Quasi Kinetic Aura

A quasi-crystalline pattern can continuously fill all available space, but there is no translational symmetry. The atomic structure is unique and called impossible. Extend this concept to your own energetic system, add bit of impossibility and uniqueness.


Cap talking about Kinetic Quasi Crystal

am guessing they are similar


Also had to get this! Perpetual excitement over here!


Just to clarify, how is this different from the Kinetic Quasi Crystal?

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Judging from the description, it is KQC directly applied to the aura. The definition of the crystal says: A quasi-crystalline pattern can continuously fill all available space. This focuses the crystal on the space of your aura.


Luna please comeback and explain this :star_struck:



In addition to @Rosechalice’s good explanation above, I (not trying to be Luna–lol) would imagine (because I have not yet experienced this field) that this field would also bring KQC’s field stability and integration abilities to the aura as well, meaning that this could help us absorb (there’s probably a better word) the fields we’re using as well as hold them within our auras longer.


Nice, WB! :+1:


Just want to add that the m states are not mentioned.
Which could also lead to different experiences.
So I think similar but not the same as the KQC.


I wonder if this is the “you can’t be an npc” field. I wonder if I’m inadvertently picking up another shield type field as well. Lots of wonderings. Will see.


@Captain_Nemo wanna drop some hints please :pray:t5:




It’s should be very powerful for those who wishes to make their aura and energy body stronger. Also good for closing aura gaps or holes due to various reasons. And ofc should have great effects on chakras


just imagine uprgaded auric repair with kinetic quasi all the time on you. no more need of primers. enviromental protection…no more wholes in aura.

also no probs having all you want on you anymore. i am not brave enough to try this but am on the way. talking multiple tags nfts etc…


@This_Boy_Here !!!


thank you!

you know how long do i thrill of the idea of having a crystal auric field… crystal aura…

it is dreamy and it works super.

today this new invention allowed me to really feel what is coming from where and what to do about it…

allowed me to really feel how for example the bhooted boots and the deinhabiter are working…

also the justise for all audio and the flight to fight…

shit was happening but i was able to control it this day.


Awesome report, Sarumann33 - thanks!


Someone please chime in. The quasicrystal plus the m-state equaled the kinetic quasi crystal. @Captain_Nemo has not verified that this NFT contains the same m-state elements as the audio, but if it does . . . Also, now that I have looked them up, I sure hope the heck they are included! :slight_smile:

Using this concept, the added fields of M-state Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium, Indium and Platinum. (NOTE: I have used all of these m-states as orme, but never chromium, so I am looking that one up - see below)

All arranged in the quasi-crystalline pattern (and also a giant crystal in and around you, that constantly shifts in a torus formation)

Providing you with a unique insulation and positively charged energy pattern that move through the body’s energy system, it can help create a balance and harmony, and also a constantly shifting and refreshing insulation for when the environment becomes a little harder to bear.

> a giant crystal in and around you, that constantly shifts in a torus formation

That sounds like an approximation of the aura, so . . .

This is the NFT version of the audio, specifically for the aura, and not the environment.

Has anyone played the audio while wearing the NFT?

We know that playing the audio before any other fields allows you to not have to play as many repetitions of the audios. It crystalizes power in the area in which it is focused. So, Aura-Minder? Aura-Power-Supply? Aura-Charger? Aura-Enhancer?

Monatomic Elements

Do you ever feel like your emotions are out of control? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or depression? If so, you may be interested in using monatomic elements to improve your emotional state. Monatomic elements are a special type of mineral that can help to balance your emotions and make you feel more calm and relaxed.

What are Monatomic Elements?

Monatomic elements are often called “the missing link” in emotional health. They can help to restore balance in the body and mind, which can lead to improved emotional well-being. Monatomic elements are thought to work by helping to regulate the nervous system and hormones. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mood. In addition, monatomic elements are also believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can further promote emotional health.

Monatomic Chromium

Chromium dovetails beautifully with metabolic processes and is a catalytic for rhodium and iridium, increasing both the uptake of these two and their “bio-voltage.” It probably also helps with the uptake of other monatomic elements as well.

Chromium is coming on very strongly recently in the last ten years in health and healing research, mostly in mainstream health and wellness circles, especially in weight loss and balanced metabolic processes. It reduces food cravings, regulates fat and cholesterol, makes metabolic processes more efficient, helps regulate blood sugar, and through these processes helps to clear arteries, and thus may help reduce high blood pressure.

Because it boosts metabolism of carbohydrates, no matter your body type you don’t have to count carb calories because it brings their metabolism into alignment with your body chemistry.

Woo-hoo! :partying_face: Please let it be so, lol.


i personally dont feel any mstates… just pure powerful crystal…will wait for answer though


there are no mstates