Soundweave is closing down

Dream is closing the website down. He may be remaking many of the fields that were exclusive to the site.


Those energetic headphones would be nice again. A Bluetooth version as well as one with a cable. I would’ve bought one before, but right before their release I bought new headphones


Yeh, lol, was planning to try to get them even a bit time ago, just they weren’t shipping to my country, lol.

Hopefully they get back here again.


It’s unfortunate that the rentals were there. I’d rented Spa, Pulsar and Sweat Lodge multiple times. Hopefully they will be remade or moved over to one of the other shops.


Knight Errant Virus Slayer was probably the most important field on Soundweave…


Oh no procrastinated on getting stone of destiny… Lucky got knight errant…


If we can somehow buy the fields that have been sold at The Soundweave, that would be great. Thanks




Completely forgot about those headphones…would have loved to purchase one. I hope Dream decides to bring it back.

Or perhaps it would be better in a mandala / sticker form? Where we can put it/stick it on our various speakers etc to induce the same effects.

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I only hope Flight to Fight will be remade. Was going to buy that today until I noticed the site was down.
Really hope that field will be re-added

Flight to Fight NFT

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haha I knew someone would post this. However, I’m loath to buy an NFT which costs $55 when a load of people only a few months ago bought this field for only $5.

55 is nothing for what the NFT does, i understand if its a lot for you or you dont see the value, however you cant compare the flight to fight audio to the NFT one they are not the same.

I have both and i bought the NFT when the audio was still for sale at 5 and i already had it so its not like youd be cheating yourself buying at a higher price, the same thing. both were for sale at the same time for a while :tipping_hand_woman:

I doubt just the audio that is on youtube would come bk but who knows, and if it does i dont think the same price of 5.


hi SammyG, is there any chance you can advise when the fields will be available or remade, I was meaning to buy Knight Errant Virus and Dem Ape Bones specifically.

Kind Regards

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Hi there is a new Smart Slayer :


Anyway we can get the Unexpected Gifts field on mp3?