an ulcer, had some bloody stools, was taken to ER, stayed x 2 days and was back home after ok

So we focused on those days on the stomach (honestly that could have been prevented, but silly me dont know how i could not think of the stomach being the 1st to get hit since the chemo was drank) we were just playing by the day depending on what was affecting it (organs wise)

For like 4 days we played on loop only: (1 or 2 hours per day each one)

  • Stomach healing and regeneration
  • Amniotic Membrane
  • Near infrared
  • Astaxanthin

she got a stomach test and showed that the ulcer was gone :partying_face:


From week like 8 to the 11 it was a rush race to keep the body, organs, tissues more or less healthy not getting too much of a bad impact by the chemicals, so we alternated audios changing every 2 days focusing on an organ each time x day to make one by one robust instead of all a little bit, it could not be sustained that way.

The toughest part was the diarrhea it was like 2 days ok for 3 with it then again on and off, while losing the weight she had gained.

At this point she went to a private Nutritionist and got a nice detailed diet and menus that made a good difference

So in these weeks we focused on:

2 playlists, one in the am one in the pm

AM: (a few loops each)

  • Abdominal Wall Restoration
  • Stomach healing and regeneration
  • Intestine healing and regeneration
  • Stomach and intestine ulcers
  • Amniotic Membrane
  • Quintessence of Marrow
  • Mstate gold and silver



  • Astaxanthin
  • Near infrared
  • Alchemical jing blood
  • Negative ion charged plasma blood
  • Lymphatic effussion +
  • Plasma charged Mitochondria


  • Liver gallbladder (a lot of loops)
  • Pancreas reload (just 2 loops)
  • Kidney regeneration (a lot)
  • Spleen (just x 3 or 4)
  • Lungs regeneration (a lot)
  • Brain Regeneration (x 3)

the week 12 she did have to stay at the hospital because she was weak she wasnt eating much, she was tired (probably with so much audios too haha :grimacing: but heck they healed her)

By week 13 she got all kinds of tests and showed:


The Dr (the one that initially said in a very derogatory way that she would get 6 months of chemo, he said it like “just a protocol but it wont help much”) was astonished at the results, didnt say much but was quiet like zoomed out lol :relieved:
Probably could not understand how that happened.

And finally said that given the results she wouldnt need more chemos and she could have the surgery to close the colostomy… she was now in the recovery phase no longer in healing phase. !!

Last thing tho :sweat_smile: the only thing at that time was

Her right leg was swollen, red, the toe nails were almost black so we were afraid the circulation was so bad plus the chemicals that it would get some kind of infection etc. She doesnt move at - all :roll_eyes: so of course that contributed too.

Then we focused on that:

Since everything was healed, we only played fields to make her robust again and fix the leg thing:

  • Plasma Ligh
  • Lymphatic effussion +
  • Vitamin C
  • Fungus
  • The Myofascial Release and Anointing
  • Kidney & Bladder Specialist
  • Negative Iron Charged Plasma
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation
  • Varicose Spider (oh because she had a cloth, sadly they started the boood thinner before i knew about that so i could have played the cloth audio)
  • The Accu-Automaton
  • Automated Workout System
  • The Leg day Automated

After just 3 days her leg was fine

However im still playing those for her in the pm and in the AM:

Loop for 2 hours Platelet Rich + 2 hours of Alchemical Jing Blood

Oh and i did play Jing/Chi/Shen here and there as well all these 3 months.



Mother= different issues

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A Sister = Kidney/Ovary/Breast seemingly cancer/tumors

Age 50
Mentality = very positive, believes in SM, commited to healing, has had a lot of heart break throughout her life, feels guilty of certain outcomes that have weighted heavy on her, its very self judgemental.

The kidneys/ovaries/ breast have been a long on and off issue, in fact she had 1 ovary removed years ago.

The kidneys issue were steadily progressing but slowly the past 4 years. Shes had them checked consistently, never anything major but just that she had to watch her diet, drink more water etc

For 2 years she could only hear on and off audios, the energy were too overwhelming for her, so we didnt see much improvement (by then i wasnt using the 2 devices with Be the Healer portal technique so i was only doing some meditation using the healer from the course, but not often as i had a lot going on in those 2 years.

She had some ear issues related to kidneys diagnosed and was being treated for them with some therapies and meds, the ear healing audio did not work. (Obviously we guessed since it were the kidneys the culprit the ones that needed healing)

For a few months whenever i asked her how she was she said ok lol (but thats because she is always positive) so i thought all was fine. but just like (NOT KIDDING) 5 days ago or 6 the most she told me she had been doing all kinds of tests like full body all types of tests.

