Life Force Tree NFT


One of your best artworks :heart_eyes:


I think this may be one of the most important fields you ever released, Captain, at least for me personally. The force of life was instantly and extremely powerfully felt. I’ve only had this field for a few hours, but - who am I? I don’t recognize myself. Wait - I actually do recognize myself. It’s just been a long time that I’ve seen her.

Now I feel again how I felt before certain life events hit me, knocked me down, again and again, until the flame that had always been burning so strongly in me, seemed to be reduced to merely a flicker. It is too early yet to give this kind of testimonial, but I’ve had burnout, and so far in the past hours, I have been feeling like I did before the burnout (mentally and physically), and before all the stuff that gradually more and more suffocated my internal fire.

Since getting this field, I’ve been feeling extremely physically energized, mentally and physically alert (in a very pleasant way though), excitable, open, lighter and more carefree again. The force of life eminating from my core now is super strong and it feels so pleasant.

I love tags and anything automatic, so I really appreciate the fact that this sort of replenishes intelligently and automatically. Incredible. And to think that this grows… Thank you so much, Captain, for this extremely generous and valuable gift you made us today for the 100th NFT.
And big Congratulations to you! :tada: :champagne: :clinking_glasses: :sparkling_heart: What an achievement!

And to anyone who didn’t get this NFT, remember to include in your stacks New Release: The Force of Life on a regular basis :sparkling_heart: Because Captain already gave us this and I’m just realizing what a treasure it is…


Interesting that when I went to the link to play the tree field it was at 100 likes!

I am so glad that you are feeling better, Kay! What an unexpected gift! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :hugs:


Wow, seriously magic on magic in this place! :sparkles: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And thank you so much, Rosechalice! :hugs::heart: It really is an unexpected gift! Because just these past days, I had actually started to lose faith in the fire ever returning. Interestingly too, I had felt drawn to start listening to the Force of Life in those days, so possibly I was slowly being guided to the solution by another force or subconsciously / by HS. Needless to say, I was neither consistent nor fast to follow that nudge :sweat_smile: Now with the NFT, I’m basically forced to follow, and I hope whoever feels similar will either get the NFT or listen to this free field a lot and consistently.


For some reason I feel the life force energy much more with this NFT than I did playing the Force of Life audio.

Initially I felt lower dantian activity but did not feel any energizing effects yet. I stopped paying attention and focused on reading e-mails and other activities when a while later I suddenly noticed that my whole body felt full of energy. I felt more lower dantian activity than previously and by then I could feel strong activity in my root chakra as well.

That was this morning. It is now roughly mid-afternoon and I feel very alert and energetic despite waking up too early before 5 am this morning. Still haven’t gotten the printed mandala on me yet.


I am less hungry and way more energetic. Guess that Prana is flowing where it is needed, just as Captain said🤩


Same here. I have never felt anything this strong. From the first moment I got it. With every single look at the picture, I love my life a little bit more. Actually, a lot more.

Deepest gratitude to the creator.


loop etheric cord cutter or SR series or both wearing this.

it should be felt, cannot be described.


do we know the size of the physical item?

Got an update, we will be getting framed posters, 18" x 24"
“Your new Life Force Tree order has been placed is being replaced, and your new order number is ____. We’ll send another email once it’s been shipped.”


btw this isnt the framed one obviously. I had this printed out by myself


Oh my God! WOW! That looks amazing!!



Nice! :heart_eyes:

Lovely idea to pair this with the Negentropic Petrichor! :+1:
So much freshness and life is radiating from this image - and I guess also from your home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


yep, feels like a permanent breeze


Dear @Captain_Nemo when we recieve the printed version should we expect enviromental effects from it? thank you!


Will printing the image like above and hanging it on the wall have the same effect as hanging up the framed picture on the wall?


Wow I can’t believe I missed this. Just seeing this for the first time as I’m using Force of Life. I hope I can find someone to trade with me for something


Framed picture already arrived in Germany today, the picture frame is 48 x 64 cm, thank you very much, captain :blush:


I believe it would have the same effect, given you own the NFT token also of course (for the Force of Life Tree).