Energy Awakening Course (Course)

The ‘Pillars of Psychic Perception’ will serve as the foundation through which you can expand your consciousness. Through this course, you will be able to open the doors of perception and begin to experience much more of what the world has to offer. At the same time, your elevated awareness of subtle energy, you will be able to influence your mind, body, and reality in a wide variety of ways.

This course represents a consolidated collection of knowledge we have gained through the years. We have designed this course as logically as possible and in a way that you can learn most through experience rather than us giving all the answers.

While learning, you will have the tools to directly supercharge your own spiritual and psychic.A world awaits, unseen and unknown to the general public. Journey into this world and gain a measure of control and power. The audios in this course will in themselves grant you a level of awareness and psychic ability that can take someone years to achieve.

Body Primer: Clears the energy body of all repressive energies and prepares it for all the energies from this course

Energy Sensitivity: Widens, grows and enhance the energy flow of all the meridians and chakras and increases natural sensitivity to energy via the nervous system

The Healer Primer: Intensely clears and grows the heart and palm chakras to allow for more efficient and wide streaming energetic transmission

Become the healer: Attunes you to a powerful healing energy source that will always be at your disposal. Healing that affects the energy body and physical body both at the same time for accelerated healing. We deeply believe it is a revolution in energy healing.

Crystallization Attunement: Attuned you to a Quartz Crystal Energy source that allows you to tap into and channel the energy whenever you choose. Use this energy to charge your chakras, amplify your intentions and so much more.

Meditation Audio: Although we’ve audios in relation to meditation before, this is our most complete and refined meditation audio. This audio takes you to a state between theta and delta, focused your consciousness to the present moment, and dissipates the ego.

Emotional Release helps with releasing repressive emotions and Ego Dissolution helps with enhancing the effects of certain exercises.

We have also shared very easy to follow exercises that should garner fast results for everyone. The exercises and tools from this course combined will allow for unprecedented spiritual growth. The kind of growth that will allow you to take back control of your mind, body, and spirit and be as powerful and mindful as you deserve to be.

So with that, we to present to you the seeds of an ever-evolving truth so that it grows within you until you fruit with knowledge and power.


Note: The course explains how often to listen to these audio tracks and when to take a break.


Is this the same course teaching us how to make morphic fields?

This is currently the only course that the Sapien Medicine Team has on offer and it is not primarily aimed at teaching you how to create fields.

Here is an answer from SammyG regarding your question:

So to answer your question… no, the course isn’t for making fields. But it has the tools and knowledge available for you to develop your mind/energy body to the level that you can create morphic fields.



Thank you for explaining. Would be nice to know how to create them…


There is an additional article in the course, that describes the creation of morphic fields in a bit more detail!

But as the quote above stated, the course teaches you the foundations for energy work. If you keep practicing and refining your abilities with these basics, then you can reach a level, where you are able to create your own fields.


Yeah, I can’t imagine all of us being able to create these tools with the same efficacy. Still this course looks good

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This is kinda costly for us in INDIA. $134 equals to Rs.9,781 :sweat_smile:

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Sorry that’s the case but the creators have to support a family. You can use many of the free audios on YouTube to help you achieve great wonders.


Just a little guide for everyone wondering how to make fields.

Go to the course and watch/listen to the Course Q&A from September 29th. @SammyG gave a really good walkthrough after someone asked him about it. In fairness to Sammy and Dream, i won’t give any details about what he said in this meeting since it’s for course takers


The audio isn’t posted yet, unless we need to sign in somewhere. But yes I was in the call and it was truly amazing. Cleared up some blockages I’ve put on myself and servitors.

It’s there… in the course, go to the bottom, section 15


Thanks! Found it!

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My dad broke his leg and I’ve basically had to stay at home to take care of him. For some reason my gut intuition led me here, I hope the healing energy I learn will be able to put him back into better health!


there is still no translation for youtube :neutral_face:. I would really like to learn from the videos. I am not very motivated to read PDFs.

Course script translation?

It is in relation to the videos of the course, I do not have the subtitle in translation.
It is transcribed in pdf that I translated but I can not stay focused to read completely.
I put the course aside. I only focus on the audios.

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I purchased the course and am really looking forward to doing it, but I have one question/concern: since I’m coming out of a long illness, is it better to wait? I read that it can be intense for the body.

This is where I am at with the fields: initially I seemed to have a good tolerance (I was astounded, I thought my nervous system might not be too strong and I’d have to start really small but it seems to be fine YAY!). To give you an idea, I have been listening to two 2.5h playlists -one morning, one evening- and I meditate between 30-60 minutes to various fields depending on need and whim. So I was pretty confident in doing the course.

However, when I introduced Plasma Light that came to a crashing halt (although that timed with the park next to my place being closed for repair and my daily meditation under a lovely pine tree was put on hold and in hindsight I think that’s what grounded me, so without that maybe my tolerance is lessened - sadly I did not think to replace with grounding audio) and I experienced overwhelm to the point where even the grounding audio was too much, as well as the ambience fields you can play 24/7.

After taking a break of 3-4 days (and I won’t lie, I was not happy about it haha) I had to take it really slow with the fields and only this week have I been able to go back to my initial playlists (minus plasma however, to my great chagrin as I was seeing amazing results with that one…). The overwhelm was not pleasant at all, because I basically went back to a very similar baseline to prior to the audio (pain, fatigue, anhedonia).

I don’t mind playing through the pain for a few days to a week, but since the entire course is a month, I wouldn’t want to be out of order for all that time.

Any insight and suggestions appreciated!


Aside from the course fields, I would get Auric and Energy Body Repair and cleanse, prepare, and strengthen my energy body and capability of listening to fields before I start those from the course.

I think it’s better to use fields for recovery before starting on the course, I’m sure fields like body primer or so can help with this, but not preferable for a first time/round

But Uial can give you better advices :)


Ah great suggestion! AND I was tempted to buy this field but had made a considerable investment already with many a fields that I was trying to restrain myself :stuck_out_tongue: Now I have the perfect excuse to get it hahaha