Sapien Medicine T-Shirts

I just found out these t-shirts are still available on Teespring.
They are unlisted from Sapien Medicine’s Teespring Store:

The Magician
Mjolnir’s Power
The Sword of St Michael
The Fool Tarot
A Life of Magical Wealth and Abundance
The Mysterious Kitsune
The Star Tarot
Lucky Clovers
Nullify Negative Astrological Effects
The Flow
Lion’s Courage
Inner Beauty Reflected Outward
Amplify Positive Astrological Effects
Wolf Spirit


Awesome, is honor and glory still there?


I couldn’t find Honor and Glory, I was searching for it.


Thank you so much for posting these.

I have purchased one of Sapien’s Tags , but I had no idea these shirts were on there .

Does Sapien still make these shirts if they are unlisted ?


You’re welcome.
The t-shirts are unlisted from Sapien Medicine’s Teespring shop.
The t-shirts are made and printed by Teespring.
The fields are connected to the images (designed by Sapien Medicine) on the t-shirts.
If you order the t-shirts from the links above, they should still be made and sent to you.



Thanks alot.

Sure am happy you posted these shirts here , or I would not have known about these T-shirts. :slightly_smiling_face:


What happens after we wash the t shirts over time? If the image starts to fade off? What do we do?

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I remember Dreamweaver saying somewhere that as long as the image is somewhat intact it will still work. If the image starts to fade slightly it should still work.
I’m not sure if it would still work if it mostly fades.

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Thanks for the reply. I’d love to have them but not sure how it works if they fade.

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@gpo Do you have experience with this one?

I asked Dream if this is the same as abundance and prosperity mandala on insta and he said no, it’s different.

Is this the same as the magical abundance audio that lasts for 8 hours?

I always overlooked this one but now looking back this seems very powerful no?

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The first part of the t-shirt description seems to be the same as the A life of Magical Abundance audio:

This image on this one is programmed to create a deep and effective energetic field around you that attracts positive abundance into you life, meaning it will attract things like happiness, joy, luck, beneficial wealth, appreciation, caring and general abundance to help create a way in which you should not need to feel you are without anything in life.

But it also includes this, which is the same as the Attract Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance audio description:

It will also help with attracting massive amounts of prosperity, wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. Observe as your life starts changing for the better and more positive things start becoming a natural part of your life.

So it seems like it would be a combination of the two.

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I don’t have experience with that shirt, but I have the Draw Abundance and Properity Dog Tag. Like @uial said, the shirt seems to include the Magical Abundance audio. Powerful indeed, to have a shirt with that field.


Hows the abundance tag working for you?


These are 20% off today only! Use coupon: july15.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing do you know if the dog tags in these images are still available?

Thank you @gpo for this list… this should be a Pinned post (if there is such a feature here) so that we can refer to this list easily

Does anybody know where the wolf tshirt is ?? I’ve been wanting to buy that for a long time . It’s such an underrated audio. I know the shirts are unlisted but I thought the wolf would still be available (even though unlisted)

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If you haven’t removed your history on your computer you can probably find it. I’m also looking for the this, unfortunately I remove my history biweekly.

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I just searched it through google to find it.

That is one of the newly created t-shirt designs which does not contain any fields. Looks awesome nonetheless. :smiley: