Self Reflection Thread

Hey all, this thread is for all of you to be able to let some emotions or thoughts out. Sort of like a public diary thread. Could be a moment of triumph, sad thing that happened, some old memories coming up, some spiritual breakthrough or literally… anything. Could be that it’s your birthday and you just wanted to say it’s your birthday and you feel grateful for life. Or if you just want to vent about something, go for it.

Just be respectful please. People sharing their thoughts is personal and this isn’t the place for being judgemental.


I want to cry, but my ego wont let me.


I cry almost everyday, bro. No worry with that. Crying will clean out a lot of junks.


I feel lost in my life. Although I have got great blessings in my life, my direction is blurred and and I always worry of future. I think, I have got great potential but I never showed them any light.


Watch the Clouds movie. I don’t cry often, but that movie made me weep.


I dont know if I get insane or Im just rising more wisdom and awareness
I read somewhere that beeing wise (genius) is near to beeing insane
My ego is fighting back the last months and I get sometimes lost but I trust the whole process!

Also I need a break from society I just wanna travel around or live anywhere in the nature for certain time because Im really annoyed of peoples bullshit (sometimes its funny to watch all the bullshit from the people around you, its a funny show)


I want to mention that this is a good thread idea


Yo maybe my words can help you I just want to say that there is no future its only a mind construct there is only now, try to live only in now and you worrys might disappear

But I think you know this already right?


Dissociation is a pain. Thank you brain for trying to shield me from whatever it is, but you are doing too much to the point where it has negatively affected other areas of my life. Also damn aphantasia. Nevertheless, I am grateful to be living and to have the ability to achieve enlightenment. Therefore, I also want to give thanks to everyone involved with Sapien Medicine. You guys rock!


No amount of external will fix my internal. Meditation always changes my perceptions, emotions, and helps me see more clearly. It shifts my reality. Why don’t I do it more often then? Putting much more priority on self-love, meditation, and getting to know myself.


Hey welcome medismed have a great time with this community full of nice people.
I know your struggle If you have a day where you dont want to meditate try maybe only to sit down for 5 minutes because 5 minutes cant hurt and I promise you that these 5 minutes become 10 minutes and even more
Important is that you do it regularly even if its only 5 minutes


I just feel so blessed that I found sapien medicine and this forum.
After some bad experiences, I basically gave up on spirituality in community (I would practice on my own, with some breaks).
I live in a country where I don’t speak the local dialect enough to participate in local groups, unless they are expat groups and there I didn’t really find anything. I am weary of all teachers and groups in real life and even more so online… so me ending up here didn’t have the highest odds per se.

I have learnt so much reading about people’s experiences. I have been directed to material and tools that I didn’t have access to before.
Finally, once again, I feel like I’m progressing and changing from within, fast - at a pace that I didn’t even think was possible.

So TL;DR: Thanks everyone.


I have had a really lovely day just me paint brushes and acrylic paint. I painted something really beautiful today and used pinks and white colours. The thing is I just don’t do pink but today for some reason I did, and it was my best work.

Also I never realised that I was a creative person until about 18 months ago, when I was guided by my guides to paint.

I really want to say to people on here we all have hidden gifts just waiting to be discovered.


@anon71772328 wanna share your masterpiece ? ;)


I was about to ask the same @anon71772328 :)
Maybe we can have a topic dedicated to art in the social lounge.


@anon81461593 @MonkeyOwl I will post a pic tomorrow when I am back in my studio

A section to art would be great


Two years ago I asked my self a question…
“Why people get sick?”


Thank you for making this thread.

I’ve honestly been in and out of flow with myself. One minute I’m sure of who I am and what I want…and then I don’t want anything at all. The dissolution of the ego is causing me to be bored with all the trinkets and prizes of this reality construct. It’s forcing me to go closer to what I think is authentic…which is hard to define sometimes.

Like @anon81461593 said…sometimes I don’t know if it’s insanity…which is funny sometimes because I know that I’m sane. We’re just on the brink of more than what we’ve been conditioned to allow for ourselves, so I relish in the audacity of my hopes, thoughts and observations knowing that they will serve as a catalyst for more shifts.

Stand firm in the quicksand of the reality that is slipping away and realize it was never meant to be solid in the first place. I’m sleeping and reawakening a little bit different each day but I’m rockin’ with it.


I have just started doing the Star Exercise “super saiyan” program, in the hope that I will finally be able to see real physical changes in my body. It is my last hope and I am scared that even it may not be enough to make the physical fields work for me.

However I am hopeful and more importantly determined to get the physical results I want. If not the Star Exercise, then aliens. If not aliens, then Dragons, Gods, Angels. Or time reversal!

Sort of feel like Dr Strange. Getting into spirituality because of a physical motivator…

And just want to say thank you to @anon17734191, @Bronyraur, @GoddessAndGodOfAll, @SC448, @MonkeyOwl, @_OM, @anon71772328 and @Maoshan_Wanderer for helping me out. And a special thank you to @Dreamweaver and @SammyG for providing the resources and this platform respectively. You guys are the greatest.

Clifet, Destinus and Origin, I’d tag you guys too but I’m out of tags haha!


We can all feel lost and unsure of who we are, but equally we can all have amazing days when everything feels good and we connect with ourselves and the universe.

Everyday we are all moving forward even if we don’t think we are. Energies are working with us in the most sutble ways that most of the time we are oblivious to them.

We really are the lucky ones because we have this forum and mostly we know why we are here. Yes we have our spats and fallouts, but when push comes to shove we would always be there for one another. We understand eachother, we all know how difficult life can be for people like us.

What I am trying to say (and probably failing) is when you feel down and are not sure about yourself or stuff keep going, keep riding that wave of life, because life gets interesting when you just go with the flow and just let things unfold and happen when they are meant to.