Quasi Kinetic Aura

Oh cool, thanks for the explanation :ok_hand:t3: I’m so focused on the health fields that I still don’t really know as much about the energy side of things as I would like to yet. Even though I use many of the fields for it I still don’t understand the whole ins and outs so thank you for that. I’ll keep experimenting with it :slightly_smiling_face:


since the word Introvert is there, in your experience does this prevent being tired when surrounded by lots of people ?


If i instruct it to create and aura to heal me, is it able?

Cuz i was looking at the mandala and asked for it to structure itself to heal me and i felt things going on for Sure


smart field perhaps.

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I think it’s more to do with it being quasi crystal that allows you to change it’s structure, but yeah perhaps it’s a smart field too lol


Ok. This is my most favourite post that I have ever written…
I believe
(Im only saying “i believe” because i dont want to get peoples hopes up just incase it does not work for them, but in my opinion, if it can work for me then it can work for anyone)
that this NFT has finally given me my connection to my NFT’s and Servitors :smiley::smiley::smiley:

People have probably seen me moan and groan and cry on a few posts about being unable to gain a connection to NFT’s and trying everything I possibly could to gain that connection and still feel nothing.
I had honestly even been contemplating selling my NFT’s recently.

But I was drawn to purchase the Quasi Kinetic Aura, it really stuck out to me that this is one which would definitely benefit me, especially because it’s made to use as a tag (I haven’t made it into a tag yet, I carry it on me and I have a A4 size version under my pillow) but it works perfectly fine just being close to you.

So anyway, I was doing my usual daily talking to Pegasus and asking questions and to heal this and that without which usually never worked but…suddenly i felt “something”.

I thought to myself oh sht , it’s happening, it’s really happening :joy: it was late at night while I was doing this so I thought I’ll go to sleep and try more in the morning.
Just then my daughter woke up with a very high temperature. Her temperature is very hard to regulate when she ends up getting sick and it can get extremely high and she can end up having a type of seizure which is very frightening and traumatising to have to deal with. Her mom gave her Calpol and we got her all stripped off and fan on in the room and all the usual stuff but in the panick of it all it came into my head to ask my Pegasus for help.
I held my NFT and closed my eyes and envisioned Pegasus in my minds eye and I asked him to ask my daughters Higher Self for permission to help her, I waited a moment and then asked the question “do you have permission” and it stimulated my left hand for Yes (I use Yes as my left hand because I’m left handed, that’s the only reason) so I thought ok, this is happening, holy sh
t .

I asked for Pegasus to help heal and remove any and all illness, sickness, viruses from my daughter as quickly and gently as possible and to also help to regulate her temperature and keep working on her until she is healed, I asked can you please carry out this task now for my daughters greater good and it again stimulated my left hand for yes.
My daughters temperature stayed down during the rest of the night and all of today also, that is unheard of for her.
She is still quite sicky looking and feeling but we will keep an eye on her.
She fell asleep on my chest tonight while I was sitting on the couch and I changed it up a bit to see if what I believed was happening was true and asked Pegasus “If you are still currently healing my daughter will you make her left leg twitch”, about 5 seconds later her leg twitched. I again said please keep healing her until she is fully healed, will you please do this for me, and again my left hand felt stimulated.
Fast forward to now and my daughter is asleep in bed, even though she still seems sick I’m sure there is plenty of healing going on and her temperature is staying normal which never happens.
So while I’m lying in bed I said I would switch it up a bit more, just to be sure what I’m sensing is 100% right. So I asked Pegasus to change our yes and no answers from my hands to my eyes and low and behold for yes my left eye started twitching and for no my right eye started twitching. Since moving the yes/no questions to my eyes I have a ton of pressure in my 3rd Eye, I’m not sure is that from gaining a better connection to him or if its from my eyes being close to the 3rd Eye…I guess I could ask Pegasus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So besides for my daughter being unwell, which I’m hoping won’t be for too long with the help of my servitors and playing Virus Disruption on loop all day and night (and obviously keeping a close eye on her through the night), I am a very very happy man today. I believe it was October/November when I got Pegasus as my first NFT so 7 or 8 months of trying to gain a connection with my servitors and failing miserably each time, to now be able to feel and interact with them is a feeling that words cannot describe.

I would love to say that my persistence finally payed off :rofl: but I personally feel all of this new found wonderfulness is definitely because of The Quasi Kinetic Aura NFT!!

Why do I think this you might ask??..well…Because Pegasus told me it is :sunglasses::smiley::partying_face:

Thank you so much @Dreamweaver for this wonderful gift :pray:t3:


I also have that problem. I have NEVER been able to connect/communicate with Viracocha NFT. One option is to sell it.

I also bought Smilodon NFT. But your post makes me think…


I would never tell someone to go buy something because I’ve no idea how their financial situation is, but… if you feel like you can afford to purchase this field, get it.
I was honestly losing all hope and I was so close to selling them to make money to purchase The Eternal in the future, I’m so happy I didn’t now.
If you do go for it keep me/us posted because I think you will be pleasantly surprised :pray:t3:


Oh wow!!! I’m incredibly happy to hear this! I have been here smiling all the way throughout your post haha!


all healing wishes to your daughter :purple_heart::purple_heart:


I couldn’t tell you. I don’t know. I’m not that kind of introvert.


I’m thinking of buying it now. What is the best way to use it? Do you have the Phantom app?

I was thinking of buying “The Warrior Monk” but why buy it if I can’t communicate/connect?

