Resistance in the Path

already listening to those but thank you and Freedom for your kind words god bless you all

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I know you said you don’t use other creators but @Ugninis has said he his friends with touch of the gods and that is all the proof you need that he is a solid creator

Torus of Unconditional Self Love

Absolutely amazing field so far give it a try for definite x2 a day is more then enough


The problem is you are trying to approach it from an entertainer side. It’s not your job to entertain the conversation, both parties need to have a topic that they share in common with in order to engage in a conversation for more than 5 minutes.

What exactly are you struggling with specifically? Having limited knowledge to contribute to the conversation? Being able to say things? Being in the present moment to engage in talking?

If for example you were talking about a sport that you had no knowledge about, it would cut the conversation pretty shortly.

I talk with my girl, we say boring stuff. It’s ok to be boring. It’s ok for conversations to be dull at times. This is all in your head.


this exactly , i just run out of things to say. My brain is a foggy mess

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Problem: limited knowledge

Solution: start learning various topics. Don’t learn crap you are not interested in. Find things you enjoy learning and find your group interest.

This is easier said than done but morphic fields save the day lol.

Crank those brain fields and attract love fields up.


Still causally loops brain fields all day though :no_mouth:


Thank you :pray:

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And lastly, not sure if your dopamine system is wack, but get that sorted out also asap.

Porn + bad habits will drag you down further.

Join the sexual energy retention club. :muscle:


For one, I commend you gaining the level of self love you have gained. It’s something 92.87% of people in this world never get to experience (I just pulled that stat out of nowhere, don’t trust it :sweat_smile: )

Now, when part of self love is loving yourself when you fail. Loving your thoughts, no matter how boring they might seem. Loving yourself when you get rejected. That is when you really win the game and gain true wholeness. True self love. It is when you learn to love yourself at your worst.

I think you still can. The fact you’re going out there, approaching people, talking and trying… goes to show that you’ve grown quite a lot. That’s incredible and worth feeling amazing about. Like sure, you got rejected by the cute girl you approached but… you approached a cute girl! Every single time you do that, you gain more courage and resilience to rejection. And in that resilience and courage, your mind will begin to naturally release from nervousness (brain fog) and just become fully in flow and just flow with interesting dialogue!

The biggest thing with beginning to be social is that, it is going to take practice. But as with anything, the more you do it, the better and more natural you become. Look at as an RPG, your social stat is like level 1 right now and the more you socialize, the more it levels up. It’s inevitable.

And dude, I got to tell you, you are doing better than 96.43% (another made up statistic lol) of guys out there that are also feeling lonely but… are doing absolutely nothing about it. So that is certainly something to love and appreciate.

That being said, now let’s get down to business: being an interesting conversationalist. I have some tips here.

But before I do, I must ask… what are some things you enjoy or are into? Passionate about? What kind of things do you like to listen to people talk about? What kind of things would you like to say to people? If you were the best conversationalist in the world, what would you be like, what kind of things would you say and how would you make people feel?


Thank you for the advice :pray:

Im really into footballl (soccer), anime and spirituality I guess, quiet niche subjects so kind of hard to weave into conversation unless theyre interested in it aswell

Hmm I like when they tell funny stories I guess and id like to do the same 1 day and I just enjoy making people laugh and when I do its quiet a good feeling
Honestley anxiety and nervousness around others isnt even a problem anymore thank god , its just running out of things to say

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@Murse You were telling also telling me you were getting results and telling me things like ‘you haven’t felt like this in a long time’ when you first started using the course and then in your deleted post, you go about saying you haven’t felt anything at all. I don’t mind you saying something hasn’t worked for you, but don’t tell me one thing and then go online and say another.

I can understand you getting upset that your email didn’t get responded to right away. But I didn’t catch your email. It went to spam. So I wasn’t deliberately ignoring you.

Now, you’ve come to me due to your issues with body dysmorphia which is more of a psychological disorder that might require some professional help. That’s a very obsessive toxic pattern that typically is also very engrained into your subconscious.

My intuition gave me a potential powerful practice to what might be able to break the pattern but it’s rather extreme and would be very difficult. It’s just that in your case, extreme difficulties require extreme responses.

Listen to acceptance and resilience on one device and have confidence+self love playing on another device. And then look your ugliest. Look your worst. Look at yourself in the mirror, and proclaim I accept myself at my worst. I embrace myself at my worst. I love myself at my worst. Over and over again. And… ANTICIPATE THE RESISTANCE.

The resistance is the force of the body dysmorphia pattern itself. The whole point of the exercise is to invite the resistance so that you can dissolve it with love/acceptance. And embrace that feeling. Swim in it. Feel it with love and appreciation and gratitude. Surrender to the discomfort. While you keep saying the three phrases.

Why would this work? Because one of the biggest issues we all have is that sure, we might like ourselves under certain conditions but if we look our worst, are failing, get rejected, ext… we automatically hate ourselves. And because of your body dysmorphia, your mind will obsessively look for things to not like about your appearance. So it’s always looking for ‘the worst of you’ at every moment. So it’s time to engage in real self love and condition yourself to love the worst of your appearance, so that that the obsessive pattern can’t find the worst of you anymore because you there is no worst of you. It’s all you and you love all of you.

An essential aspect of Self Love and Confidence is to still love and accept yourself at your worst. If you can love your shadow, you become your light and your best self will naturally shine.


And why… I really want an answer to this now… to anyone in this forum that does not unconditionally love themselves… why not? You are YOU.

It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong, ugly or beautiful, successful or failure, you are YOU and there is no good reason you shouldn’t unconditionally love yourself. You deserve your own love. You deserve to be your own friend. You deserve your own sympathy and supportive energy. You can choose to love yourself no matter how low you are and that love, would help rise you out whatever hole you are in. Help bring out the best in you at all times.

Nobody’s out there caring about what’s going on inside your head. And if they did, it really doesn’t matter because their thoughts are THEIRS, not YOURS. If your peace depends on how others think of you, your peace will depend on other peoples validation… which will come and go. It will never fully last and you will endlessly chase it. If your peace depends on how YOU think of yourself, then you can think anything you want about yourself and feel love, peace and confidence within yourself at all times, under all conditions.

So if you could think anything you want about yourself so why the hell not love yourself no matter what? There’s no reason not to. Can someone give some reasons? This is an open conversation and I really want to know the reasoning behind why you shouldn’t unconditionally love yourself.

And don’t get me wrong… I know there are aspects of us that are unhealthy. But to unconditionally love yourself would mean to accept and still love these aspects of us and through that self love, we would connect to these parts of us and have so much more willpower to actually change it. When we are fighting/rejecting ourselves, we lose a lot of willpower to the inner conflict we have within our mind. Do you understand this or is it confusing?

I know I sound a bit dramatic or maybe condescending but it’s moreso just a lot of passion lol. I just really want to know the reasoning, and the logic behind not unconditionally loving yourself. I’m trying to understand this from other people’s perspectives. I used to hate myself too so I already understand quite a lot of the reasoning and I know it’s not really just a choice. I’m making it sound like you could just say ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ tomorrow and then boom, you feel whole. Haha, I know it’s not like that. It has taken me years for me to get to where I am. But I really want to hear from some of you now to get an even deeper understanding.


In general and for me It is sort of:

It has always been so and hard to imagine otherwise.

And then it is either you get lucky in life and have good experiences that shape you the right way.

Or the wrong one.

And then there is that requirement to change but one doesn’t know where to start except the most obvious way by starting to get lucky and manifesting the good experiences that will shape you the right way.

And then here we have the fields on which we rely on to do the transformation for us, and listen to them while waiting to be shaped the “right way”.

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Ahh, I can see how those topics would be hard to weave into conversations. It’s still possible though.

Like for example ‘what are you into lately ?’ “I’ve been deep into spirituality lately. Been practicing mindfulness by doing pranayama and then just observing my thoughts daily. Are there any spiritual or philosophical concepts that you practice or find compelling or helpful?” or ’ * “I’m always trying to catch soccer games when I can. Do you play or follow any sports?” someone asks how are you and you’re like ‘Im great. I just finished watching hunter x hunter for the 20th time. Deff my favorite show ever. Have you been watching any shows lately?’

So basically, yeah you can talk about the topic you’re into so as long as you find a way to include them in it and make it into an interest convo. Like for example, those were basic questions but then you can do something like ‘If you could live in the world of any anime you’ve watched, which one would it be and why?’

Still I think it’s cool to have a lot of interesting things to talk about and just so many ideas, feelings and questions to randomly pull from.

So as some people here have noted, learning a lot more interesting things and gaining more knowledge on a vast array of topics is helpful. As you go through this process, you will actually find things you are genuinely interested in and genuniely dive deeper to learn more about it. But it’s also a matter of gaining an opinion about the things you are learning about and maybe even writing your thoughts down about these things.

If you just learn things and have cool facts to share… that doesn’t quite make you interesting off the bat. It’s how you feel about the information, your input and thoughts on these things. That is what will make you stand out. Not just what you share but how you share and what it says about you.

I was going to drop a essay’s worth of content here but I am going to do you and a lot of other people here a solid… I’m going to create a custom GPT helps develop this in you quite naturally. It’s a custom GPT designed to actually expand your knowledge and give you more interesting topics for conversation. But also designed, to make you engage with the material and develop you into thinking more deeply about things and having interesting things to SAY about them.

Another big thing is… questions. Asking the right questions is typically what makes conversations flow amazingly. And there’s lots of great open ended questions to ask that makes for long, deep and fun conversations.

