Release: Corogo - Choose to be free from Covid19

(I know the name is stupid. But I couldn’t come up with anything better and it is the only thing that worked so…)

As you might remember, I am the guy who created this topic:

I caught Corona and had to deal with it.
Someone on this thread, who I really thank for this inspiration, generated the idea in my mind to create a subliminal so I can cure my infection.
That’s what I did and it worked, so now I am giving it away for free to you guys,
so you may hopefully get healed aswell:

If you want to know how it works, just look up Neville Goddard Revision technique.
It is basically the same I used for this subliminal.
Imagine you could travel back in time and prevent getting infected. Which consequences would that have? Health, of course.
So this is what it does. And remember, the power lies within you, not the subliminal, it is just a trigger, but you can do it without it anytime you wish.

Have a nice day guys!


That’s actually a very crucial point I have noticed when using it.
The symptoms went away but then I couldn’t believe it, looked for them and eventually they returned.
So I used it again and the symptoms went away again and then I told myself I am simply going to accept I am healed and that’s it. Since I did that, everything was fine.

I experienced the same phenomena when I used revision on an injury. It went away and I was so mindblown and couldn’t believe it that I expected the symptoms to show up again and so they did.
This went back and forth like 10 times lol


You know we have the “Creativity” audio, right?



I can use without headphones right?

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What other subs do you have that uses neville goddard method?

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All of our new X2 subliminals are based on his teachings, for example Teeth Alignment, Nose Straightening, Perfect Male Skin and Summer Skin (for women) which you can find on our youtube channel:
Today we released the first X2 subliminal program “The Time Machine” which utilizes Neville Goddard’s Revision technique to start a new life:


Does this attack other health issues? Or made specifically for just corona

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It’s specifically made for Corona

Hi Sovereign Subliminals,

Just wanted to say thanks for this amazing gift!

Hubby, Son number 2 and I have unfortunately caught the dreaded thing.

Being of different age, physical condition and constitution, we’ve all experienced different symptoms.

Mine range from runny nose, slight cough, some tiredness and a really really sore throat.

Until yesterday afternoon when I decided to play your sub and 4 minutes into it, after taking a sip of tea, “Wait WHAT???”, sore throat is gone, just like that in 4 minutes!

Remembering you made a point of mentioning that the symptoms had come back when you looked for them, I looped your sub a couple of times, checking every time that throat was still fine.

It still is 24h later! Other symptoms are still here but relatively mild.

Will listen to it again a couple of times tonight and every night before sleep in order to clear the rest of the symptoms.

Thank you for creating this amazing subliminal and for offering it for free!!! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


This was very beautiful to read, thank you so much for taking the time.
I love reading about people who healed themself, it is always deeply inspiring for me.

I will update CoroGO to X2 soon, along with all other subliminals. Someone made me aware of a few things and since I experienced post-covid-symptoms that seem to indicate some form of brain damage (?) I will include everything needed to deal with the whole Covid-topic.


It’s the least I can do! Thank you for providing us with this amazing tool!

Can’t wait for the update! Anything that can help us heal faster and fully and put the whole episode behind us will be a godsend! :grin:


I have written a little status update. This is taken from here

Hey guys,
SovSub here.
In a recent post I told you why I have been a bit inactive lately. The truth is, it is only one of the reasons. Another major reason is that I have had to deal with some health issues. Some of you may know that a few months ago I was infected with C
(The thing that has been going on for a year now. Please don’t write the full name, otherwise I will have to delete your comment because YT doesn’t like that).

It didn’t take me long to get healthy again and I created the CoroGO sub as a result of that experience. However, a few months after that, I started to experience strange symptoms like unnatural taste and smell. I couldn’t enjoy my meals anymore but I didn’t make the connection. After that I started to get other symptoms, such as extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

I woke up late and I felt like I have been working on the field all night. It was hard to even summon the strength to get up. I didn’t get to do anything at all. Anything I did, no matter how minor or simple it was, would exhaust me and I had to sleep again only to wake up just as tired as I was before. At first I thought this was a discharge symptom from the subliminals I used.

I thought my system needed some time to get through this. Then I thought it could be depression or something else, until I saw a few people mentioning the same symptoms I was experiencing in relation to post-c-symptoms. That’s when I understood. So at the moment I am testing an updated version of CoroGO, one that includes post-c-symptoms aswell. So far it is going very good. This is the first morning I woke up without being completely exhausted and I feel quite good. I have also seen some improvements in my taste and smell senses.

But I am not satisfied until everything is completely back to normal and healthy, as it is supposed to be. So I am very sorry for my inactivity lately but now you know the reason. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I couldn’t do anything, basically. All I did was sitting or lying around, eating and sleeping. Anything else costed too much energy.

I haven’t told you this before because first I didn’t know it myself and second I didn’t want to manifest it even more into my life. So I am only telling you now because I can see things are improving. I will continue to do what I am doing until I am completely healthy and I can’t wait to get back to work. There are many many things I wanted to do but couldn’t do.

Thank you for your time SovSub

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I’m so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these symptoms! My doctor did tell me that there is something they call “long c-syndrome” when you continue to experience overwhelming exhaustion and various other symptoms long after you contracted the disease.

I am so glad that the revised version of your subliminal is proving effective in providing relief.

We’re mostly symptom free now except for lingering fatigue and a slight cough. But I shall be keeping an eye on all of us just in case.

I wish a speedy recovery!


Thanks alot

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Hey did u update it already? Where do I download?


No, not yet

Hello everyone. I have updated this subliminal to X3, our newest, not-yet publicly released platform.
I feel this is necessary right now to help as many people as fast as possible, that is why I have made an exception and uploaded an X3 subliminal prior to official release.
Take care.


Thank you so much for this. It worked immediately.


Hey, great to hear that!