Let's change the world next week

Hello everyone,

I’ll get straight to the point. I believe there are many of you reading this who are concerned for their future.
We are moving into the third year of the pandemic now and the tension amongst people is rising world wide. As you read this, division between people into categories like “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” continue to threaten our civilisation and peace as we know it.
Many are scared. Scared of the virus itself, scared of the vaccine, scared of losing their job if they don’t get vaccinated, scared of being isolated from society, scared of the next idea their governments come up with. In some countries, people are even scared because they have to go to jail if they are not vaccinated. Yes, this is really happening.
I don’t know on which side you are on, but I can tell you on which side I am on.
I am on the side that wants a peaceful solution and a rapid end of the pandemic and healing for everyone who got infected, no matter whether vaccinated or not, or young or old.
I believe there are truly only two sides in this. You either want peace, or division.
I am well aware that there are people in this world who want to divide us, but I believe there is no people that wants conflict. The ones who desire peace are in the vast majority.

A few months ago I have consulted with Sapien Medicine, Maitreya Fields and Quadible Integrity and we agreed to do something about it. Beginning on the 15th of December, we will meet for 30 subsequent days and manifest a new world together.
And we invite you to be part of this.

I know that this must seem ridiculous, childish to some. You can surely manifest health for yourself and others, you can manifest money, love, whatever you want… but manifest an entirely new world?
I know that to many the current situation seems so huge and hopeless that they couldn’t believe for one moment that this could work.

But let me tell you something.

Why should it not work?

We have witnessed some miraculous manifestations in the past. I have seen people healing other people’s terminal cancer that Doctors said was uncurable and would lead to death before spring within 2 weeks simply by one short imaginal act.

People who had serious illnesses for 9 years that progressed so much that there seemed to be no hope have started to heal.

There are countless stories like this.

Imagine what we could do if we gathered together for one cause.

Why should it not work?

There is no reason to lose hope. When you are watching a movie, it doesn’t matter if they show you an ant or a savage beast charging at you. You know at all times that you are in control and can change the movie with the click of a button.

This is a crucial time in history and we are very close for things to get out of hand and end in violence. I don’t want this and I am sure you don’t want this either.

Thank you Sapien Medicine for taking part and allowing me to post this here.

The mass meditation will be premiered on the 15th of December here:

Share this with everyone who could be interested. You can also download the video and upload it to your channel if you want to. What is crucial is that we are consistent and show up every single day. Dates are detailed in the video.

Here are the detailed goals of the mass meditation:

  1. End of the pandemic and the danger of the virus
  2. End of all forms of restrictions and mandates, worldwide
  3. Recovery for everyone who is affected by the virus
  4. Reconciliation and peace

We want to create a better world.
Who wants to help?

Edit: I am sorry I didn’t specify this already. The mass meditations will take place at 9:30 AM UTC and 2:00 PM UTC. You can choose the time which suits you best, so everyone has the chance to join.


Count me in!

Thanks for doing that! :pray: :pray: :pray:


I surely want to help!
Thanks for this opportunity, God bless you :pray:t2:


Great idea . Me and my servitors are in ! :crossed_swords:
Dont know if I can make it everyday but I’ll try.


Lets Do this!!! I’m in!


Interestingly enough I’ve been partaking in a project like this with Moza Morphs subliminals which have manifest a better world with similar goals attached to some of their subs like for example the male glow up one so it’s nice to see it’s aligning me with similar interests. :v::relaxed::heart:

Will do my best to participate as well.


I would be honored to join this alliance


I live in Australia and it’s getting worse and worse here on the human rights front and December 15th is my birthday so it feels fitting that I join this. Great idea to put this level of concerted energy together from such a powerful group of beings. Thanks @SovereignSubliminals


I’ll be participating!

Thank you for your initiative.

:heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :brown_heart: :black_heart: :white_heart:


Count me in


Count me in man. I will spread the word where I can.
This is a great idea with infinite potential, us, users of these creators helping the world change. It shall be the first of many waves that will change the world for the better. So mote it be.

PS:I was in epic mood, hence the dramatic reply.


Count me and my servitors in !

Everybody assemble it’s time to shift reality’s :partying_face:

Oh btw what time will we meet ? :rofl::rofl::pray:t4:


We will meet every day on 9:30 AM UTC and/or 02:00 PM UTC
We have two options here so everyone around the world can choose when they want to do the meditation


Maybe you should also post this announcement to the Maitreya forum as well, since she will be participating in this too? It would help reach more audiences


Post the announcements everywhere the more the merrier


Maitreya is informed so she will probably post about it soon


Well, is it possible to spawn in some recently extinct animals? I’ll try to accomplish that on this mass meditation as well. Anyone can join in.


count me in
It would touch a much broader audience if sapien med channel and qi etc streamed it too


2 PM UTC = 9 AM EST (NY time zone)


Stay strong out there you lot - still battling the vaccine, refused the 2nd dose due to how I almost died after the first but I’m getting better everyday with natural treatments and diagnostics from doctors with a little back and forth with the medical system.

Anyone who wants to know how I’ve improved in my condition overtime just PM me (fields did help at times where I was scared my heart would stop alongside supplements + herbs). It’s important to know your batch code if you had this!

Love this community, we can get through this - millions of people are seeing this for what this is everyday and many more are aware than it would appear, including doctors!
United we stand, divided we fall.

The more people unite against this push to track people the less power they have. Don’t play their game, if you learn not to the first time by refusing/making a mistake you can get through it.

Yes, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. One candle can light up an entire room.