Official Astral Travel Thread

Yoga Nidra can be a great help in learning to journey astrally… I generally use the Meditation audio from the Sapien course along with the practice and it works beautifully.



  • You need to stop identify yourself with your physical body.
  • Also you need to overcome and remove all fears of leaving the body.


  • Your body needs to go into sleep paralysis mode, while your stay fully awake with your daily consciosness.

I was referring to conceptual informational for Dream to incorporate into a field. But, those are def good tips.

Visualization + imagining you being at the place you want to project and touching stuff there, is definitely helpful

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I’ve tried the rope technique, but i can’t always get a solid grip on the rope and my mind likes to keep making my hands slip or phase through the rope. I personally find that visualizing a metal chain instead helps me to retain the climbing meditation better.


Yes I’ve done this before with my eyes still open and aware of being where I was physically and I felt like I projected there. I felt I was 2 places at once. This was after using the Epsilon field. What brainwave state is the best for astral travel? Is it Epsilon or Delta?


You do NOT need permission from your Higher Self.

  • If your Higher Self wouldn’t want to you to project it would not have guided your interest to the astral projection topic in the first place
  • The Higher Self projects are part of shim (= you) into the physical reality to actually experience this dense matter and experience it under the illusion of being a physical body on a physical planet. Main part of the illusion is that you forget where you came from and that the whole physical universe is just a temporary playground.
  • Astral traveling destroys this illusion for the incarnated self as it learns that death and matter are just illusions and are like a temporary entertainment park.
  • When the incarnated self reaches a certain level of development and has collected most of the experiences it wanted to collect while being under full material illusion, the attention is then guided to spiritual and esoteric stuff, including astral travel. From here on your success to astral travel only depends on overcoming your fears to do so and feeding your subconscious mind with the right intentions.
  • In summary: if you are interested in astral travel, then you are at a point where you do not need permission from anyone. Only dedication to make it work.

Right. Technically the only thing that keeps you from Astral Projecting is not being connected with the Higher Self which already lives in the 6th dimension. The ego and identification with the physical body is the obstacle, not lack of permission. The Higher Self WANTS you to explore your spiritual nature.

But, PRAYING for help from the HS, that’s beneficial.


Since your physical body has to fully relax and go into sleep mode, I would say theta or delta. If I remember correct, at the Monroe Institute they aimed for theta brainwaves with their hemi-sync technology.


Yeah that makes perfect sense. Don’t want to be too low of brainwave state.

Step 1: Relaxing the body while remaining conscious:
Perhaps automated pranayama subfield to increase amount of energy available to project(while we use 4,6,4 breathing method) combined with The Meditation audio from the Energy Course subfield (maybe right between theta and delta just like the original) or mid-theta.

Also, maybe Imaginarium Divine concepts + Unstoppable Willpower + Essence of Faith and Prayer to create the willpower/faith and connection to the HS.
And as @Beast suggested below:
Ego dissolution may be helpful as well to disconnect from the identification of the body + Schumann Resonance instead of Meditation Audio field or Mid-Theta as I suggested. Will leave that up to your judgement, Capt. + stimulation of Parietal Cortex and whatever else was in the old Lucid Dreaming field.

For protection, as @anon44876465 suggested:

  • Energetic shielding (any of them, like from the shielding tag or Armor of Light and glory, or a new one. For protecting your astral form from harm or entities.)
    And for astral sight: Enhanced Visual Processing

What do you think? @Captain_Nemo and everyone else. @GCSHIV @Jennyfire @Vesparda @Baya


Great, if you keep climbing you will reach a stage where it feels like you are abt to be shot out of a rocket with great speed…most imp is to be calm at that stage (easy to say, lol i had to open my eyes to stop myself being launched, 4-7 nights of practice should make oneself accustomed to that feeling and maybe from there to the leap


Sapien’s chakra audios might be a good fit too (I’ve heard from some places that chakras are on the astral plane, but don’t now if it’s true).

And IF other creators’ works are allowed in the preparation, SZ has a file for unblocking your astral senses. I notice a temporary increase in energy sensitivity when I use it. Maitreya has a gumroad audio (free on patreon) for Astral Projection too, but I never personally tried it so I can’t comment on effectiveness.


Of course the chakras have a huge role as they are part of the 4th dimensional body/energy body. The energy body is the foundation of being able to project into the 5th dimension consciously. But, what we are supposed to be doing is coming up with concepts for Dream to incorporate into fields like I just did in my comment above. Guess everyone of the other 3 people are busy.

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Oh okay! Allow me to suggest things then.

So for a field for energetic conditions, these existing fields could be included:

  • Aura clearing (for removing any junk blocking your astral sensations)
  • Energy Blockage Removal + Chakra growth/stimulation (same as above)
  • Energetic shielding (any of them, like from the shielding tag or Armor of Light and glory, or a new one. For protecting your astral form from harm or entities.)

For a field for biological changes, these could be included:

  • Enhanced visual processing (for astral sight)
  • Brain hemisphere synchronization (I forget what for, but I know it is important for this type of work)
  • Pineal gland decalcification

and layered over a Theta brainwave frequency for meditational transition


Im not one of the 5 chosen ones but i would recommed to keep the fields as simple as possible.

I dont think you need a connection with the HS and i also think that the essence of prayers is unecessary as well.

The most important thing is the Body asleep Mind awake phase

So a good Astral Travel field would consist out of:

  • something to calm the body/ put it to sleep
  • stimulation of certain brain parts so one doesnt actually fall asleep
  • ego dissolution + lowering brainwave state
  • schumann resonance

maybe something to make leaving the body easier as well but that goes beyond my current knowledge

thats my take on it


Oh and to add to this, I think something should be put in the fields to allow you to retain more detailed and comprehensive memories of your astral experiences (sorta like dream recall)


I def agree with all this but respectfully disagree. Anytime I ever try to do any energy or healing work or any ritual whatsoever, my success is better when praying to my Divine Mother/HS first. But, that seems like a great combo of fields.


Right so stimulation of the parietal cortex and I forget what other parts. Just like the old Lucid Dreaming field.


yeah that too!