Request for help 🤦

How to destroy the ego’s resistance to morphic fields and subliminal audios?
I’ve been stuck for 3 months with the field of removing limiting beliefs without any results.
I’ve tried ego dissolution but I always end up sleeping and that makes the field not work.
I’ve been given some tips here in the past but I haven’t been successful.

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Only listen to Jaaj’s self love stack for 2 weeks. Also I would get PoNR and Auric Energy and Body Repair.


Check this thread and see if you find something you wanna try

From No Results to Great Results

Also you can perfectly fall asleep with ego dissolution, dont let it trick your mind with that fields dont work because of that.

Even if they havent worked, you keep pushing and playing it daily, youll break through eventually, also consider buying this field:

Kinetic Quasi Crystal: New Release

Read through the post to understand why

Dont give up :muscle: (and i also recommend what jojo21 said)


Okay thanks :raised_hands: