Quasi Kinetic Aura

I’m with you on how great this one is! It pulls me through the most intense playlists and always end up comfortable and relaxed. Your Aura literally becomes a field integrator LOL.

Follow this up with Tuaoi Crystal. Kinetic Quasi Crystal and Ego Dissolution, then Microcosmic Orbit for a powerful pre-stack. If someone wants to be really thorough, they could do the Aura cleanse, and others to cleanse the area too; before this stack + use the higher being experience + Raise Your Vibrational State to create a great trifecta prestack. If one were to bring the book of cards into play, they could use Aura cleanse, chakra stimulation, energy sensitivity along with others to enhance this.

The Energy Storage item can store the environment that you have just created (up to this point); so you can release and use it during a latter playlist (then store that new, compounded Energy & continually repeat the release & capture snowball effect). The Cone of Power is a great way to end each session, that you will store to send your gratitude & joy out as well


Hello! Did you already receive it? If not, I can put a wetransfer together for you.


Hi! I just got it indeed, but thank you so much as well for the kind availability :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome! Glad you got it. Have a great day and enjoy the music!


Thank you so much! Have a great day you too of course :four_leaf_clover::star2:


I have just acquired this nft via trade, can anyone send me the audio? Can provide proof of ownership if requested, thanks in advance.

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I will send it but for future trades of NFTs with audios, make the person you are trading with have the audio too, dont make it so easy on them just getting your NFT while you have to go around asking for the audio.


Ok noted l, thanks once again.

Wow just 3 min, I guess 2x right before/after with KQC is enough?

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A lot of people (myself included), just run it 1-2x when starting a stack. I don’t think you need to loop it too often. It’s powerful and with just 1x on my primary stack I am good.


Awesome NFT! Does anyone have the audio? I’ll prove that I legally bought it:)

Only a few of this gem sold. People reading this, you are missing out on a very, very powerful item.

First and foremost, it completely seals your aura off from any outside “dirt” and provides that much-needed layer of protection you actually need to properly cut off etheric cords, work on your negativity and internal triggers etc. Effect of all shields is multiplied and enhanced. Aura restoration is a breeze. And in this isolated space any healing audios’ effectiveness is multiplied and refined to a ridiculous level.

Second, this is a must if you have multiple NFTs and listen to multiple audios and feel overwhelmed. Words like “seamless integration” come to mind. Everything you have on you will be implanted in this, surrounding, nurturing, protecting, and not overwhelming.

The sheer value of this alone is hundreds of times more its original price on Soundweave. Must-have.


True all NFTs such as this are heavily under-valued due to their low pricing and some probably assume it’s not that important. I was one of those people, fields like this could easily be priced around 100+ because of how potent it is.


Scientists find that Quasi Kinetic crystals are billions and billions of years old, and not from planet Earth….


Just bought this, #244, can’t believe I never looked into this field fully, just seemed like something for the stone/mineral enthusiast to me lol.

Little did I know it’s a potent and one of a kind field/energy booster, on top of being a literal physical energy booster, protective shielding against negative outside influences, boosts magnetism and attraction, amongst many other things, saves time from having to spam fields, makes each listen far more effective, boosts NFS connections, etc.

All for such a humble price.


Hopefully this boosts effects from other non sapien med frequencies that one may listen to also, I hope this doesn’t block that out potentially?

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Yes because it grows and thickens your aura and then you absorb more fields, energy and so they linger for longer

No it doesnt.


Is this NFT still available? Original link doesn’t work and couldn’t find it on Sapien Shop

The Sound Weave seems to be gone for now. In the meantime you can check out Kinetic Quasi Crystal on Gumroad, or wait for SM’s team official announcement as to what will be

Been working with KQC for past 2 weeks now and been liking it. Was just looking to take energy capacity and field assimilation capabilities to the next level with this.

Thanks anyway


link doesnt work

@ecaiii thanks

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