Negative Karma Removal Tools (Fields)

You proved my point lol. I am a good human being because I care for the earth…? That’s sad bro.

It should be normal, everyone should care, but because of religion, and “the physical and the earth is a prison” dogma, it is rare nowadays.

Anyway you didn’t hurt me bro, I don’t know where you got your knowledge from, but I have encountered enough “higher” beings who see this planet as disgusting and who only care about your soul.

Doesn’t matter anyway, things are changing, different beings are incarnating daily, if you look at some modern children you can tell they’re starseeds, they come from a different source, with a mission and purpose.

The earth will be fine, it’s just humans who piss me off sometimes bro.

Like imagine if the governments suddenly introduced us to aliens, religious people would call it fake and satanic followed by civil war and mass depression lol.

Everyone says “there has to be life on other planets”, but it’s one thing to think and it’s another to actually see and meet them lol.
It would crush people’s faiths and realities.


For the love of the almighty… (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


You too bro, and stop reading hippy articles lol.


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No, I’m saying the way humans were “crafted”, is to be natural and love animals.

Why do you think we have a heart and crown chakra…?

We are supposed to be one with nature and the animals, that’s the “natural” way, not good or wrong, it’s just the lack of spiritual knowledge that either keeps people on a primal level, or worse, turns them into zombies who wanna die and go to “heaven”.

I don’t believe in good or evil, it is what it is, survival of the fittest and spiritual intelligence I guess.


I think that when we are born we are neutral. Our parents are the ones that choose our beliefs for us. Remember first 5 years we lack critical thinking. So whatever our parents display we take it in for our programming. Everything is just true and accepted for us even if it’s not. We don’t judge it. After some years we develop the critical gate that acts to protect that information from change. We grow up and some of us start realizing how messed up we are from our parents. Depending on our childhood of course. Some of us don’t see it and keep hitting walls. People should seek out and learn and decide what to believe for themselves and not just what their parents handed them as beliefs. And that will always be different for all of us. But it’s everybody’s right to choose for themselves.

The question is if we were left without contact from people and just grew up alone would we all share the same basic principles of what’s morally right or wrong?

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We aren’t the keepers of truth either lol. It’s all very subjective. But I’ll add our two cents.

Karma as we know it is consequence of an action. If you step on a puddle of water, it will have a ripple effect.

If you smack someone in the face for no reason, you might get smacked back… or the person will yell at you and cause a scene… or will press charges… or will go home and tell a bunch of people that you know and make them look at you differently… or will be turned on and discover they have a kink lol.

For every action, there is a reaction. This is in essence what karma is. But the spiritual karma we hear about is that sometimes, we still suffer the consequences from past lives. That what we do today, might ripple into one of our future lives if our karmic debt wasn’t resolved in this one. Well, the truth is… if you believe that’s true then yes, it’s true.

Our ‘karma’ is determined by our personal morals. If we believe what we did was wrong then by believing what we did was wrong would indicate that innately, we believe that we should be punished for it as well. But if you do what you believe is right, even if you cause others suffering, then you acted correctly within your own morals. You aren’t carrying guilt into your next life.

Unfortunately, the universe does not balance the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Right and wrong are human concepts. In fact, one might say that our consciousness is the universal force that balances the right and wrong. Whatever we believe it to be. Because remember, we are the very universe itself and we determine the flow of reality with our beliefs. The ALL holds no prejudice, but individually, we do. A negative being’s perception of right or wrong is completely different than that of a positive beings. Neither one is more right than the other.

So does this mean that many of world’s most brutal figures in history have circumvented karma by believing the pain and suffering they caused was the right thing to do? Yes and no. There is something else to it… The anger and hurt of others can latch onto you and create circumstances to rectify the wrong. So it is a complex interplay of what you believe and others believe.

And… there are ways to circumvent that too… So karma isn’t a fixed system. It really just is another word for ‘reaction.’


Thank you for your profound answer. @sammyg

I see.
So, there isn’t any special tool or Field for removing negative karma or negative soul contracts, it’s all in our beliefs or in our heads, if we strongly believe in it.
Subconscious limit dissolver will be enough for removing these kind of thinking I guess?

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Well as I said, it can carry on from beliefs we had in past lives… then they can manifest as certain insecurities or issues we have with ourselves in this life, that connect more with our current life’s circumstances. That being said, dealing with them is the same as dealing with all the other problems we have. Clearing them through spiritual growth in whatever way you see best fit (could be our fields, meditations, yoga, ext…).

Subconscious limits dissolver and the energy clearing could definitely help.


SMF’s Karma Xtreme Sigil

Perhaps the most popular of all the spells in the SMF’s XSigil Line. Clears 200 years of karma and possibly releases one from the cycle of rebirth. Side effects are amazing clarity of mind. Lifting of several karma driven maladies. And the potential to unify with a soulmate. :sunglasses:


I think @Dreamweaver has different opinion regarding karma honestly, but he won’t to speak about that and I respect
btw have you met already your soul guiders Dream?


He’s the one who taught me this actually. It boggled my mind when I first learned it as well because I couldn’t fathom it either. But as I grew more over the years, the more it clicked logically and experienced it firsthand. Duality is an illusion.


Oh, that was awesome, I’m now a mage 80 level, like Roku, and I dominate the noobs :smiling_imp:


If that is what you believe, then that is fine. As I said, this is just me and Dream’s perspective on the matter. For the sake of discussion though, I’ll continue down your train of thought.

Like I said, karma is ‘reaction’ so for the most part, people who inflict harm on others get what’s coming for them. Also, you’d be surprised with the fact that most people who do ‘wrong’ things know they are doing wrong. Like rapists know they shouldn’t be doing that but they do it anyways. And like I said, the beliefs/suffering of others will usually generate a karmic force on the actor as well.

But then, a lion who kills dozens of antelopes in his lifetime, what karma is inflicted on him? Or the daily rapes that happen all throughout the animal kingdom?

Humanity is unique because we believe things are right or wrong. An antelope isn’t thinking a lion is evil for trying to eat him. We are unique because we think. Throughout history, every tribe has developed their own set of beliefs as to what is right and what is wrong and more often than not, they can all be quite different! So how is the universe to know how to balance the right and wrong if humanity hasn’t been able to agree on what is right and wrong? How about all the other intelligent beings in the universe with other beliefs of right and wrong? A negative being is part of the universe too so it should receive karma for doing the things it is in its nature to do?

The creative and destructive forces of nature work hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other as the universe is the result of these forces. Creation comes from destruction. That is the balance of the universe. As for the universe having an underlying force of karmic justice…. I mean….

Look at our world man. Is there justice in this world? The negative forces have had a hold on this planet for thousands upon thousands of years. Lifetimes upon lifetimes of injustice on mankind and all because darkness has held a strong grip on this planet. So many injustices uncalled for and that continue to still go on today. If karma worked like some people said it did, then our world wouldn’t have lasted this way as long as it has. We’d get happy endings.

That being said, do we have a moral code? Of course we do. We believe in unity. People shouldn’t impose their beliefs on others; We shouldn’t impose suffering on others; We should be honest with eachother; We should share enough with eachother so that we all have enough and so on. It’s logical to try to create a world that works out for everyone because that absolves conflict and allows for us to more easily evolve.

But we aren’t there yet. Humans aren’t that much evolved from animals it seems sometimes. I apologize for sounding cynical but it’s the current reality and I think it’s important to see things as they are if we are to overcome it.


As I said, this is just our perspective on it. We don’t know. But neither do you so then why are you getting offended by what we say?

This is what we’ve come to learn along our paths and you will come to your own conclusions as you continue down further in the path. This is partly why me and dream (mostly him) often don’t like to budge in these sort of discussions because no matter what we say, it won’t resonate with everyone. There are many things we’ve discovered that are unorthodox but will never share because unless you experience such things, they will not resonate.

We don’t want to influence people’s perspectives on things because we believe experience to be the greatest teacher of all. That is why we provide so many tools for you all to discover truth on your own.


Sorry @SammyG I didn’t really first was interested in karma things.
I just wanted to know do you and Dream believe in Soul guiders after death and do you guys believe if they are planning your and mine lives and if there’s soul contract which we must accomplished no matter what it is that according to our previously doings and lessons we failed to accomplish but wanted. I just wanted to know this one and that escalated in this whole karma thing.
This is something completely different thing. I am speaking about afterlife plannings for our next lives etc

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dude, you’re trying to get an answer that no one will give an answer to. there are no such magicians with such abilities on this forum, and you can argue and prove endlessly

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I just want to thank you anyway for sharing your opinion I treat it as the finger not the moon where i wan’t to go :smile:. Nonetheless I think it’s always a very valuable information to think about.


@SammyG what if what we called karma is just name for what is happening after our life , I mean in the name of sake of choosing next life with our souls guiders? According to our previously doings?
That our previously doings in past lives formed our now and next lives? Be it good or bad one?

I just wanted to ask you do you or @Dreamweaver believe in this one?

And that’s the reason why I asked you does Dream believe in this, does he has his Soul guiders and did he met them with his abilities already?

Why is my friend after her car accident/went to comma met her soul guiders who tell her in that time who her soulmate is and she married him now even if that was impossible for her in that time to believe and to accomplish? And she is said so many things there? She even met Jesus there, did she halucinate, did she all made up with her imagination I wonder

I just wanted to know does Dream know about existing that place if it really exist?

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That’s exactly what she was telling me that it’s going there according to her experiences with her soul guiders.
If someone raped or anything did anyone in one life then in next lifes they will switched roles or someone will raped that person…or even its same with wars sufferings etc, I mean if some persons bullied hard one guys, in next life that guys will building them etc, it’s circle she said
She said that Soul guiders told her it’s what they calling ultimative karma and none can escape from it or Soul contracts.
I was confused then, but perhaps it justice idk
That’s the reason why I initiated this thread with adm. To know ways of escaping this if possible.

She said jews in this life will bulling (killing) nazis from past lives, and they(Jews) or anyone who suffered from them, will be characterized as really bad guys. I don’t know what she was meaning in future. She didn’t tell me. But it’s all planned, that’s the point she telling me.
Well probably she hallucinated idk
But the point is according to her “it’s all postponed” and that’s the reason why life seems unjust , her words not mine

That’s why I asked if there’s any karma removal tools or tools for tearing up soul contracts and if Dream believe in all that or not?


So you think we have 100% free will and we all everything creates/created, be it good or bad?
There’s no such thing as soul guiders which determine some of our soul contracts, I mean our free will and destiny?
We are in 100% charge?
Just want your opinion on this one it’s all