How to Create Great Stacks

Yes still a little.

I still use Auric Repair because if feel it’s needed for me.
I also use SCC even though i feel aspects of SCC are in PoNR because i want be sure to get rid of all cords maybe even those from previous lives if possible because i was in a fierce mode the day i bought SCC and Core Restoration. :fire:

My confusion still is, where to put the fields like ego dissolution, SLR, SCC, etc which are integrated in the PoNR field but still want to use them because of the extra push together with the PoNR field.



In your specific case its like combining #2 and #4

Ego x 1
SLR x 1
Auric repair x 1
PONR x 2
Other audios x 2 each (like SCC and SCR)
Distributer x 1

Just skip the booster (a couple of loops once a week of KQ would suffice to create the effect for the whole week. Effect = that the audios last longer without needing more than 1 or 2 loops. )

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Thank you very much. :bouquet:

I made some changes. Hopefully, I have a great stack now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My Great Stack

Energetic Salt Cleanse
Body Primer
Crystallization Attunement
Diabetes Type I and II Treatment
Gila Monster’s Drool
The Furnace
Smart Stem Cells
Oxidized Fat
Five Elements Balanced


That looks dope!!

I dont see oven (not that you have to put it but in case you forgot lol)

After furnace before oxidized there should be a space of 30 mins minimum, you can try lymphatic system x 2 after furnace, then fat to stem cells so it helps draining what its being burnt but then also its used to turn into stem cells then oxidized and then stem cells after, so its like after clearing the dirt it has a clean space to introduce the stem cells.

You can also add after or before hardcore the muscles hungry for fat instead of fat to stem cells as well.

And finally the 5 elements.



Thank you very, very much :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

I used Oven first, so I switched to Furnace. I don’t think there’s a need to use both together, or?

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Its different for everybody

But i think its good how you have it now x

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does taking a break day also apply when listening to Nervous System Priming audios?


Well, if you are using the nervous system ones is it because you feel them in need of help? If its yes it means better give them that day break.

If not then, just see how you feel.

When i was using fields to change something in my body to make them permanent or semi permanent i wouldn’t give my body a break of those but stop the other stacks

For instance if i had different stacks for the brain, spiritual, emotional, etc and one for beauty like facial symmetry or auto mewing, fat to stemcells.

One day a week i would stop playing all the stacks except the ones for the face, or hair so i wouldn’t lose momentum. After like 3 months or so when i felt the effects were settling then i would give a full break once in a while.


Hello Luna! Can we use Blueprint of life like a booster alone? Thank you!

BoL def accelerates the healing process or reversing damages aiming with the fields played after

So in that case, yeah.

But if your stack is for like changing something you never had before ie muscle growth, etc then best to use a regular booster from the list


Sorry if this is a dumb question but the energy course, the energy awakening course, and the upcoming course = are all the same thing?

First, I’d like to thank you for this post. And now I’d like to ask in what category would you put “The Astral Viber”, if anywhere.

If it is so, what other audio could it substitute? Or maybe complement?

I guess it would be a mild audio in any category, but it is one I feel the effects of and kinda works better than most of the other energy audios for me.

Though I’m not using it now, but I want to see if I can put it anywhere and how it would affect me.

Thanks again for this post.

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Is it alright to listen to this on break days? Like with Hakuin and Auric Body Cleanser?

what does that mean “ a lot of things “

and yesss i really don’t have that much time lmaooo for audios

Created a template-stack (YouTube playlist) here for easy access and ease of customizations (original as shared in the post, nothing added)

I suggest adding any of the Clutter Removers somewhere in the beginning, before Uplifters (or after. It depends on what you feel is best)

followed by something that makes space for changes

New additions for this guide can be discovered later on as new releases come out.


Today, I got PONR and IPF(Increased Psychic Functioning),Should the IPF be placed before or after the PONR?
IPF Description:
this makes you not only able to use more of your psychic ability right now, but will help you to increase the actual power of your psychic mind starting on the level of physical structure!

Did you read the thread above with all its great tips?

With those 2 fields alone you don’t really have a “stack,” which is a collection of firlds to accomplish a single goal. So, in your case, it doesn’t really matter all that much which you play first.

FWIW, I like to place my clearing fields first and then play fields which add qualities to me later.

This is the basics, who read this thread should have some experience and know how to play it.

I’m sorry. I’m not understanding what you’re wanting to say. (Normally, that wouldn’t be much of my business but you replied to my answer, so you might want me to understand you.) Please help me understand what you’re meaning to say. Thank you.

I find that these two fields reinforce each other. I think they are both belong in the primer.