Productivity Powerhouse

Unlock your brain’s full capability and transform your productivity with our revolutionary audio set, “Productivity Powerhouse.” Expertly crafted to synergize the concepts of (prior fields) “Superhuman Genius,” “Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor,” and “Enhanced Brain Hemisphere Connectivity,” and A deep inner drive to get up and get it done.

  • Superhuman Genius: Tap into extraordinary cognitive enhancement that sharpens your intelligence and learning capabilities. This field enables you to grasp complex concepts quickly, retain more information, and apply knowledge in innovative ways, setting the stage for academic and professional success.
  • Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor: By modulating the dopamine levels in your brain, this audio helps sustain your focus and motivation. Increased dopamine availability ensures a longer, uninterrupted attention span and a more enjoyable, rewarding work process, helping you tackle tasks with enthusiasm and persistence.
  • Enhanced Brain Hemisphere Connectivity: Improve the communication between the left and right hemispheres of your brain, fostering a remarkable increase in creativity and problem-solving skills. This field ensures that logical and creative thoughts are not isolated but work hand-in-hand to generate balanced, innovative solutions.
  • Stop Procrastination: Directly tackle the root of productivity issues with this powerful field. It helps overcome the tendency to delay crucial tasks by enhancing your mental energy and drive, ensuring that procrastination no longer holds you back from reaching your full potential.

Benefits of Using the Productivity Powerhouse:

  • Peak Cognitive Performance: Experience a significant uplift in your intellectual abilities, making it easier to overcome challenges and excel in demanding environments.
  • Sustained Motivation and Focus: Enjoy prolonged periods of deep concentration without the usual distractions, allowing for greater productivity and efficiency in completing tasks.
  • Enhanced Creativity and Problem Solving: Leverage enhanced neural connectivity to bring creative insights and logical reasoning together, enabling you to approach problems from unique angles and come up with outstanding solutions.
  • Faster Learning and Information Retention: Accelerate your learning process and improve your ability to recall information quickly and accurately, a crucial advantage in today’s fast-paced world.

Ideal for Ambitious Minds: Whether you’re a student aiming for academic excellence or a professional striving for career advancement, “Productivity Powerhouse” is designed to support your ambitions. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to achieve more in less time and with less effort.

And here is our wonderful sales line

70s radio ad voice

Don’t just keep up with the competition—surpass them. Activate your “Productivity Powerhouse” today and start experiencing the pinnacle of cognitive enhancement and productivity!


does this include pro active brain?


It looks like a multi targeting approach and a stronger version ? Gotta get my hand on this, it’ll be perfect for final exams considering it’s only one minute long…


Woow 1 minute long, first it was 15sh minutes, then 8sh then 3 now 1, amazing


Description does not say it does…


This sounds extremely lit!!! I imagine it becomes permanent after a while?


Like Maoshan said, it doesn’t say but from the description I can infer it has similar aspects to pro active. It says it stops procrastination and provides you with more motivation. Resulting, in a more pro active you. This will make any task at hand easier and can be accomplished in a quicker rate. Ps i think ima have to cop this one for sure :relieved:


Sounds very nice for Sure. But these are free fields mixed into one no?


There is 2 out of the 4 shown fields that are free however there will be more inside this most likely to give the desired outcome. So it’s more then just free fields mixed.


Am I trippin or is Dream just blasting releases atm.


Could it be looped 6 times @Moshiro ? given it has the Superhuman Genius field which may overwhelm the brain!

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This is absolutely crazy, with these newly released field… might have to start adding these to my wishlist.


I’m no expert at all but I might give a feed back. Just bought it with the sales and gonna try it when coming back home, it will be more clear for me to explain it. Even if it’s shorter, certainly there is the same warning (about autism field, plasma brain of youth if you want to loop it etc…), this field looks extremely strong.

Time to go back to brain stack apparently…


Currently listening to it, 30 times already, it’s too early but right now there is no particular problem.

It’s as if someone was massaging my brain and detoxing it manually, for last weeks my head felt so heavy, it was uncomfortable. It feels really good now, I feel lighter, less agitated, mind is calm and it instantly made me more optimistic / happier. There is a little electrifying sensation but nothing disturbing at all, it’s overshadowed by an overall well being very fast.

Before listening, there was this bad sensation and feeling of being overwhelmed, not being able to think properly for the past weeks, I had a very pessimistic mind, was not able to focus on anything, it was really annoying. Being easily distracted, even more than usual and always being on alert.

I really feel the bain hemisphere connectivity and dopamine boost which are even more obvious with ADHD, every field field about them always instantly work on me and makes me way more happy, in control, focused and balanced.

It’s only the first day, I didn’t do anything special to observe results and it’s too early to go into details but this field seems really promising and a major time saving ! I have to study for final exams so let’s see what’ll happen.


@Captain_Nemo does this interact with adhd medications negatively in any way ?


@Dr_Manhattan a brain field without you being here feels missing something…


don’t see it like that

With or without me, it was crafted by the Dreamweaver and it’s bound to be awesome :slight_smile:


Not in a negative way, in fact it does have a similarity, that is the dopamine Reuptake blockers leading to more available dopamine in your system.

Potentially it might be too much dopamine for your taste, so if you are on a treatment for ADHD go slow and test your tolerance,


For me it feels a little bit like the free stop procrastination field on YT. It just pushes me to do productive work. That’s fantastic! :pray:t3:


Will this field make the brain develop continuously like the classic permanent brain enhancement or will it only be a temporary effect similar to that of a nootropic?