Jojo's Brain Journal

Here we will be discussing some of the insights, tips, explanations, and things of that nature.

I’ll express things that I’ve come to understand, and try to help out.

Feel free to ask questions (not questions that are very easily researchable, I may not even answer those.), as well as have discussion.

This will be fun, and I can’t wait.


For the first realization we discuss conceptual conglomerate:

Drops of Memory - allows for dual working memory to long term memory processing.
Conceptual Conglomerate - allows for dual subconscious to conscious mind processing.

Manhattan Method - Allows you to represent concepts in your mind.
Conceptual Conglomerate - allows you to represent concepts in your mind.

Wholistic Thinking - Allows you to see patterns and make better decisions, more logical decisions, gives you more self control, wides your frame of reference.
Conceptual Conglomerate - Allows you to see patterns and make better decisions, widen’s your frame of reference, gives you more self control.

Manhattan’s Mathematical Madness - Helps with pattern recognition, shape symbolism, and decision making.
Conceptual Conglomerate - Helps with pattern recognition, shape symbolism, and decision making.

Key to Babel - Helps to understand language, and notice the subtle meanings inside of language.
Conceptual Conglomerate- Helps to understand language, and notice what someone really meant when they said something.

Cyber Brain - Helps you process the world around you better and allows you to process the world through conceptual algorithms.
Conceptual Conglomerate - Helps you process the world around you better and understand conceptual algorithms.

Basically, it does some of what everything else does, but it doesn’t replace the other fields, since they have specific wiring capabilities themselves.

It’s not going to give you a bigger working memory like drops of memory and the Manhattan method, but it may give you more focus like MMM which will lead to a better working memory. It won’t increase your processing speed like cyber brain, but since you’ll flow through the concepts and all your thoughts are higher level your processing will increase as well as understandings.

There are more nuances, this is simplified, and surely conceptual conglomerate is much bigger than these comparisons, but it’s to help you understand some of what to expect.

I wrote this 3 weeks ago. I still have more to digest from the field myself. So we’ll have to grow together. :slight_smile:


Show us your world Jojo :+1:

To the rest of the brainiacs, you can write your own journeys too


This is a scenario. If a violent gang robs you, asks you to unlock your phone and delete all but one of its brain fields. Which would you choose, and why?


A guy like Jojo knew the statistics and had 3-4 backs ups

Ok, I’ll let him answer and be quite :shushing_face:


No download is possible after that. Delete equals delete once and for all. It’s a pratical situation afterwards, so…


I didn’t even have to respond. Philip knew the deal. :rofl:

But honestly, I simply would just keep Manhattan Method.

All the natural high IQ traits are turned up. (Natural being non-psychic abilities that don’t deviate from the norm.)

However, manhattan method ALSO has psychic abilities…

So I’d just use Manhattan Method and still be top 3% on the planet (maybe even higher) even without white matter fields or gene fields, etc.


Speaking of this, Manhattan Method will be my next insight to write about. That will be the next one to discuss. Later, when I get home.



It is real that Manhattan Method can subtly triggers abilities that other wiring brain fields do after a certain period of time. So yeah, good choice.


Finally the guide I wanted
Thanks Infinite Jojo! :ok_hand:


You were the first person to ask, so thank you as well!


Look forward to read that. Btw, your explanation is very easy to understand the concepts. Thanks @anon62086626

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Next, we discuss the Manhattan Method:

Manhattan Method is obviously known as the first brain field to get. The one that can turn the large majority of people into a genius given the time and effort to reach those higher levels of circuitry formation. (Mental health problems and disorders may be an exception.)

But with this field… Basically, everything you can think of as a trait for intelligence (outside of psychic abilities, yet it does actually have psychic abilities.) gets a boost. All the basics get growth, and you can feel it as it’s happening, from the temporal lobe to the frontal lobe to the parietal lobe, etc.

It works on:

Processing Speed
Working Memory
Spatial Reasoning
Pattern Recognition
Perceptual Reasoning
Fluid Reasoning
Focus and Concentration
and more…

This is the field that you want to get if your goal is to become a genius. It has all of the mental operations required to allow your brain to thrive in the world from an intelligence standpoint and to bring you to the realm of unlimited potential. Once you see the power of this field for yourself, there’s no looking back in terms of intelligence. You simply know it’s time for you to grow. Not to mention the music literally makes you feel like a main character. :rofl:

As you grow with this one, you’ll realize that you do care about becoming smarter, then you’ll realize that you are smarter, that the world around you is more fun because things are easier, and then one day you’ll realize that you aren’t smart lol. It’s a common trend and it showed up that way for me as well. The dunning-Kruger effect.

I can’t wait to show my mental operations lol. Once I get to that specific section in the 6 months results December thread, it may shock many. Still shocks me every day.

This field changed so much for me in this short time. I’ve been in the forum for a little over 3 months, yet I’ve grown in at least 40 IQ points from this field ALONE.


yep, i just read that, am that quick

So true, you like hold up, wait, that cant be right because this, and that cant be right because of this.

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Aiming for my first 10 hr day with MM.


You know one thing I’ve noticed.

It’s that in the music, you can kind of hear the purpose of the field.

The following will be simplified as per usual, but as always, it will give something to look forward to.

Mathematical madness sounds and feels (auditorily and sensationally) like math.

Conceptual Conglomerate’s music feels like many different thoughts are being gathered all around your brain and that they’re being organized.

Drops of memory sounds like working memory manipulation and transmutation into the long term memory is being fascilitated.

Key to babel sounds like music you ponder the abstract linguistical and literacy contexts.

Cyber brain sounds like your reality is changing into a group of differently processed thought patterns through energy leading to what we call “AI merging.”

Manhattan Method sounds like you’re being brought into geniushood.

Brain key and snapping literally sound like your brain is being both charged and stuffed with an energy wave of vitamins, etc.

Speed reading also sounds like highly and quickly processed information is being ran through.


The arts also show similar patterns and I think it gives me insights.

Dreamweaver is a literal genius. His art can even tell you what the field will do, the music can even give you a glimpse of what to expect.

You just have to see a little bit more deeply…

I’m not saying (Oh there’s a brain in the picture, it will make my brain bigger 😵‍💫.)

Nah… Search for those patterns. Or you can just notice them when the field makes you smarter lol.

Sometimes I’ve uncovered a field through it’s wallpaper and music, and then I’ve asked for clarification to see if my intuition matches the inference. :slight_smile:


I can hear voices in MMM


That’s very interesting! I can visualize numbers and geometric patterns in MMM.

If I close my eyes while listening it’s like my brain begins absorbing the information. I think I had a glimpse of some of the mental operations being performed while meditating a couple months ago, but I’m not sure.

I remember getting MMM for the frontal lobe growth with math as a bonus, but then I stsrted realizing the importance of MMM, and now the thread is scattered with my realizations.

There is more, but I don’t want to take away from other people enjoying the discovery of these new psychic abilities. It would be cool to see someone freak out about these. :star_struck:


This is resemblant of the phenomenon where people tend to look like their names.

When we’ve used a certain field for while, we can’t imagine its art and music being any different, so these attributes become an intrinsic part of its identity, like how a name becomes a part of someone we know.

Thus, much like people we know well will appear to look like their name, a field we know well can appear to have music that sounds like its function.

Though I’m not saying Dream doesn’t select music and create artwork geared toward the field’s goals. He evidently does.

Just that there might be another influence at play here.


That’s cool. Been running MM and SB (along with WM) for past 4+ hours now. With a small 15 min break where I looped BK, SS, and ABP in parallel.

I definitely feel my brain getting work but it’s nothing debilitating. I think being in sessions with clients helps distract me and somewhat move and distribute the field energy so it feels like less of a strain.

Now as I sit down and type this out, I could feel more of the mild pressure in the brain. Mostly behind the eyes and frontal lobe. Maybe I’ll do some hexa looping with MMM in there. Maybe…

But I will say the one drawback I experience is it certainly takes mental energy which has consumed most of my attention beyond my day to day work.

I’ll perhaps move this to brain guild or private message so as to not take up your thread. I think that SB field has me sharing more lol.