Quasi Kinetic Aura

Finally bought!!!

I already have my Quasi Kinetic Aura NFT



I won’t say much but I’ve noticed that it energies chakras and energy body very deeply and can help in their development. Although it’s not directed for that purpose but is a good addition to chakra growth tag. This can potentially fix energy body damage or holes in aura since that’s what it’s supposed to do by filling the gap. Also I feel like some energetic stuff pinching my skin (in a good way) which is due to the patterns and shapes it creates in your aura. Is good for clearing out negative energy from one’s system and chakra. This gives a feeling of specific subfield from blueprint major but is different and stronger since it’s meant for this purpose only. In fact aura can affect one’s overall personality and how he behaves since aura itself is an extension of your being. It also should be able to change the colour of one’s aura overtime depending on the person in a good way. There are also moving crystaline Patten around my aura as if they are alive. Feels as if I’m inside of a shield of waving crystal patters. These are the things I’ve noticed so far along with other stuff even with zero to no focous and the effects are too obvious. Anyone who wishes to develop their energy body and chakras should use this. It’s one of my favorite fields among the newer one’s and is many times stronger even compared to the nfts that came only few months ago. But it also slightly heats up my body. But if you live in a place which is extremely hot then I’d suggest not to use it too much if you feel heat like I do. Although it would a a subjective thing since everyone’s different. It’s probably due to the fact that it can amplify the effects of certain energeis.


No the effects are different. Very different. I’d say 20-30 percent similar.


just got it too :clinking_glasses: :boom: :tada:


i’m working my ass off this weekend and getting this, this reviews are awesome, thank you guys!


Does this have to be in a wallet to work, don’t really care about a wallet and felt a lot of energy a couple minutes after buying it, and have also felt real good the past few days of having it.


This will allow one to carry more fields correct?


I’ve definitely noticed my body heat going up since wearing this. Also, I’m feeling more effects of the other NFTs that I’m carrying which made me more tired. I had to take naps a few times. I’m going to remove some of them and see how that affects my energy body.


Ohhh I wonder if that’s why I’ve been so tired this week. I started a new stack and it felt too much, (whereas normally I could cope with a lot of fields), so much so that I’d need to sleep, but I think I just need to reduce the number of cycles of each audio, because with this NFT everything feels so much stronger. I’m not wearing it yet as my Etsy order (dog tag pendant) is on the way, so I wasn’t sure if it was this… but now you mention it.


I’ve been waking up a few times a night soaked completely in sweat. I didn’t realize it might be this. (the timing does match - having worn it a few days on then off then on again. Sweat follows the pattern so far) Good detox though.

I still think this has some glamour-like effect on it. And I don’t like that. That’s just me. And that’s just me disliking one tiny thing about it. But it’s worth it. For the aura defense. It’s damn good.

And of course Shadow blunts that a good amount.

That tactic mentioned above is fantastic. Aura Repair with Quasi Kinetic. Perfect. Been using it. Now I can only wish for an Aura Repair tag-styled NFT to go along with it.


This is going to be my next purchase tomorrow is their any guides how to set up a phatom account?

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It’s real simple, you give a email, a user name and create a password, they’ll also give you a bunch key phrases/words for recovery in case you forget your sign in info or you log in from another device. You might want to copy your password and key phrases down on a piece of paper.


So do i buy the product then it makes the phatom account like it does on tee springs?

I think you need to have an account to transfer it to, you can download it to your desktop first if you want and create the account later.


There’s an extensive discussion which will answer most of your questions in the The Sapien Shop [Reworked & Open] thread.


Thank you both @ApacheTheFox and @WellBeing


Ended up going with this one and got the 69/3110

Anyone having an issue when pressing connect phantom wallet nothing is happening?

So I created a phatom account by clicking on the claim your NFT by your gmail account. It created an account for me but it didnt ask me for my email or password. Just gave me a bunch of recovery codes.
Then it asked me if i want to transfer the NFT to my account i selected no beacuse I didnt even know how i would get back in if i ever lost my phone.

Am in my account right now and looking around in setting for an sign of email the email they used for my account. Maybe they created it through my gmail account like venly.

@Maoshan_Wanderer Is that normal?


The 12 word pass phase is the way you recover your account or log in from a new device.

Write it down physically and keep it somewhere safe.


But It hasnt asked for my email? So what would the user name be? :upside_down_face:

If you created it with your gmail account, it’s likely your email.