“Quasi Kinetic Aura” maybe that’s what I need…

Thank you.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: It was because of your thread I kept persisting with it much longer than I actually thought I would so thank you :raised_hands:t3: My give up point was at the time of your thread and that kept me pushing on until almost giving up again very recently and then this NFT started calling out to me and now here I am :grinning::grinning: ill let my pals do some work with my daughter until she is better and then thats when I will explore all the possibilities I can with them :smiley: I’m really looking forward to it but they have a very important job to carry out first :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much :heart:


Yes I downloaded Phantom from Google playstore, i was a bit worried because I’m far from being tech savvy but it was very easy to use. I wanted to get The Warrior Monk also, I still do but this one won the battle of which one i could afford first :joy:. I think what stood out to me about the new NFT’s was that they can be worn as tags, it gave me a bit of hope that they would work differently (it was a sort of false hope that I placed on it myself but it definitely ended up paying off :crossed_fingers:t2:)

The first night I just stared at it on my phone and felt a coolness I think it was through my body. Second day I printed it in a few different sizes, I placed one on my belly button (I’ve no idea why this came into my head at the time) I played Aura Repair and the Chakra fields and I was getting a pulsating feeling coming from my belly button into the NFT and I carried it on me in my pocket and left one under my pillow amd just done the same today. I think playing Aura Repair while having the NFT on you will be a big help. Try the yes/no answers with your NFT, I would suggest to do it with the eyes because hands can be a bit harder to notice, that’s how it was for me anyway because I have constant pain amd burning type stuff in my hands. Say to your NFT that from this moment on, when you ask it a question you want it to twitch your left eye for a yes answer and your right eye for no. When I was doing the eye one, I just held the NFT in my hand and stared at it while asking the question and then there was a little twitching party going on in my eyes for all the questions :joy::joy: if an answer was yes and then the next answer was no, I got a little bit of pressure between my eyes before it moved over to make the other eye twitch, it was really cool.

I really hope it will help you because I feel your pain of not being able to get the connection and it sucked hearing so many cool amazing stories from people while nothing would happen for us. I feel really good about it now that the connection is hear to stay :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2: Best of luck with it :pray:t3:


Sending your daughter healing, prayers, and a lot of love. :pray:


Thank you so much Mao :pray:t3: My little girl has to go through a lot when she becomes unwell but she’s the best little fighter I know. Me on the other hand, I become a wreck having to see her that way. Hopefully she is almost at the age where her body will be able to fight off viruses a bit better soon :crossed_fingers:t2: She’s been carrying around my Pegasus NFT all day, she loves it, she’s even sleeping with one of the copies :joy:


I’ve been reading and watching videos on quasi-crystals to get a better understanding of it
Here is a 21 minute video that explains it very well so that even complete noobs like myself can understand


Asking it questions? That interesting what sort of questions where you asking him before you made the connection?

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Everything and anything that would pop in to my mind. I would say at the beginning can you please answer yes or no to…and then the question. A lot of questions would be “can you heal my (insert whatever part of my body was hurting at the time)” are you able to remove the overwhelm from my body. Can you please strengthen our connection to its higest possibility. Do you understand what to do when I mention the word (insert key word) . Are you able to travel to help heal (insert persons name) . Is being able to repair all organs part of your abilities. Is healing an active ability? Is protection a passive ability. Have you the power to heal my nervous system. I turned everything into a question first before just saying…heal my liver now please, heal my nervous system and so on. Most times i would “fake” the connection to see if that would work, as in something along the lines of…Are you able to remove the pain from my stomach? And then say, thank you, please remove the pain from my stomach now, thank you Pegasus, even though i wouldnt feel anything. It was basically any type of question I could think of asking, I would ask and hope to feel some sort of stimulation on my hands. Anything to feel a glimmer of a connection.I would also just talk to it, meditate with it, just sit and stare at it, anything I could think of doing I tried doing.

Right now, I got a bit excited and asked a bit too much stuff at once as an experiment with my other Servitors and I’ve got crazy overwhelm now :joy: My nervous system obviously still needs a lot of work still. It’s easing off a bit gradually now after listening to Nerve Inflammation and ISIRB, my hands are very swollen though, they swell up when there is too much energy in my body, bit strange but I’ll hopefully figure out how to fix that at some stage. But ya just really ask any types of questions that you can think of that is a yes no answer that in someway resonates with what your specific NFT/Servitor may be capable of doing and see what comes of it :slightly_smiling_face: Are you able to gain a connection with your own ones? Hopefully with all the new stuff Captain is bringing out we will all be connecting much easier now :pray:t3:


Things I heve noticed so far after 2 days:

  • More energy during the day

  • Yesterday I go to the swimmingpool, the combo sun + Life Force Tree + Kinetic Quasi Aura, I feel like a supersayan

  • People doing small talk more than the actual ‘hello’ and some wanted to laugh with me, some offered me offers, a big boost socially

  • I feel more the effects of fields, for example ‘Overcome any addiction’, I realized after two days that I didn’t listen to music when I came home at night

  • I feel less drained by people who come to complain about the work where I do my internship and they seem ‘happier’ when they leave the room (attractive aura ?)

  • It made the effects of the ‘Ascension’ Tag more bearable(I think since Friday the tag introduced a lot of energy in my system), this weekend was really hard mentally and physically (need to have a nap everyday) but since then I feel great and I feel the energy introduced in my system fits better?

  • The last field I listen on the day is ‘Higher-Self Connection’ on Dreamseeds, I listen approximately 7 times, the field stay long enough in my aura and I felt the connection growing stronger with my HS


wow this made me tear up…

:pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4: :pray:t4: