I am lost. I need some insight

I am anvesh 22years old male. I suffered from psychosis it was weed induced.i am at college studying medical science.i am listening to these field since I was 17.i believe in sapien medicine and it is only my last solace remained. I was very spiritual and wanted to get liberated. I did yoga daily for 1-2 years and japa and I became quite detached my only goal was to do tapasya my entire life and get liberated.then psychosis came and ruined my life and every part of me. One year later now I recovered mostly and I want to move forward in spiritual direction.but i am afraid that i will get second psychosis. I just want to know god or atleast make some progress before the second psychosis. I am very fearful if I didn’t got the psychosis at the first place I definitely get to know God in this very lifetime. What can I do now.please someone guide me.and i am thinking of suicide if I got another psychosis. As the aftermath is unbearable you guys are very lucky.


Hey. You definitely need grounding. You are experiencing that because of lack of balance. The higher you go the deepest you need your roots to be… take the tree analogy as an example.

I feel behind your quest - for god - there is a motive of escapism in a way. So center yourself and develop the qualities of a healthy ego. You are here in the earth experience to develop it as well. Without it you feel hopeless and find that you want to leave. Listen, you need to stay. And find god through your experience here.

Develop your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. Explore the concepts of security, being present, safe and abundant.

Ground yourself with nourishing foods too.

Keep us posted on your progress.

I wish you the best !


Your psychosis as you mentioned above was weed induced

Recontinuing on the seeker’s path, therefore
is not what would induce (the potential) psychosis,
But the weed might lol.

If I were you, I’d just stay away from weed in your case lol

Also, I agree with Star;
grounding is important. always
You dont wanna keep going ul and up and up
Without your rooting to the ground
You’ll drift away and very possibly fall ill
Deathly ill even -
But that’s just coming from personal experience


What thoughts are fueling this psychosis? Find the root wound of these thoughts and then boldly assert the opposite.


Hi Anvesh, love your spiritual motivation. But
Get a strong foundation first. I mean a strong body and mind. I’d suggest you to start yoga again, running or Jogging along with any mind exercises.

Without fixing the root causes, the spiritual ascension will be like a kite travel and it will be a turbulent journey.

Don’t run for attaining something in spiritual progress, don’t force anything. If we do intend to fast track progress there will be some backlash that we need to face …mostly the karmic stuff related to body, mind… ofcourse this is also a process to nullify karmic debt and stuff.

Also Psychosis and other related symptoms increase if the foundation is not strong, concepts of soul journey isn’t clear, and not easy path without a GURU.

Remember whatever we direly wish is what we experience in our life either we consciously understand or not. So Universal :infinity: communication is always open and we need to Wish carefully.

If you try to open chakras forcefully psychosis is a side effect sometimes. You might have got it through excess weed but it’s fixable through sapien fields.

Fix your brain first everything will be taken care of imo.
Find a Guru or rather a Guru finds you when u r ready.
Otherwise difficult to process illusion vs. reality and fit to family/society standards

This thread further can help you on psychosis fields


Had nearly the same impression as Star. Would further echo root chakra and being grounded in your power. Earth as well.

Edit: just noticed that all the previous replies have included the word root

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medical student?
maybe is the cortisol
use this i dont know if this work
and ofc
Plasma Brain

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