Quasi Kinetic Aura

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does this field expand my energy bandwidth and allow me to listen to more fields

Yes, explore more testimonials in another thread about this.


ehh what the difference brtwr3n the crystal and the aura? i read some comments about this but I didnt really understand it.
thank you


If I have this, is there any point in getting QKC??

Great benefits from this so far, and I haven’t even printed it out and worn it.
If I also get additional field boosting effects from QKC, I will be inclined to purchase that also, due to its low price, and amazing field ‘information’ absorption and indirect boosting effects, I would simply just play QKC 1x, and having this NFT printed out in conjunction should suffice in getting benefits from both.

I picked up this great audio and NFT a while back, and it has become a 2x staple of my morning stack.

As I was brand new to NFT’s at the time, I did not save this to my Phantom wallet. I did, however, take a screenshot of it which I have been using for printed copies. I was also neglectful in this manner to the Smarter Rife, which I bought primarily to help my ailing mother.

Even though I own these both legally (and have not tried to sell or give them away), will they still work in this manner? Each new NFT I’ve gotten, I have been careful since then.

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Yes they greatly complement each other.

QKC works on the inside
QKA on the outside

Plus QKC has the Mstates that enhance the power even more


Hi can someone send me the audio for this amazing creation

if you buy it, the creation will become several times more amazing

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I have already bought it

I just do not have the audio

would u say this one or the crystal is better for expanding my energy system so I can listen to more fields

thx for all the advice u give


This but its not for sale anymore.

Youd have to ask in the buy and sale thread if someone wants to sell it

The main benefit or improvement from the KQC is that it helps integrate deeper and wider the audios that you play but also makes them more powerful and thus you wouldnt have to use more than 2 loops some fields are so strong not even daily youd need to play them, so dont confuse “absorb more fields” for “absorb fields deeper stronger and faster” because in a way if your energy systems are not strong it can overwhelm you real quick.

But you can take advantage of its enhancing quality and first for a few days or weeks use it only with fields that strengthen the energy systems so it works faster and then those other fields would help you absorb more fields.


Mana Circuits
Auric Repair
Energy Blockage Removal
PONR (in case the not integrating more fields is due to blockages not due to energy systems being weak)

Print the Expansion Energy Card from the Book of Cards/Instagram and activate it all the time specially while listening to KQC and youll grow the energy systems way faster

Im sure there are others but im busy now and those are the ones i remember


Did you get it?

I know you legitimately got it so let me know if not id send it

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thank you so much man

luckily somè9ne is willing to sell me this nft! cant wait lol


just bought the nft, the field is in the picture in the original post right?

just gonna download that and print it out, also love the fsct that the audio is only 3 minutes

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I might sell this nft tbf and get kinetic quasi crystal instead. from what ive gathering this helps u listen to more fields ? while the crystal boosts them?

im gonna shorten my playlist tbh so this nft not needed anymore unkess it does more ? ive been listening to 2 ma y fields recently and im not really feeling the effects so ye


This NFT remains a mystery to me, I bought it a year ago, used it ever since and the audio when it came out. Never felt a thing nor Ive noticed improvements when comes to results with other fields from my stack.

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Can someone send me the audio? I recently got the NFT.

Let me know if you need some proof of ownership.

This field strengthens the Aura, makes it more thick and robust, and specially because of the “pointers” it can be both, a protection that “rejects” more culprits that normally, daily erode the strength of the aura, and also emits like towers whatever you engore your aura with, for example, charm, glamour, light, love, it pushes those nice energies to radiate more.

But you wouldn’t feel it making fields work more, no, not on its own for internal purposes. it would prevent you from getting overwhelmed if you use a lot of fields, because as the “Quasi” principle (that

Is present) it continously helps the aura retain more energy by distributing it along the aura so not everything is absorbed fast in once (in the case of a lot of fields used, hence why you dont get overwhelmed) but it keeps like squeezing the enegy in the aura and pushing it through you, thats the similarity to the Kinetic Quasi Crystal, and thats why this one as well helps you at a nice pace without having to loop too much the other audios.

Now, Aura is one thing, but you wouldnt notice stronger integration of the fields IF your internal energy systems are not up to pair.

In other words, no matter how bigger amount of energy this one could keep in store for you, if the receiver (internal enrrgy systems) cna only absorb so much (because they are weak or not as strong) then you wouldnt notice much.

Since you already have it, try to strengthen the meridians, chakras, dantians and youll see a big difference.

Or simply get the Kinetic Quasi Crystal and put this at the beginning of your stack then the other audios, then the Kinetic Quasi Crystal as last.

And oh boy. Youll in for a big party for integrating more.

And on the contrary if your aim is to radiate energies like the ones i mentioned earlier then do the opposite:

First Kinetic Quasi Crystal then the other audios then last this the QKA. So enegies would be pushed outter in a much bigger scale and for longer periods of times :relaxed: