☯ Seven Gems of the Tao (Taoist Alchemy: Private Project)


It so happens that lately I have been delving quite intensely into Taoist theory, especially after the release of Taoist Alchemy. Amazing synchronicities, consultations with interesting people, and reading relevant literature… I admit - a lot remains incomprehensible. But believe me - there is much to learn from them.

Taoism itself is not just about specific practices. The essence of Taoism is a life in perfect harmony with the world, a life devoid of contradictions and collisions with the general course of the universe. The philosophy of Taoism is mainly based on the writings of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi, who is credited with the medical treatise The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of the Inner), the treatise Dao Te Ching, the teachings of Zhuangzi in Zhuangzi, and the treatise Baobu Tzu by Ge Hong. These works and treatises have undergone more than one interpretation throughout Chinese history, so that modern Taoism is divided into many sects, schools, and movements.

Such variety of interpretations arose also because classical Taoist treatises can and should be perceived at least in the following three ways: as the description of internal alchemical processes of creation of the elixir of immortality, as an integral philosophical system illuminating ways of achieving inner harmony and Tao, and as a set of practices aimed at physical recovery. Some Taoist sects with deep historical roots are associated with very specific practices. The most traditional schools of Taoism use all three interpretations of the doctrine simultaneously, giving no particular preference to any one branch.

This project was suggested to the Captain after the New Year, and was confirmed a few days ago. For some reason, I will present only the first part of the project, without detailing the alchemical processes and additional important nuances. This is a serious compression of quite a lot of information, and I will present it in a more “general / light” form. I admit that there may be semantic inaccuracies. This is what the “beginning” of the project itself looks like.It was an “introduction” for the project participants. I will try to do it in short blocks…

I would call this project “Advanced Taoist Alchemy” or “The Highiest Taoist Alchemy”, but I did not see such a formulation in the sources.


The modern adult is subject to imbalance of Yin and Yang energies in the body. With time the disharmony grows, body organs start to suffer, various ailments appear, strength weakens, etc. The life force of an infant is amazing, it grows every day, which proves the amazing assimilation of energies by the physical body. His body does heroic cell-building work because his energy pathways are completely open and energy flows are very strong.

The introduction to the highest Taoist alchemy is the complete Opening of the Microcosmic Orbit, or rebirth process - returning to the mother’s womb, restoring the natural energy balance of the organs and body. This pathway consists of the Functional and the Governing Channels, and they must be completely cleared and connected to form a free-flowing circuit.

(The Governor’s channel governs the yang organs of the body. These are the lungs, spleen, heart, kidneys, circulatory system, sex glands, and liver. The functional channel governs the Yin organs, which include the colon, stomach, small intestine, bladder, triple heater, and gallbladder. Tissues have a yang tendency and blood has a yin tendency).

Human life begins when the sperm pierces the egg. From this initial act, an extremely complex human being develops, capable of true genius. The embryo develops around a point (navel). It is from this point that nutrients are absorbed and wastes are removed from the developing being. In all alchemical practices, the Lower Dantian is the zone of paramount importance.

While in the womb, one does not breathe air (the lungs do not function at all), but energy and oxygen are transferred to the fetus through the umbilical cord. When energy enters the fetus’s body, it enters the point where the umbilical cord will later be located after the cord is cut. The energy then travels down to the lower torso, down the spine to the top of the head and from there flows down the middle of the face, continuing to the navel to complete the cycle again…



Yin and Yang are not just concepts. They represent the real qualities of qi energy that can be stored in the body and used in ordinary life. A purely intellectual approach to Taoist alchemy is one of the most difficult obstacles for an educated person to overcome. Most modern people think of the intellect as the mind and its IQ, whereas Taoist systems look at the intellect as a single instrument of holistic mind-body-spirit. By evolving your entire physical and energetic system in a harmonious and holistic way, you are evolving yourself…

When the qi and energy system is perfected and the union of body, mind and spirit is purified through the exercises and practices of The Great Inner alchemy, the human mind is trained to live in a world filled with real dynamic fields of energy.

This means that one stops living in a disembodied world of words and concepts constructed by the intellect. Man does not stop thinking, but he learns anew to “think-feel” with his whole being. To achieve this, one must awaken the abilities that one has forgotten that one already possesses and that they are dormant right now in parts of the brain (and body) that are 90% unused. It is a breakthrough from the conceptual prison of the intellect and ego, and a new experience of being holistically in one’s body, in space, and in life itself.

Over time, one realizes that this play of Yin and Yang energies is not an abstract metaphysical game, but a personal inevitable course of events. Knowing this, he gradually learns to understand the sources of those subtle forces that operate in the very depths of his Soul. These are the polarized energies that find their place in hormones, in health, in behavior, in personality, in the perception of who you are and what kind of world surrounds you.



Many people are impatient to jump to the divine aspects of their nature without fully understanding its human and animal components. This is why Taoists perfect themselves from the lowest level and emphasize rootedness in the earth as a necessary condition for drawing energy from heaven. An important intention of many Taoists was simply to maintain a dynamic balance of energies during the 10,000 ordinary moments of the day. They were suspicious of any transcendental path that was proclaimed to be very high and fast or that it led to the abandonment of the human body in pursuit of the Divine. Their wisdom is that evolution continues and that such growth usually occurs smoothly and evenly. 10,000 daily moments spread over 25 years gives you 125 million moments, so you have many moments to practice perfecting qi throughout your life. A neutral mind presupposes a balanced wisdom in the midway naturally chosen in each moment.

Alchemists spent years gradually absorbing and perfecting energy on the human plane until the energy of body, mind and spirit (qi, jing and shen) filled them to overflowing. It was then that one could work on the higher planes of Yin and Yang energies (and beyond the body). The vital energy of qi, which had previously been used to create the producing power (jing), was now withdrawn into the body and transferred directly to the higher centers of the energy system. The Taoists spoke of the stages of this process as "Little Enlightenment. But this was possible when the body and energy system was healthy and perfect - then it became permeable to heavenly energies.

At this level, the points of Bai hui (crown) and Yin tang (third eye) are “receivers” that can absorb energy from the Universe, and the Yong Quan point (elevation of the arch of the foot) can absorb energy from the earth.

(A person absorbs the power of the earth by the Yong Quan point on the feet and receives celestial power and solar energy through the Bai hui point. This gives the pure power of Superconsciousness from the universe, balanced by the lunar energy entering through Yin tang, or the third eye).

At a higher level, the energy of the universe is transformed and completely blended with the energy system and all human energy (it can become very useful on the human plane). But this Universe energy is completely unprocessed, and the body itself needs to be completely transformed and to adapt this flow to its needs. Also, according to practitioners, having reached this stage the pure energies of the secluded mountains and the subtle energies of nature can be an excellent source of everything you need…


This project will gradually lead to the highest spiritual attainment with complete alchemical perfection of the body, health, consciousness and energy system, but the user is given the choice of how far he wishes to advance in his own evolution. No one will be able to recommend any particular step as better than another. No one can tell you how to live your life…

By participating in the perfection of inner energies and the entire energy system, we will naturally evolve and move toward higher levels. Of course, the goal will be realized faster if the user consciously devotes himself to his evolution. Stopping the struggle against one’s nature, which is essentially the same as the Tao, will lead to an increased awareness of the subtle energies of the universe and an upward movement - not according to any religion or philosophy, but according to one’s inner guidance.

Many people do not understand the word "Immortality. But the Taoist teachings clearly emphasize that this word has a literal rather than symbolic meaning. The supreme creation for man is the conscious creation of himself. This emphasis that ordinary daily life is an essential part of the integrity of the Tao. When one experiences this, one tastes enlightenment. If he can remain constantly on this path, he is immortal.

Oneness with the Tao implies a total act of self-creation from the original qi, or Wuji (emptiness). The seven Gems lead to this state of divinity. But, of course, a lot depends on the user…

Taoist teachers traditionally considered each stage of esoteric practice a “book” containing some formula, but to this day these books have not been written, but only passed down by word of mouth. The Taoist approach, which has gone before us for thousands of years, and which consists of many thousands of methods…

Some of them

This project involves the traditional Alchemical concepts of 3 Dantian’s, the Three Treasures, and total Negentropy; melting the 5 elements and combining them into one harmonious whole (in alchemy each element corresponds to a specific organ) - this aspect has a particularly powerful filtering and cleansing effect on the human nervous system; opening special energy channels; opening twelve main channels; vaporizing and transforming the jing into life force energy (qi); a complex energy inversion; preparing the root and heart zones; preparing the body to manage a very large number of energies; connection and sublimation of body and soul; return of the flow of producing power to strengthen the body and brain and to store and accumulate it in its original form as it was before puberty; transformation of energies into higher forms; sealing the five senses (each an open gateway for energy loss); controlling the heart and seven emotions (pleasure, anger, sadness, joy, love, hatred and desire). Reversing the aging process - restoring the thymus to its natural immunity, ect.


We compare the body to a ship, and the soul to the ship’s propulsion system and propeller. This ship carries a very large and very valuable diamond, which must be transported to a distant vault. If your ship is damaged (the body is weak and sick), then no matter how good the engine is, you will not sail far away and may even drown. But if the body is strong and all the billions of channels are cleared and open, perhaps one will be prepared to receive the enormous amount of Super energy that will be poured into it.

I will stop there :yin_yang:


Looks like this is an amazing project and a profound process! Congratulations! :dizzy:


Amazingly detailed and informative as always :pray: learnt some stuff from the summary


Woo!!! This is an amazing project! Has this been made? I really want a copy. And is this just the first nft for the series?

“”“For some reason, I will present only the first part of the project, “””

I got goosebumps when I look at intro 1.


alchemical details, schematics, and descriptions will not be essential in this context
let the project remain as you see it :grin:

yes it was recently released :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks. sincerely :yin_yang: :pray: :boom:


Masterpiece. I hope people will get the max benefit on this tao nft. And looking forward of more tao nfts to come…hopefully about buddhism nft as well, hehe


It would have been nice if I had been involved in this project. But I didn’t even know it was done. :+1:
Do you define these seven gems yourself? Or is it original in Daoism? I’ve only heard that Buddhism has seven treasures.

certain information was systematized and selected from certain specific sources
No - I did not single them out, but some work was required for compression

(By the way, I don’t know much in this world either.) :laughing:

ps. not all recruiting of different leaders is open.


Yes and no :grin:
What is the ultimate goal of this NFT ?

harmonious, holistic healthy life, and a better understanding of it :)


What I know is not so mysterious. Just like normal people, but very different. It takes a lot of money to practice, and all the practitioners I know are rich. :money_mouth_face:

They can turn a cheap wine into a luxury century-old wine taste. Take a bottle of cheap wine, pour out half, the other half of the alchemy, and then find that the refined special mellow, and sweet. It tastes different from everyone ‘s alchemy.

This is very interesting to me. I drank wine like honey. It was such a great experience.


The reason for my current confusion is that the practitioners eventually died. But they were told they were be xian, and they were called 尸解仙(shi jie xian - Leaving a body or some clothing, belongings, staff, sword). Who knows? :roll_eyes:

Why not go back to earth and prove it? I’ve never heard of it.

Wow! I missed this, congratulations on the amazing results of this project


Thanks to the person who sent this gif
Added to the first post as well :slight_smile:



@UgniS lol that’s being quite modest.
This project - is a complete evolution, multi-complex care and improvement of the physical body, energy system and consciousness. And way more than that even, amazing stuff as always :+1:.


this was a very interesting reading. i more than appreciate it. it was super enlightening.

but i still don’t get what are you saying. are you beginning the creation of a morphic field with these seven gems? what are they specifically?

also, can you tell me how to regrow very damaged organs? one of them in particular.

thank you.

these are certain stages / levels / periods. Preparation and support. This is our life, our movement, not an attempt to leap over ourselves. There is powerful alchemy going on at any one of these, on all levels (biological/physical, energetic, spiritual, etc.)

I don’t create fields.

Regarding organ regeneration, the Captain responded here


My mini review:
I have only had this NFT for 2.5 days and I am madly in love with it. :heart_eyes:
On my first listen I could immediately feel it collapsing, dissolving and releasing stuff. When this happens my stomach tends to sucks itself inward as if my navel is trying to touch my spine. These are strong releases and afterwards I would then let out a long shuddering breath or have a huge yawn :grin: Then I feel the negentropy taking place. With the other NFTs I would feel most of the negentropy taking place around my belly area. With this NFT I feel it all happening in my belly but then it starts rising upwards. It’s like this beautiful wave steadily flowing up to my crown. I then feel my chakras opening up or being worked on. So far I have only felt the root, sacral, heart, 3rd eye and crown chakras. On the first listen my heart chakra was felt intensely and for the first time ever I felt it from the center of my back! My 3rd eye buzzed like crazy on the first listen so much so that when I got up from my meditation it felt like I was high! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: When my crown chakra opened up I felt this intense shaft of energy flowing downwards. I mainly sit and meditate on my bed and tend to slouch forward most of the time but when this energy poured in I immediately sat up straight. I didn’t want to restrict it’s flow and at the same time I wanted to ensure that it reached everywhere. I am pretty sure it would have reached everywhere in any case :roll_eyes: but for some reason I just felt the need to sit up straight and help it along. After flowing all the way down I then felt it flowing back upwards. I am loving all the body sensations taking place. The ebbs and flows, the icy cool tingles across my body. They are all just beautiful! As I said I only got this NFT Wednesday night and yet it has already made such a huge difference in clearing up and balancing things. Yesterday while waiting at the traffic lights and then navigating my way though the non functioning traffic light during peak traffic for the first time ever I felt myself collapsing and dissolving stuff and the negentropy taking place all while driving. :astonished: I wasn’t even paying attention to the audio playing as I was mainly concentrating on the cars around me! I was in awe and so happy that I drove the rest of my trip with this huge grin on my face. :joy:

I look forward to all the changes in me that this gem is going to bring about.
This is a very, very precious gift. :gift_heart: Thank you for designing this NFT Ugnis :sparkling_heart:
Thank you Dream for creating this treasure! :boom: Thank you!


I am so grateful to have a copy of Seven Gems of the Tao, and I Thank You with all of my heart Dreamweaver and Ugnis.

I am finding it difficult to put into words how this NFT/Audio causes me to feel, but the first thing that comes to mind is a profound “Balancer”. From the moment that I begin to play the audio, it’s as if a massive tuning fork has touched the top of my head, my crown chakra, and I begin to vibrate/resonate with it. It seems no matter how many times I have listened to this audio, it feels the same every time that I begin!

I close my eyes and follow this reverberation as it makes it’s way down each energy center. The feeling of this energy influx is quite pleasant and feels euphoric. Sometimes it pauses in my solar plexus for a measure of time and spins, filling me with light. There is a great deal happening in this area before it moves down to the next energy center/chakra. There is a great sense of movement and filling up as the resonance makes it’s way through each center.

Then, this resonance comes up the back making it’s way to the top of my crown and beyond. Sometimes this process is repeated, sometimes it’s a bit different. This energy certainly appears to know what needs to be healed and refilled with each healing session! Such a Blessing!

Thank You! :pray: :gift_heart:


My current obsession… ive been working on the chakras recently, but nothing comes close to this. I can feel it digging things up inside of me causing a bit a chaos for a few minutes and then that part of me is restored negentropically. I feel like I had things trapped in my throat, maybe things I wanted to say but couldn’t for whatever reason and this released it entirely, completely crazy, nothing else like it.

For some reason I could never get full effects from this field until I did some work on my gut recently, I dont know the correlation, but maybe it helps someone. Same goes for the other Taoist Alchemy field which is equally incredible