The Eternal

Any point in me listening to Anti-Aging 2x a day when this NFT field has a audio?

I just realised that it would make more sense to replace Anti-Aging in my daily stack with this, since it seems like a far more enhanced version in every way…


Is the drawing from eternal energy sources for physical healing automated?

Can we also draw energy for physical healing from high energetic places we once visited?

Don’t think so since it was never stated but you can try doing experiment. But logically speaking I don’t think there would be such an option since every type of energy is not suitable for healing based on how they function. I’d only assume that he probably tied the field to a specific energy source from where it draws energy.

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A friend told me there life force included also so i hoped i could draw some extra from energy places

You can always try and see if that works

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That sounds more like the life force tree.

…or just draw it on your own?

People who have this nft for a year or more, what benefits you experience?


Just got mine. See you in 300 years!


In 300 years, I will be embarrassed by your too small goals :slight_smile:


That’s what’s up! I like your Moxy.

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Hi ! If I buy the NFT, will I automatically receive the eternal audio field too?


Yes when you buy it from the shop the audio is automatically there to download once the NFT is purchased.


anyone got an idea if the eternal nft’s smart healing field can also deal with pinched nerve ?

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I’m sure it could help. This is a very fortifying field that creates a snowball effect with your health… good things start to happen over time.

For pinched nerve you should try some of the structure fields… Spinal Tapper looped over night perhaps.


A funny thing occurred the other day. Hair on my chest regained color from white. My wife looked at me perplexed LOL.
The hair on my scalp is filling in some too! I recently started wearing this tag around 16 hours p/day. It is subtle yet very thorough. I can’t wait to see what else unfolds!


You mentioned double-sided tags earlier. What is on the other side of your Eternal tag?

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Are you also listen to the Eternal audios or just wearing tags only

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I have the Nestling on the other side. It seemed like a great idea.