How to learn new intentions

Hey, I know how to make morphic Fields but want to learn how to learn new intentions.

How do i feel stem cells and then do stem cells, morphic field ?

If you know how to make Morphic Fields you should know how to create any of any type.

What do you understand by Morphic Fields?

Maybe is a different technique you use? An energetic programmed one? Or it sounds to me that it could be more energetically charged with “Intentions” ?

In any case the way is the same, you have to completely understand THE MEANING of anything first then conceptualize that meaning what it simply IS.

(I know your next question will be: and how do i do that?)

Its not something that you can find like a recipe in a book, it involves a lot of preparation, a lot of trial and error and being a Meditation Pro. Plus other stuff.

What i could recommend if you want to explore more is:

  • first search the forum for more information about what Morphic Fields really are.

  • take the Energy Course that gives you basic general direction how its done or where to start

Energy Awakening Course (Course)

  • get one of these 2 fields mainly there are others that can help you develop a Conceptual mind but these 2 take you there faster

Conceptual Realizations

The Conceptual Conglomerate

  • And become a Meditation Master

The Meditation Master NFT


Hey there, Thanks for your answer.

I just want to say that I use my standard technique, I use Google Pictures and I feel the energy of the let’s say Catalase structure for one hour, then I try to feel the energy without the picture and I somehow fail.

To simplify my issue I know how to feel the energy, but I have trouble in creating let’s say a Catalase field, because of the advanced structure of Catalase (you can look it up on Google Pictures).

To simplify even more, do I need to remember how Catalase feels or just feel the energy of Catalase to get Catalase inte the morphic field ?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Thank you for your time for answering this one, as I am desperate in creating morphic fields

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You are welcome.

Creating morphic fields is def something you cant rush, sure you can try and what not (on you) but please be very respectful of other people’s body, mind, aura, energy systems etc trying whatever your create. Its not a joke.

I am not a creator but i more or less understand the concept of the different types of creating something with energy and the MAIN difference with anything out there and Morphic Fields is that MF dont have nothing attached/hooked/part of the Creators Energy its something entirely different that involves instead the MIND. Thats why being a Master of Meditation + a Master of Conceptual Thinking is key in this process.

This from my own understanding without giving all details i believe there are. Because again i am not a creator, but for sure it involves more than that.

I know the name Morphic Fields is like the popular cool thing now, so everybody wants to use it, but its important to take this serious again to not affect people coming across your things, believing they are up to pair with the name you use.

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I’m gonna be honest: if you do create Morphic fields or other creations And you’re popular, I’m gonna try your stuff.

Anyway, Best of Luck. :pray:


Thanks for your time, but is it like to CREATE it in the mind let’s call it that or something that you FEEL the energy ?

Please of you know the answer, I would love to have it.

Kind regards

Thanks in advance


I gave you options to explore on your own to develop and build on your own over time

Dont expect answers like giving you a recipe seriously. Im sorry.

And I am not a creator of MF :woman_shrugging:t2: so whatever i say, itd be just my own understanding and interpretation and i certainly wouldnt be given away formulas like i know for sure the thing.

Okay thanks for your answers

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Maybe you want to ask someone for whom telepathy/conceptual thinking is innate?