Newly released item: Thor Redux

Thor Redux, upgraded from the original mandala Mjolnir’s Power. This has some the energy and power of Thor himself that lends itself to you while you use it. Its pretty cool, and interesting to see how people act differently with you around, perhaps even as if you are Thor himself. It will also give some of his courage, and dominance. Perhaps even help you crush obstacles in your way.


I actually want this Dog tag.


Avatar state yip yip!


I’m really excited to see what are people experiences with the tag since it’s an upgraded version!



When it says " This has some the energy and power of Thor himself that lends itself to you while you use it."

How literal is this? I would like to know if using this involves me with an actual Entity. Or is this just a metaphor?


Actual entity, Dream needs “permission” from the entities to make it.

So Thor will be aware that some mortal is using his powers, but you shouldn’t be afraid of Thor, he’s a cool being if you are respectful and disciplined.

Edit: Hence the “perhaps help you crush obstacles in your way” aka Thor helping out.


How did you learn this?

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Also I should maybe put my part here as I have experience with Thor the entity, to perhaps help clear some misconceptions.

Thor is a warrior, first and foremost. Not a bully, not some insecure punk that pretends to be “alpha”.

Most martial artists and great warriors are usually very respectful, because they know they can fight so they have nothing to prove and show off.

So if you are a wussy then yes Thor will push you to be more warrior-like.

Wisdom,Strength and Discipline are what define a warrior.

Thor’s other aspects include dominance, a love for earth and the animals, and magic.

Thor loves when people are interested in Norse magic, specifically rune magic, and will help you if you ask him to.

If you feel like you wanna go around killing people, that’s your lack of discipline, not Thor.

He makes you feel strong and powerful, so your “primal” side might kick in and you go around being alpha and “viking”, but if you keep that pace up you might get a bitchslap from Thor to remind you to be disciplined and control your impulses.


Where did he say this? I tried searching the forum for “permission”. No luck.


Journal Entry of Thor: Day 2 :frowning_face::

Today was one of the worse days I have had in a long time, after having this tag! I had even slammed the table hard with my fist, just because they’d mentioned Jesus! :frowning: He is not my God anymore, can’t you see?! I was so mad, even at the smallest things! How come no ones understands me and what I have been through!? I FEEL I AM ON MY OWN, NO ONE UNDERSTANDS! No one will EVER stand in my way! Do you understand!?! Is this what you guys wanted to hear!?! Is it? I feel like I am going cuckoo right now! Anybody screws with me again, I will punch them in their freaking face! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! IS THIS WHAT YA’LL WANTED TO HEAR!?! :rage:

Heh, yeah right, nobody controls me, not even Thor. I must say though, I have been in an extra chipper mood. It seems he makes me feel more funny and confident about my jokes, so I tell my jokes better. And I still went to church today. He’s also given me willpower to meditate for 2 hours straight. I had gotten really emotional to where I’d started to cry during my meditation. I was crying because God still blesses me by putting random wonderful people in my life, and the blessings just keep coming. I have manifested everything that I have been wanting as of late, and it just doesn’t stop. But if it wasn’t for Thor, I would’ve not had the will power to resist the course. And I ended up manifesting it anyway. I am really thankful man. It seems Thor just makes everything better. The only thing was, yesterday when I first got the tag, I had felt the power. It was pretty strong, but nothing my aura couldn’t handle. But I forgot to take it off before an hour of sleep, so I was wide wake.(I don’t think Thor likes sleep. :smile:) But thanks to my dragon, sleep came easy with a couple of commands. The only thing that I am worried about, is I had read a post that my boy @Zen had posted, and it seems just the mandala had his dog scared of him. Animals are my world, and I will stop wearing this, if that’s the case. Although one incident, I was actually pretty proud of myself, as I had kept my composure. Someone around where I stay(supposedly Christian) had made a comment about wanting take a mother duck’s eggs(4 of them) but said they didn’t because they were worried that people might see .(To eat. How greedy, as if chicken eggs weren’t enough.) This pissed me off for a little, like literally for a split second. Then it made me sad. I just simply told them, “Why would you take her eggs? Would you like it if someone took your kids from you?” And they said, “Of course not.” I just told them they are God’s creatures, so give them the same respect. Just because we are more intelligent than animals, doesn’t give us the right to disrespect them. They are entitled to this Earth, just as much as us. Shit made me sad, I had to walk off. I even cried for a bit. People are so evil, they don’t even know it. But, yeah, I really like this Thor Redux tag! :+1: :+1:


Oh and I know what you guys are thinking, it’s only been 2 days. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you guys posted. :smile:


Yeah, it won’t be daily, more like a couple of times every week…Lol…I had just posted that one because I had barely gotten it. And after reading all the posts about the Thor mandala, and how it wrecked some people, that really had me interested. That was a big part of why I wanted it.(Besides for the idea that @GoddessAndGodOfAll had gave me about using it in the gym) I love challenges, and some were saying that he might hate me because I am Catholic, which made me want to see just how strong my mind is.(It’s pretty strong, just like yours @anon6431808) Thanks buddy, it’s always good and pleasant, hearing from you. :smile:


Bro, we are cut from the same cloth. Thanks bro! Yeah, catch you some sleep, vampire! :smile: (j/k)


I am a vampire too! Last evening I played the Detox track five times, knocked me out cold!


Lol…get you some sleep bro! Thor says…GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW, OR ELSE! :smile:


The tag is different from the mandala.
The translation of the energy is less aggressive and more agreeable.


Oh…lol…No wonder…I love it! Hey, so it won’t make animals scared of me will it? I will try the mandala out then, starting tommorow…lol…TBH, I still don’t think it would give me much of a challenge…I can’t wait! And @O.O, said it was like the mandala, but boosted 15 times…


more power but less aggression


You know what, I thought about it. I don’t have anything to prove to myself or anyone else. I know my mind is strong. I am not going to waste valuable precious time on this lockdown to prove any points. I mean if you guys are interested, maybe in the future, let me know. I will see if I have time. But right now I am working on getting smarter and being more spiritual. I want to just keep raising my vibrations. A big part of why I had gotten it, was to test my spirituality and my mind. But it seems things just naturally panned out for me, unknowingly. And I feel like since Dream had said it’s less aggressive, I won’t be scaring animals. Or people. :heart:


That’s true some. If that’s what you’re looking for in a tag, I’d recommend Chakras.