Quasi Kinetic Aura

Got this NFT by @Danny_Ho, immediately printed out and the mental weight that my NFTS have been putting on me feels like it’s washed away :heart:. Feel so glad to have this.

And the best part, no need for repeated listening all the time. That’s a great perk.


Now with the audio even better.

You can try playing it at the end of your heavy playlists so it helps integrates and with the overwhelm feeling

Kinetic Quasi x 1 at the beginning
Then the other audios (reduce the loops to 2 only)
Last this one

And youll see how amazing that way works

(Ah i remember you have PUs one so play it after that one at last and no Kinetic Quasi… that one its for the same)


So basically

Kinetic aura beginning
Stack 1-2x listen
Kinetic aura at the end.

Feels like a huge relief. Normally I would have to expand more listening to feel “ok” lol. Thank you


Nah in your case id play it different

Energy blockage removal x 1 to unstuck excess of energy and release it
Then audios
Then Quasi KA

(Because you use PUs i dont know where u put that one)


Ok great, thank you :muscle:

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Still got my claim NFT mail but when the audio is added afterwards, it‘s not downloadable on my mobile. I can only listen to it via Phantom. Strange thing is that it works perfectly when I purchase a NFT that already has an audio :woozy_face:


Yes I think the same was happening to me


I am loving the audio haven’t been getting much sleep lately and it’s offering a nice pick me up. Feels very synergetic with kinetic quasi aswell





can some one pleasw send me audio?

Ever since I equipped this mandala since yesterday, I have experienced fields on a deeper level. Listening to Blueprint of Life felt very different, I was feeling restored back to harmony at a 100x speed. I am beginning to feel integrated with Universal OM, not much stronger side effects from before.

I thought about listening to this audio but mandala alone is fine for me. 24/7 mandala is great and this gave me a deep sleep. Feeling energized all day to feeling ready to sleep at night.


Can someone please send me the audio ? I can confirm I own the NFT!

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Hey guys,

I would recommend buying this if you use a lot of fields. I have experienced less side effects and better integration with the NFT’s I own by using this.

Also for anyone who has anxiety I would highly recommend this field. Since you aura shifts constantly with this field it can help you better deal with anxiety provoking environments.


I got this nft in a trade yesterday. Totally agree, it is very useful for the overloading of nervous system. helps to integrate the fields better. Even better than smarter rife, to which I noticed similar effects in helping with energy overload.

This makes this nft very valuable.


I have this NFT, will show proof to someone who will send the audio to me.

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How much different is this compared to KQC?

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I dont have KQC So i can’t answer ur question :four_leaf_clover:

but this is very good. Without a doubt this nft and project mental health in two days have become one of my favorite nft.

This nft helps too much with the fields!

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@anon26800771 This was said earlier in this thread. Might be helpful.


Ever felt like your favorite fields stopped working? Like no matter how many loops you do, they don´t get through? You are frustrated? Fed up? You start doubting Energy Work?

Then this is for you.

Got it while listening to Soul Core and Self love/Acceptance. Felt oversaturrated and energetically weak beforehand. Gave QKA a few loops.

Also tested its effect with Gratitude for Blessings and Dragon Bone Armor.

  • Creative thinking up a notch

  • Could feel a bit of the crystalline structure around my shoulders

  • Aura feels not cleaner but more “in order”

  • I can feel and see all tested fields working better again

  • Energized, stood up and walked around in my bedroom. Besides having slept very little the last 2 days.

  • Enhanced conscious connection to fields. Spoke out loud to DBA to remove psychic debris, I´ve immediately felt something moving up my back and had to threw my hands up to release it.

This should be named “For the Skeptics NFT”


2x review (first play, looped once)

This was so fun!

Quasi Kinetic Aura had been calling out to me a few weeks ago, and I finally got a copy and then recently played for the first time.

The energy was swirling and spinning and doing all sorts of movements that I wasn’t at all familiar with experientially. I could feel circles (2d), but circles layered on top of one another in a spiral like fashion.

I immediately started dancing and moving with these types of flows. As good as baby might dance as they’re learning to walk!

This is one of those fields personally that immediately and significantly effected me in areas that I needed. I’ve felt that my aura has been very open throughout my life. The way this is structured is very neat and efficient. Sealing and kind of like dancing too.

A unique kind of experience.