New Item: Moldavite tag


Disclaimer: Two limited edition items will be offered that may not be offered again at the eventual re-open.

Buy at risk, we will do the processing and shipping of these as best as we can. But as the covid shipping problems caused so much lost packages. We are selling these without any refunds and limited shipping areas, until the store closes again to re-evaluate the shipping success/failures in this trial.

8% Discount in effect.

Code is ‘limited’


cleanest moldavite energy you will get without boosting and no need to worry for it to be fake

boy boy boy thas some good stuff!


So is this one of the two limited time items? I thought they were the social mastery and the advanced energy pendants, but I could be wrong. I’m hoping not!

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I hope too man, moldavite is really nice and to get good moldavite is pricy too, and armor tag is a lot better to have than to listen to the field most of the time

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The two tags in the sapien shop are the limited tags because they have (Limited Edition) right next to their names.




Man I’m definitely getting it! I’m so happy this came out, i was looking into buying a huge piece of Moldavite some time in the future for hundreds of dollars, now i don’t have to :)

I just need to cop Ascension and BPIL first lol, i think ascension tag + the Moldavite tag would be a great combo since the ascension tag would have Moldavite energy to feed off, i wasn’t aware of that till Ace brought it to my attention


just ordered it. couldn`t stop myself when I’ve read that it’s known as “The Holy Grail Stone.”


Just got my moldative tag…haven’t run my brain stacks today yet, but noticed instant brain fog lifted…wearing with SLR+Cognitive…game on!


There it is! At least im not in my own :rofl:

I noticed about 20 minutes ago that the word is “Moldavite” actually like wtf how have I misread this every single time in my life???
I still can’t believe it.


Like I said…the mistype was due to the brain fog. :smile:…what’s really interesting, is I don’t usually sleep with tags on…I fell asleep with this one on…woke up in the middle of the night, totally refreshed and started working on tasks that I’d been procrastinating on…no resistance just executing on what needed to be done…

Like Captain Nemo has said 'but it also seems to have its own way with you"


Yes, I’ve always heard that too about the physical stone, which has me on the fence with this tag. (Although I do like the tag’s image. Haha)

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Just bought this one and was wondering if it affects the people around you when you wear it like physical moldavite?

My tag arrived yesterday and this has been my first day of wearing it. Beautiful energy, quite strong. Felt some intense pain in my chest almost like I was having a heart attack wearing it… intuition told me it was the tag, proceeded to look up some information and it appears to be clearing some blockages… I started laughing hysterically after :slight_smile:


i`ve received the tag 2 days ago and have been wearing it since.
today I noticed 2 bumps on the front(small one at the bottom and bigger one at the top)
this has also happened to the Ascension tag, but got back to being flat after a while.
does anybody know why this happens?

I wonder if @GoddessAndGodOfAll got this one?


There is a thread about it, it will go back to normal after a day or two

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the thing is that i`ve also worn the chakra tag with this and that one is still flat.
my guess would be that it’s either alive(conscious) in a way or another or it just extracts energies(negative) .
dunno just some wild guesses
ps. i really like the energy of the Moldavite.


Soon! Soon! In a few hours I’ll be buying it! I just wanted to buy ascension and light and glory first… I can’t wait to see how my life changes with this one, you already know i love my moldavite! Still rocking the rock in the sock! lol

Have you gotten your self one bro?


No buddy, I got only the Armor lol…