It’s just… it would deff be great to certainly have an arsenal of things to talik about already memorized so when you are in conversation with someone, it just flows out easily. Keep in mind though, going into a conversation with the goal to talk about something you learned is not a good idea. Let it flow. And it’s easy to let it flow when…

You listen. Essentially during most successful convos you have, the person will be talking about themselves mostly. A person’s most favorite subject tends to be themselves so when you show curiosity toward them through asking deeper questions depending on what they are talking about, they will open up quite a bit and say a lot more. So when you talk to people, show a lot of enthusiasm for what they speak about. Ask how someone feels about something when on the topic, and even ask why they feel that way, ext… Genuine curiosity makes people feel really good about themselves.

But typically during convos, show a lot of enthusiasm for what people are talking about. Listening is honestly the number 1 key to talking to people. When you REALLY listen, people will definitely notice and feel heard and… start talking a lot more. A person’s most favorite subject is themselves so when you show curiosity toward them through asking deeper questions depending on what they are talking about, they will open up quite a bit and say a lot more.

Also bud, as I said, the more you talk to people and find comfort in it and find rejection to be less and less uncomftorable… the more your mind will naturall yopen up and that fog dissolves. It just happens that way. I used to have the same issue when I was younger and would run out of things to say quite a bit. It used to be quite annoying. I definitely empathize with that lol.

And hey, I’m rather curious about your journey. Typically, people do find more self love and confidence with this work. But they still tend to feel a bit nervous around others. I remember when I first became more confident, I still would get some anxiety around others. Can you tell me more about how you’ve been able to gain that sort of resilience? That’s pretty cool and I’d like to know more bout it.


Beautifully said. Gives me quite a bit to think about. But I think the crux of it really is

We learn/change through experience. Hard to just tell myself I am confident without every experiencing what it is like to be confident. Hmm… experience really is key. Well, I have some ideas towards this but we shall see.


Its sort of in my mind and is hard to get past by.

The other side is unknown to me and so hard to live it.

A fairy tale that would be cool to live in.

I can feel the density and resistance even at the back of my brain at the middle.

Removing it with a field as we speak. So i think ti reflect, for me, locating the lomits first and then letting the energy of the fields dissolve them is the way to go at the moment.

I do it from this sort of, feeling it as it removes energetic/mental perspectice.

I dont know yet how to then form new beneficial patterns that way like building confidence. I know the field guides and does it, but i will observe how it occurs more, then maybe understand it better and have try to mentally assist it.

I think they key in this approach involves allowing the mind to transform.


Wow the chat gpt stuff sounds really cool, cant wait to use it :heart:

Ive been into self improvement for 3 ish years now and ive just constantly been trying to level up, I used to literally be silent with no passing thoughts in my head and the way id try combat that before fields was lots of meditation and Semen retention and it made me less fearful to an extent so that I could atleast say hi to strangers, also I worked as a waiter and that made me comfortable around strangers

Fields have massively accelerated this whole process and im doing a whole lot better in a lot of aspect of my life not just social :grin::heart::pray:

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Omg i gotta try this out.
I think this would make me invincible. Anyone of course.

Makes me think.

Maybe it would take like, one insecurity by one to be overcamed, and that way reaching wholeness while there are none left.

Using the physical self to get into the situations and whatever happens happens. And then using the fields to be able to handle it and repeat it again on a level of greater self love/resilience/confidence etc… Until at a level high enough where it is all set.

And then onto the next one.

Oh btw i also feel like there can be an ego trap, where thinking that you are confident or loving yourself, creates scarcity of rejection for example proving you wrong. It would imply that regardless of how much one has worked on themselves they still got wrecked

So yeh yeh, good to be able to add into the confidence/self love package the option of loving thyself even when failing. It is what you said basically, im just thinking about it from a perspectice that explains it to me to my personal experience.

Altough not necessarily at first, it can quite negatively affect ya. I know i would feel like shit and do it never again for a while.

But yeah after that is healed then i go back at it again, with greater resilience that could be seen as me being ready and able to handle it again and it not feeling that bad anymore.

But it takes a bit of overcoming the emotions of worthlesness that come with rejection, for me at least.

But i think many also give up on it.

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Posted this on a different thread. Just my add-on…

"The more we think, fight and resist the negative feelings, the more “negative” events will keep looping in patterns. Energy flows where attention goes. In these cases, we can think positively, cope and move on (or) stay neutral to the negative event, observe and accept the things that have already happened as it is.

I usually stay neutral during bad events, acknowledging them and letting them pass without faking with positive thoughts. This also helps when you are in the process of raising vibration. The universe will definitely throw challenges at you to see if you can overcome them (It’s a test to see if we’re qualified to vibrate in a higher frequency!)."