She said she just felt her breast heavier than usual, saw blood in her urine and was worried about her ovary, she held back in giving details but i knew something was wrong for her to come ask me if there was anything i could do for her before the finals tests because she was very afraid.

She said on a visit the Dr inspected her abdomen and felt some sort of mild hard cysts or something.
Same some “little weird things in her breast” as she called them.

I gotta say i was worried. But tbh, mostly afraid of a quick diagnose that would come back as cancer and then straight away send her to Chemos. I cannot stress enough how much i hate, dislike and dont believe in chemos.

But def sure if we hurry up Sapien Medicine audios could get rid of all or almost all for the tests.

Let me repeat it was just 6 days ago the most that we had this convo. Issues however that have been on and off present for good 25 years.

We went hard on the looping:

On her end she played:

  • Elemental Alchemical Ability several times a day and also thinking of it some more throughout the day.

  • Spleen Regeneration (so the Lymphatic System/Nodes could get unclogged and work better) in case the “things shown” specially around the breast were caused by that or had contributed to that. Played x 4 daily

On my end i just looped:

  • the Anti Cancer one (all night)

She played her list in the AM

And this was the Afternoon one i played with the 2 devices thingy

  • Plasma Flaunt x 4
  • Senescent Cells removal x 5
  • Plasma Charged Mitochondria x 4
  • Kidney & Bladder Specialist x 6
  • Vitamina C x 5
  • Advance Healing (the old version) x 3
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation x 5
  • Alchemical Jing Charged Blood x 5
  • Chi x 4
  • Fa Jing Gong x 4
  • The Lymphatic Effusion +
  • Near Infrared T

Yesterday she got an examination around her abdomen, a mammogram, other tests for the kidney.

She said the Dr was literally IN DISBELIEF like even said it to her, like thats strange but good for you, i dont feel the cysts i felt last week at all, and the kidney is not showing the stone anymore, the breast does not have the liquid kind of bag he saw.

ALL IN ONE WEEK consistency, determination and faith the extra important ingredients to succeed along the miraculous SM’s fields.

Of course we will continue playing the fields for good 2 or 3 months just to have it all fully 100% for sure healed, maybe less loops and it will still work im sure. And we will see which field she would buy soon, maybe Robust Organs, or Max Heal or Mitochondria one.

Also of course the very Dr himself asked her to help herself healing her emotional scars and pain so her kidneys wouldnt suffer anymore.

So ill make a playlist to assist with that as well. (Havent put it together but once i do and she starts seeing progress id update here)

:pray: thank you Captain!!


Cousin = mental issues/severe self steem issues

I think this one impacted me the most due to the age and the whole story around her.

= 7

A beautiful sweet girl that grew up in a normal loving house, however the Mother and Grandmother went through very traumatic events, i know for a fact we have a lot in us from Gradmothers, deeper traumas sometimes unknown, and we are accustomed to just look up to our parents to understand who we are.

But have you asked and found out how your grandmother’s pregnancy of your mother was like?

Better find out, it holds a lot of truth for you.

When the Grandmother was 8 months pregnant with the mother, her grandfather was killed right outside their home and she saw it. A silly fight with a taxi driver was the cause, and the guy not only escape but haunted the grandmother, threatening her to harm her if she would say anything all the remain of the pregnancy.

When the Mother was pregnant with her, her sister tragically died in a car accident, was the only sibling and they were inseparable. Again, an injust thing.

The result= Maria the little girl, strongly energy sensitive with clauriadience ability, was not sleeping well, had anger outbursts, would hit her feet on the floor, would say she like to feel pain, nothing was perceived wrong with her brain, she would just get angry and anxious when feeling threatened or just when sleeping, she felt things and saw shadows around her, and the worse part there was this other little girl that lives in the same condominium and is a serious troubled girl, narcissist and almost sadist towards Maria P, constantly bullied her, was the leader of the friends and would demand them to stay away from Maria etc.

Yet Maria would be almost begging her to let her be close, came to a point where she would say to her Mother that she did not care if the other girl hurt her or humilliate her, she wanted her friendship.

Like zero value and self steem, plus anger, plus disturbances while sleeping.

The first thing i did was a clease to their house and then to their aura (using the eviction and aura purification cards) and to her more times.

She was sleeping with her parents due to nightmares etc, they played at night the exorcism rite and the entity remover.

And then the white lights waves one and the angelic intercession/angelic vibration.

She started sleeping better

Now it was time to start working on her other issues:

Her playlist:

Shes had the same one and the progress has been outstanding, the relationship with that other girl was really toxic i just cut a lot of details, i had even asked them to try to move out, however it would continue happening, as something similar was happening at school.

Angelic Vibration x 3
Powerful Power Waves x 2
Anger Management x 4
Become more kinder and more Patient x 3
Amygdala healing x 3
Trauma release and healing x 3
PTSD x 2 every 3 days
Regain Innocence x 3
A Belly full of Laughter x 3
Become Whole x 4
Outlook Retrainer x 2
The archetype of Parental love x 3
The Inner Pillar of Power x 3

The first week she slept better, was in a good mood all day, went back to do kids stuff like painting, playing with dolls, reading childrens book etc. By the 7th day she got a worse outburst of anger, was throwing stuff, hitting worse her feet saying awful things about herself and her Mom, (to me it was just the healing detox and healing crisis that always shows up at the 4th, 7th or 10th day)

Second week, She confidently went out to play with other friends, the other girl would still come and say things to her and say to the others not to play with her, but she would just keep doing what she was doing.

Third Week she had another angry episode but was not as bad, and also she quickly came back to a calm state and was able to reason and listen to her Mother, she let her guide her.

She came back from playing outside all relaxed and told her Mother, you know “x” the other girl, tried so hard to stop me from playing with the others, she kept yelling bad things at me, but i just didnt pay attention to her, i feel pitty for her. I think she has a lot of problems in her head i think lol (yeah poor other girl tbh) but that mature easy going attitude? Was never ever present.

And that other girl could really burst balls (sorry) like is really pushy and toxic so that goes to show the strong inner self and being these audios build and rapidly.

We will wait for a couple more weeks or even a month to start working with the revision audios one by one and i guess thatd be the end to help her blossom and flourish.




Age : 31

Healthy life style.
Has a 6 years old child.

Went to the Dr(16 DAYS AGO ONLY) for annual Pap smear, but also was feelink sickish over all like flue like symptoms, had some lymph nodes inflammed/ clogged in her armpit, with some pain radiating to her breast…
Pinch like pain in one of her kidneys.

Then she sent me the lab results on the 22nd of May

Came back :heavy_plus_sign: por VPH (spanish name) high risk.

So when that comes back (+) is either an infection through sex or a cancer developing or already there.

And with those symptoms… i was leaning more towards cancer and worse potential for metastasis :no_mouth:

A series of tests were ordered one of them being a Coloscopy and also either a xray or mamogram etc.

So the treatment started right away.

(The audios were loop for hours every day like 6 hours)

  • Anti Cancer
  • Senescent Cells Removal
  • Sirt 3 & 6 Activation
  • Lymphatic System Blockage Removal

(didnt use Lymphatic effussion+ because she is not a Patreon, and remember i send those energies through the Be the Healer Portal so i make the playlists on Youtube)

The tests were done today

She was checked inside from head to toes, organs, xrays, blood tests, coloscopy etc.

She sent me a voice message

I wish i could post it,

The Dr was confused, told her that he thinks that previous test was wrong because she is perfectly fine, everything is perfect, went as far as saying she looks inside like a 15 years or not a 31 one, he said he doesnt understand what happened but that she didnt have anything anywhere.

That he was going to do the biopsy just for her mental sake and tranquility but that it was completely unnecessary, and said she did not need a mamogram, she doesnt have anything.


remember we can help people, majority of the people i have helped do not understand any of this, do not speak english, some cant even manage technology that well, but if they trust you, the will always accept any help

If I try to explain how all this work, most of them react scared and reject it (like we all have heard that)

And whatever they dont understand or does not come from their Priest :sweat_smile: its evil

It hurts yes that we know people can be saved and turn their life around but they dont want to hear it or try it, its ok, we can still help and be a bridge for them, save all info, tests, convos with updates.
And it will eventually come in handy. And if they dont want help we cant push,

However i found a way that always or almost always works.

Everybody understands what subliminals are, there was a time where subliminals were on fashion and were advertised to lose weight, to quit smoking, to learn a new language, and it was accepted.

People understands basic concepts

They all know we have an aura and what is is

And that We react to energy

So i tell them, remember subliminals and how they work? - yes.

Ok well this is a new technique, these are not subliminals at all, you dont get messages in your mind to change something, these audios are programmed with energy embedded in music that when you play them your aura absorbs that energy and then it goes directly to where you need. Thats it.

But i can send them all the way to you and you dont have to do anything just drink water, eat better and rest well.

Thats it. They accept it.

Im saving and documenting all tests, testimonials etc. Mark my words, there will be a time when Sapien Medicine will be known of heard of by majority and when that happens when it finally breaks through all those testimonials will make an entrance too, real proofs.

for now lets save one life at a time

Lets build momentum for SM.


Thank you so much for this @Lunamoon22 🥲😭
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.



After treatment was done we focused on strengthening the body again

  • Hours of Reverse Radiation

followed by hours of

  • Platelet Plasma Rich

  • Negative Ion charged Plasma

  • Alchemical Jing Charged Blood

Digestive system was still bothering her but like 3 out of 10, i believe due to being so weak and super skinny she was just bones so what she ate or drank would cause gasses, a bit of diarrhea on and off etc

So we continued with 1.5 hours in total of

  • Stomach regeneration
  • Spleen Cleaner and Regeneration
  • IBS
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Minor Blue PoP
  • Weight Gainer

And taking lots of Probiotics to repopulate

Shes doing great almost ready to party and celebrate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:


Lady Luna,


My friend was recently diagnosed with IBS and Reflux and I recommended the IBS field for him (also Gullet and Gastro Specialist) but he said there were two IBS fields. That does indeed seem to be the case. Which one do you recommend? Thank you.


Ahh i use the ulcerative when its more about inflammation all along the colon

And the IBS when we/they keep switching between being constipated and then diarrhea then constipated again


WOW Lunamoon this is really amazing, congratulations and thanks for sharing!!
Your family and friends are lucky to have you :purple_heart:

Do you know if you can send the energy of the same field to different people at the same time?
For example, loop the Be The Healer with the Quit Smoking Addiction one thinking of three people addicted to cigarettes?


You know?

I tried that :sweat_smile:

Even made like a collage with the 3 pics.

Tbh that only time i tried it felt that the energy split so it wasnt that strong.

But def works, we just gotta play more loops kinda like if you would normally play 5 loops for one person then loop 15 times if its for 3 people.

I been meaning to do that for like the elders in my family, make a collage with their pics then put enough loops of Plasma Flaunt, Antiaging, Senescent one and one of the blood ones.

And try for like 3 months.

Then switch to one or 2 organs at time etc.


Haha super!

I’m going to try the cigarette thing first, which is something more evident.

Let’s see how it goes :smoking:


pls report once you do see it works! and good luck :D


So my aunty weight was 30 kg 3.5 weeks ago!! :grimacing: and she is 173 cms, so pure bones literally.

And dr said she wasnt absorbing anything.

Alright Dr Sapien Med to the rescue…

Her playlist:

Stomach regeneration x 3
Colon cleanse x 2
Enhanced Blood Circulation x 4
Vitamin D x 2
Ehanced Nutrients absorption x 3
Bone & Organ Breathing x 3
Weight gainer x 3

3 times a day.

3.5 weeks after her weight is 38kg!!


Edit on 10/09

She weights now 41kg!


So happy for both of you! :slight_smile: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Thank you :heart:


My Aunty had a Proctoscopy today to determine if she was ready for them to remove the Colostomy Bag, close up the wound etc. That could only happen if she was fully healed and ready to live a normal life again. (Which normally in people like her and her age chances of that happening are slim, usually they have to keep it for the rest of their lives)

The exame came back perfect. Dr said her colon was perfect, clean and regenerated like if it had never had anything.

The sides of my face hurt of the big smile i have now :grin:

1 year since this whole thing started. Consistent daily work with fields, switching up here and there adjusting to the new needs.

It paid off!

Infinite gratitude to you Dreamweaver :heart:


On another note,

I did start the thingy i said i would


I just checked the exact date. Sep 19th, cause i made a whatsapp group to share experiences and see if someone would feel overwhelmed etc

There are 2 playlists one for 4.5 hours to sleep with and then one for 9+ hours to play in the day.

Those lists have a lot of good stuff and based on more or less the things i know my family elders need, but i also add to the collage me and my sisters :smiley:, ill come bk later to share them.

Honestly unexpectedly its been working steadily and at a good pace, i said unexpectedly because as i mentioned before when i tried that making a collage with just 3 people it didnt show much results so i ended up splitting them. But i still wanted to try. And the collage now has 10 people in it, and its working.

Im not sure if adding QL and some of the Flow audios is what is making it happen, because my relatives and myself are def seeing results.

Ill edit later to give more info


admire your Results, Luna!

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