Question about skin regeneration and anti aging

I would like to know please if there is any item made by sapien to stay young, skin regeneration seems to look interessting(you grow younger)
So I would like to know your feedback and if he still making it.
I know that he have eternity redux, but I’m wondering if it makes you look again like 20 years old?(I’m not old, I’m 31 years old ) Because I’m more intrested in glowing my skin and elasticity and so on.
Also is sapien still taking costum request?
I mean can I request to make a morphic field about stem cell in face and face toning that he has in youtube to put it in any item of my choice?

Thank you

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Yes, he is taking custom requests. You can get stem cells to face as well as face toning. There is also Youth Recapture field which can be quite helpful:

Thank you for your reply, where can I send my request?

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You can email them. Read more about it here:
Custom Fields Open for 1 Week

This thread will give you all the information you need.

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Thank you for your reply

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Your welcome! :blush:

Still bit confused about the tag “skin regenration” that makes you grow younger, (there is someone in the forum that talked about it) is it something that sapien used to create or it’s just a costum request, a combo from skin regenration in his channel youtube?

@uial Can help you. I am not sure myself.

Thank you I will ask him

He got a notification so when he logins in to the forum he will answer you. Don’t worry, he is like the smartest guy in the forum. He can answer all of your questions.

Alone, Worth the Patreon membership

Anti Aging

It uses an cellular memory capture, to find out how it was structured when around 16- 18.

Then overlays this information on the cells, so that that grow into this age.

This is finer of the finer details, otherwise it also works on your general body functions with hormone levels and collagen levels.

Slowly with each listen, keeps or puts back cellular age to around 16 - 18


Agreed with @_OM. :smiley: The Anti Aging audio in his post would be great for your goals.

The old Fountain of Youth item contained a Skin Elasticity Enhancement subfield. Here is the description:


The Fountain Of Youth combines both Longevity & Telomere Regeneration to form a powerful anti-aging formula. Telomere regeneration ensures your cells do not deteriorate so that you live longer and Longevity keeps you looking as young as ever.

Telomere Regeneration

This field stimulates telomerase production which in turn helps prevent the degradation of telomere caps and results in slower aging for you and a longer, healthier life. Telomeres are the end caps of cells that get shorter every time cells divide. When they reach a point called the hayflick limit they cannot divide anymore and die… and then your health begins to deteriorate. This deterioration generally leads to weaker immune system, serious health issues and well… death.

Telomere Regeneration continually stimulated telomerase production so telomeres don’t get shorter every time cells divide. It’s like having unlimited energy to live off of. So by carrying this field throughout your life, telomere caps in all your cells will remain the same length and possibly grow longer after each cell division! Other than slower aging (or little to no aging at all), telomere generation can lead to a longer and healthier life. For more in depth information about telomeres, read this article

In fact, unlimited telomerase production is the reason cancer cells are practically immortal.


Time displacement: This is not time travel, it is a slow progression backwards in time, as far as cellular information is concerned. As each cell divides, the telomeres get longer, the damage is “forgotten” and the copies made get a little cleaner and clearer, rather than the normal pattern of distortion that happens with cell mitosis.

This is actually a process that is constantly seeking the information that made up your cells before, when they were younger and replaces the current information with the older info, making you younger.

The reason this only works on day at a time is that to go much faster requires greater energy from a persons body, and would eventually cause possible systems failure if taken to too high a level. One day at a time is the normal living pattern of humans, and we deal very successfully at that level of change.

Skin Elasticity Enhancement: This field simply adds a bit of elasticity back to older skin. It does so by using a copy of a field pattern from a young child (only as far as healthy skin goes however!) and will allow for skin to firm and tone a bit faster than it would otherwise. This is not really needed to make the field set work, it just aids in helping people feel a bit better about their appearance faster, which is one of the main focuses of people interested in longevity. If you skin is already of very good elasticity, this field will only maintain this condition.


How can I buy the fontain of youth?
I can’t find it in enlighneted states website or teespring.

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Can I do a costum request for this audio?
This one seems best than anything, I would like to look 16-18 again lol

Fountain of Youth isn’t available at the moment but it may be upgraded and remade into a dog tag for Teespring in future.

From this FAQ question:

What happened to the old fields like Unlimited Energy, Genius and more?

They are currently being remade and upgraded in some ways for Teespring :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would certainly send the email and pic for the custom field while it’s still open and see what they say.

What I love about the description, if one reads it very carefully (or maybe intuitively) is that it’s a “Benjamin Button” field. As the cells get “older,” they actually get younger. Brilliant! @Captain_Nemo


hey guys can I loop skin regeneration overnight

Hi @traxsubliminals,

+a few other comments on Patreon and YouTube show that it wouldn’t be a problem to loop it overnight. I too use it as a temporary cure during seasonal changes and loop it 4-5 times for a few days.

More generally, whenever in doubt: the self-monitoring principle (often mentioned on the forum) applies. Perso, I use a big amount of fields but always add them one by one.

After having checked if Dreamweaver has prescribed any minimum/maximum amount and the details in his descriptions + also when these are not available at all:

Generally I simply play the field 2 times (while being awake) and then stop listening anything, in order to check myself for some time. This can vary between a few hours - a whole day. If everything’s fine (which has always been the case for me so far, except for the Sun track but it’s the Sun, after all lol), I drop the field in my night stack.


ok I checked myself I used it like 3 times and I was good so I think I will use it overnight
hopefully my acne scars get better


Yes i have looped it in the past and no problem. It works fast.

Add the Plasma Platelet Rich from patreon, it will help u in no time