Is an alien revelation close?

NASA hire Theologians: A theologian is a person who studies religion and religious beliefs about God. NASA is recruiting 24 theologians (from different religions).
The US space agency NASA has made full preparations to solve the mystery of aliens. NASA is now engaged in recruiting priests for this. Actually, the job of these 24 priests is not to fight with the devils of space, but to find out through them how people of different religions of the world will react to the news of aliens.

Why would NASA takes this step?

Baba vanga also predicted a an alien invasion or revelation in 2022.


It’s interesting, also somethings they’ve been doing before…

The real question is:
If NASA claims aliens are real… what would it change in our daily lives ?

Do you guys expect some sort of technology transfer ?
Alien language course at universities ?
An internship with the alien companies ?


Haha, I can imagine the next day, driving in traffic jams listening to report about the politicians negotiating some diplomatic/trade deal with the alien.

Arrive to work « the aliens eat cockroaches man », « the alien girl looks creepy » « i think she’s cute bro ». « The government gave them the land over there to build a spaceport, they took the farmer’s land, they started protesting ».

What countries can the aliens visit ? The countries of the Schengen space are divided.
The aliens have invested in Somalia.

That’s probably the type of report we’ll get


You sure we have a option to have options if aliens come down ?

Depends a lot of type of what aliens are present

We’ll they haven’t invaded yet… I mean, if NASA gets to choose to acknowledge them or not :man_shrugging:

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Well there was always already them hinting at aliens already being out there and that they had contact

but yeah, its really interesting what might happen or will happen


That subjects fits your profile very well :+1:

Let’s see if something happens :slight_smile:


haha thank you

but yeah, lets hope its a bright future


The real question for me would be, if NASA claims aliens are real, will we believe them? And if so, why would we believe them when they’ve lied and withheld information for so long already. “Aliens” have been visiting us for a very long time, The Disclosure Project (Dr. Steven Greer) had a press conference at the National Press Club May 9, 2001. Not one single network covered it despite a lineup of retired military and FAA officials who broke oaths of office or direct orders to not speak about what they saw. Same with astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper.

And if they do make an announcement, will it be the truth or will it be this “story” that aliens are going to attack us so we need more weapons and more restrictions of what little freedom we have left?

If you’re expecting an announcement from the White House, forget it! They aren’t even on the “need-to-know” list so they have no idea.

We’ve had alien revelation. Few paid attention.


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Give it some weeks time lol

Idk if we can even speak on it haha


The revelation has been ongoing, but I think you are right that there is something to the more recent increase in PR about aliens. I suppose there is a larger governmental purpose behind the Pentagon’s recent statements. Maybe they feel the need for a new organizing principle, as the spread of democracy and the competition with China might not be enough for to justify they budgets they want going forward. It may be that they want an alien theme out there so that they can operate more advanced technology under that guise. That’s always been a thing, but maybe they need it more now.


Im just curious how this would impact the public’s opinion on SpaceX

Novemeber 24, 2021:
“ Scientists warn that increased space exploration raises the risk that alien organisms will invade Earth and that Earth organisms will invade …”
Link: Alien organisms could hitch a ride on our spacecraft and contaminate Earth, scientists warn | Live Science

When Venga says “they’ll take us prisoners”, it may just be in the way a virus does

Idk, but either or, the real question is, does it really matter?

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Perhaps they discovered oil on an inhabited alien planet and need money for munitions to spread freedom and democracy.


Watch out for Emma !! :rofl:

I have proof that aliens r real


Notice that all the new publicity is that they are a “Threat”. We need more of your money to keep you safe .

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I think the world has glossed right over the proof question and is now in the “of course” mode. It used to be weird to offer proof and now asking for proof marks one as declasse.

After the heavily redacted and mediocre UAP report from this year, I’ve grown less hopeful of disclosure happening soon. We literally had US navy confirm they were seeing aircraft moving at speeds inconcievable to any modern human technologies… with manuevers that are hundreds of years past our current development… but it all got downplayed in the report and nothing came of all that.

From what I read online, these theologians were hired in 2016. Unless I’m wrong and they were hired recently? If so, then that is certainly interesting and might mean something.

I’ve just been getting cynical about disclosure cause I would get excited for it whenever a new development would arise and I get to thinking… ‘its finally coming!’ and only to be dissappointed once again. I want my cynicism to be proven wrong soooooo badly though. I would love to be wrong and disclosure finally be here.

Cause truthfully… I don’t think people would full on panic at the thought of other aliens existing. Media has gotten us very used to the thought of aliens and humans seem very willing to accept the fact of other life existing out there. I guess there would definitely be fear that if they have been coming here then they could just wipe us out if they wanted to. The question is though…

Do they think we are ready? I mean, we are barely holding it together on a global stage. Still having senseless conflicts, horrible leadership, primitive behavior disguised as civilized and even destroying the planet… I just don’t know if they even want to become public to a species that hasn’t fully matured yet…