Reach For the Stars (Enhanced Glory)

Hello everyone, this publication is so that all those who have useful information, experiences and or testimonials on the label GLORY, can share it with the community on this forum.

Success At Any Cost

<< This item aims to bring you to your goals no matter what it takes. Be careful with this. It does not aim for happiness like the Best Path item does but for success in the area you wish to be successful in. Of course you need to be working for that success. It won’t come knocking on your door and drag you out of the house. If you have a clear idea of what you want and are moving/working towards it this item is made to give you the edge and bring you and the world around you into agreement of your success. >>

Personally there are important points that I do not understand very well:

  • how many objectives can the article follow (try to reach) at the same time (1,2, or a little more), or else it tries to achieve one objective after another, one to the rest of the others?

  • How can the label (glory) know exactly what goal we want to achieve (knowing that we have several strong thoughts, throughout the day)? if we watch a tv series (which gives thoughts) from monday to sell for 45 minutes each time, can this be understood by the label as a goal to achieve?

  • For your objective, you have to think about how and how many times before you believe that your objective is well understood by the label GLORY?

Thank you in advance for all your sharing


what I understand by reading your comment, is that according to you, the glory field can follow only one objective at a time and not several at the same time (of the kind want simultaneously to marry a girl and become a business manager ) …
if this is correct, it’s a good point to know, thank you very much for your opinion.

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:sweat_smile: Truthful conclusion accompanied by a touch of humor :laughing:
I understand very well what you are saying, but personally, I am more interested in spiritual awakening and professional success than in romantic relationships (for the moment).
These two objectives require time and work, and do not always have common paths, sometimes have opposite paths sometimes. But both are very important to me And not one is more important than the other (although I may have to choose one to start with). I imagine that the field of glory will choose as objective the one for which I will make more efforts.


This can be a very good idea indeed :+1:

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Spiritual Awakening? You may also want Ascension. Sapien doesn’t exactly have anything for career development… Best Path In Life and Glory will work, and perhaps anything abundance related. The new Charisma and Glamour audio may also help.


That’s a very interesting idea! Is this video the one you’re referring to?

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Great suggestions! This might help with abundance and career:


@3Tulsi , Yes you are certainly right regarding the ascent label. But there is also the IPF label which helps in the awakening of spiritual capacities, and I already ordered it a few days ago and I hope it can boost me while learning the next upcoming Dreamweaver lesson.

@uial , Indeed also like you, and I even went a little further by fixing the field of luck on the label of abundance and prosperity. And now there are the new YouTube videos on the probability of luck, aventurine and citrine.


I’ll be sure to, thanks! It looks like a great channel with lots of potential synergy. :slight_smile:

I just remembered this one for career!!


Just ordered Glory. It’s my first dog tag. Looking forward to experiencing it. I’m only going to wear Glory and nothing to else to help it bring about maximum effects. I’ll complement it with a few audios.


Hi Philip,

I very interested in Enhanced Glory and was wondering how has this effect your life? Luckier, everything you needed came your way? Would you mind in sharing please? I am going to open a business in a few months and wanted to know if this will help amplify the speed to break even. Thank you.


Thanks a lot. Big help. It’s definitely an entrepreneur vibration. That high feeling to the climb. The confidence and the feeling I can do it. That’s the vibration I’m sensing. One last thing, does it shift your mindset. Like for example, I can do it and thats it period. More belief and less negative thinking? I’m going to get it. I’ll get it soon.


Wow! Thanks for sharing that. That’s a good mindset. I like it. I see. Definitely feels worth it. I appreciate you for your share. :smile::grin::smiley: Thanks. And I’m a pretty happy guy and looking for the drive in accomplishment again. So, that’s why I was super curious in what it feels like to have this dog tag.


Thanks. That’s a good point. That’s pretty messed up. To do something bad to the people. And I’m just going through this path to learn how to master a certain vibration. It’s all just a process to my path. Lol. Thank you again.


Recently received enhanced glory & find it a little uncomfortable to leave on before bed, did u have the same issue?


What about wearing it at bed made you uncomfortable?

The field pushes u constantly & Really feel the updates like aura of importance and royalty working, all which gave me a major confident boost. During the morning & day is fine but at night I usually just put on the IPS & Chakra Growth tags before bed


Ok I’ll remember that when I receive mine.

I imagine writing down our goals and reviewing them throughout the day would really help supercharge the results.

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Hey mate, how has been your experience with the Glory tag so far?

Also anyone else who owns this tag like @3Tulsi @Takyon @Meeko @darnspider @Zayson @Ramsey123 (sorry for tagging you guys), I was wondering if you recommend this tag based on your own experiences so far?