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+1 for card system, room (white light waves would be my choice) and devic intercession

and of course the physical fields


hmm…if your mum is diabetic and vomits all the time and kollapses then she needs alot of liquids and something to balance the acid/ base in the body. if you can buy natrium bicarbonat or hydrogenvarbonat in a pill form three pills a day should help. i say this because if she suffers now from kidney injury due to diabetes and not being able to drink properly then liquids and those pills should help.

maybe also you should consider if she is having an infection which she probably does being so weak in the moment. then try the bacteria destroyer amd uvc audio. try to feed her yougurt in between.

i hope for the best for you and your mum!


Thank you all, for your love, kindness and help.

My great mistake was that I gave her a pill that day, so she could go to the toilet (she didnt go for almost 2 weeks) and she reacted badly, she had diarrhea and she vomited (but only that day); since then she ate even less than usual; for now, we didnt get her to the hospital, but she does take perfusions; my brother said that if she is not a little bit better by tomorrow, he will take her to the hospital; she also takes medication for diarrhea, for now it seems to have been stopped.

I dont know how to help her eat; she seems to be psychologically not well (she seems to suffer from apathy, no will to live anymore, no positivity) that might be the cause, even if not the only cause for her lack of apetite.

The problem on her left foot is slightly aggravated/worse, if it continues this way, she will lose her leg…
I can understand why she can not eat, but I just wish that she will regain her will and strength.

She used Hulda Zapper, Near Infrared, Far Infrared, Environment(al) fields, including Light Waves, Brain Regeneration, Cardio, Blood Circulation, Pranic Swirls, Chi, Jing, Shen, Micro, Resilience/Anti fragile, Chakras, Be The Healer, Plasma Light Bioactive Beach, plus other fields…
Cards were also used, especially the Healing one.
So far, she feels a little bit better, but idk what will happen next, yet I hope and persevere for a good or at least not a terrible outcome, although right now, I have no idea if her leg can be saved, hopefully at least her life and her sanity…


Perhaps the new probability wave field on Gumroad can help your mothers situation?


Idk, brother, maybe.

Anyway, she has quite the resources already.


No I meant for the best outcome possible and perhaps to even bring things to increase your chances of having that specific outcome (the idea of that field)

This could really help in your situation I think

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Having a balanced and strong root chakra is important when it comes to the will to live. The root chakra is associated with your survival instinct as well as the base of life force energy.

" The Root Chakra is the base of our life force energy and acts as the link between the outside physical world and our internal energetic system—it gives us the motivation to get up each day, eat, and procreate."

Constipation and lack of appetite are also associated physical issues with root chakra problems. Anyway, just a suggestion to look into.


Wow, thank you.

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Gotta go guys.
Thank you again.



Back to the basics

Garnet + Ruby & Carnelian (my review of apathy) (protecting root chakra area as well thx @Atreides )

There may be a lot of energy leakage as well due to all the damages / trauma so… soul restoration & aura repair. Has something to do with root / lower dantien as well

Readings / references / alternatives

You must have a solid cup (soul restore) to pour in the water (energy)


Thank you.

Idk if this makes sense or not or whether she can handle it but plasma flaunt is your go to at this point man

and telling you man that probability wave is key right now


You should get her a fiber powder, you can put it in any type of food, my mother uses yogurt.

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Tomorrow they will amputate her left leg…
All the effort was in vain, neither surgeries, medication, fields nor prayer could save her leg. :pensive:

For me it was and is mostly a success, using fields I got better eyesight, better teeth, diminished breathing issues/asthma, no medication needed for allergies, hemorrhoids no longer a problem, etc., yet for my mom, nothing could save her leg…

A doctor told me recently that she had no circulation there, that’s why nothing could be done, plus if they dont remove her leg, the gangrene will spread and she will have to fight infections too, she will definitely die without this surgery.

Perhaps if I discovered Sapien Medicine faster…
Perhaps if she would have listened to fewer fields, but more often, idk at this point…
And of only she would have also done autosdugestions and yoga daily, also if she would have tried to walk and not choose to stay in bed all day…
But she was weak, in the last few months she could not eat.

You guys helped her, you tried to save/help her, either through distant healing, prayers, servitors… and I thank you all.

I will no longer update about her situation and I hope that she will have/get the strength to fight and to live.

Take care everyone and thank you for everything.


You take care of yourself as well, my friend. :heart:


Thank you. :pray:
All The Best to You and Everyone. :yellow_heart:


Back in 2019 when my mom was dying of cancer I tried many SM fields but she died anyway.

Later on I discovered that there are different layers that one has to deal with before getting optimal results from fields, like PONR.

Now I was able to share PONR field with my brother who’s mentally ill and he’s moving foward in life since then, he dropped medication, he dropped psychiatric assistment and he’s going out a lot and developing new friendships. Something that wasn’t possible before PONR with regular fields.


excuse me, could you please explain to me what is the PONR field? :thinking:

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Point Of No Return, there’s a free stack and a paid field.

I’m Gonna add some links here: